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dark waves of de see

  • Waves - Phish
    "How is it I never seeThe waves that bring me her words to mefor though unseen they drift aroundthey catch my breath and knock me downI feel them quickly swirling byAs they withdraw with my replyAnd slip"
  • Waves - Once Nothing
    "I wanna see waves, upon waves, upon seas of blood. Flood it all, let us down in a sea of blood. It's a beautiful thing, this spinning globe but I'm not born of this and I'm a long way from home. So I'll"
  • Waves - Dharma
    "I’ve closed the door of yesterday Now I’ve thrown your rusty key away I’m just standing on the shore of the last chance I feel the change as I’m getting in trance The hole in my heart is filling up with"
  • Waves - Watch Me Fall
    "The soil I'm lying on is cooling down with the vanishing daylight And bitter are these tears in my eyes They're slowly flowing down my cheek like glowing pearls But those pearls are for the swine The"
  • Radio Waves - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    "From the transmitter To the receiver Across the ether Out of your speaker Radio waves have life Radio waves have life Machines are living too Working for me and you From the transmitter To the receiver Across"
  • Radio Waves - Omd
    "From the transmitter, to the receiver. Across the ether, out of your speaker. CHORUS: Radio waves have life! Radio waves have life! Machines are living too, they're working for me and you! From the transmitter,"
  • Some Waves - Dynamite Hack
    "i've been waiting here for a long time and i don't know if i can get it out fo my head i'm singing songs like you know i been dead and it's getting kind of frustrating again. my old lady won't come home"
  • Blueberry Waves - Wolftron
    "Beware. The stars are cursing every step you take from me. And I'm scared but I'm convinced that I was made to face what you never did. To move along I won't be back until I'm done. If you can't find"
  • Making Waves - The Swellers
    "I still think it's amazing how much baggage I take in. I used to let things slide. Now I'm sick, it's contagious. Write that shit then erase it. I'm on the other side of enemy lines. So thanks a lot."
  • Amber Waves - Tori Amos
    "well he lit you up like amber waves in his movie show he fixed you up real good till i don't know you anymore from ballet class to a lap dance straight to video and the pool side news was that he"
  • The Waves - Ocean Colour Scene
    "You are the one you makes a difference But I am the one who makes the waves All down the line this makes us different So all our dreams may stay awake You know sometimes things get so strange And all we"
  • Violent Waves - Prayer For Cleansing
    "wind howls at me, i shun this beast waves crash on shores, i invite this feast as blood seeps through my hollow eyes a poetic night, our souls did die water invades her lungs, what thought doth this compel? darkness,"
  • The waves - Carina Round
    "And I know everything about youAll there is to knowIm lit up andAnd I know everything about youAll there is to knowIm lit up andHaunt meThe only one I wish to see behind my eyelidsYou stay here like a"
  • Black waves - The Arcade Fire
    "We can reach the seaThey won't follow meThe shadows they fear the sunWe'll make it if we runRun from the memories (run run from the memories)Je nage, mais les sons me suivent (run run from the bottom"
  • Street Waves - Pere Ubu
    "I ride a street wave right by her side and I can hear the city city comin round The things I say hit the air and seem to fall apart and I can see the faces faces fallin down And then I'm gone gone gone"
  • Introduction/Waves - Rez Band
    ""We wanna welcome you tonight. For us this is a very special occasion: not just a normal Rez concert, but we're celebrating twenty years of serving the Lord and praising God with no-compromise, Jesus rock"
  • Chrome Waves - Ride
    "One hundred years from now See the chrome, can't hear it move I'll meet you on the way down Wrapped around somebody's hand We've all moved on from here The colour's running dry A drowsy line of wasted"
  • Waves Of Grain - Two Gallants
    "Pray betray the deceased, such an infamous freedom, such a militant peace. How dare they distrust, do they know who we are? And Your progeny's brave, their tract houses waiting, pre-plucked and pre-paved: To"
  • Waves Of Mercy - Fourth In The Fire
    "na na nananana na na nananana na na nananana na na nananana na na nananana Every move I make I make in You You make me move Jesus Every breath I take I breathe in You Every step I take I take in You"
  • Waves - Slowdive
    "watch the waves so far away they're washing cross the paths that i have made leaving all my sins i turn away like soaring birds i watch my sorrows play don't you know i've left and gone away you're knocking"

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