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darling please dont leave me now

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darling please dont leave me now

  • Please Don't Leave Me - Pretty Maids
    "In the summer we'd be crazy We'd fool around all the time Oh how I loved that girl When she was mine But now she'd left me For another guy And it really brought me down For without that girl I was lost"
  • Darling - Baccara
    "Baccara Miscellaneous Darling Postcards from amsterdam Phone cards from birmingham To tell me only how you miss me We received your telegram Now you say here i am Only when you hold And kiss me Ahhhhh Darling,"
  • Darling - Joy
    "Postcards from Amsterdam,Phone calls from BirminghamTo tell me only how you miss meReceived your telegram,Now you said: "Here I am"The way you hold and kiss meChorus:Oh darling, darling, darling,Leave"
  • Darling - Eyes Set To Kill
    "Don't lie don't lie to me now now I'm erasing you throwing those memories out out to start something new I'm throwing those memories darling don't lie to me darling don't breathe in slowly now darling"
  • Please Leave - Jebediah
    "Those things you said are getting to me I closed my eyes so I couldn't see I'm used to all the crap you dish out I know exactly what it's about You didn't want to come across the sea Dragged by your hair,"
  • Please Dont Stop - Aslan
    "I'm stumbling down that street I'm out of place And I'm an angry man a voice without a face Help me up My feet won't touch the ground I wish you had time to talk But your hours just fade away"
  • Please Leave - Start Trouble
    "What would I need drugs for? To keep my mind off you Why do I lock myself, in my room? Alone. And I was scared That the world would make me numb And I would become like it Someday they will pay for all"
  • Please Dont Go - KC & The Sunshine Band
    "(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty KC & The Sunshine Band (Casey/Finch) Ah, everybody get on the floor, let's dance Don't fight the feeling give yourself a chance Shake, shake, shake - shake, shake,"
  • Please Leave - Murs
    "(MURS) Alright I'm ready No, you're not ready I'm ready, you're not ready Motherfucker (Indistinguishable singing) (MURS) Now this here's for your spouse or significant other You were in love with the"
  • Please Release Me / "Darling I Loathe You" - The Toy Dolls
    "When I met you, I thought how sweet, My lonely life would now be complete If only I knew, have I no brain? You're a two faced tramp, driving me insane. (Chorus:) Dearest darling, I leave this note for"
  • Please Dont Turn Me On - Rene Froger
  • Please - Nylons
    "Please, don't leave this way There's still so much to say And we could always talk together Swallow your pride and sit down Smooth away that frown If we must part let's leave as friends We were such a"
  • If you leave me now - Ive Mendes
    "If you leave me now Youll take away the biggest part of me.Oooh I know baby please dont go.And if you leave me now youll take away the very heart of meOooh I no baby please dont go.Oooh now boy I just"
  • Dont call me darling - Fall
    "Dont call me darlingDont call me darlingHarbouring on itHates thisWants thisShe hates this>>dont call me darling>>dont call me darling>>dont call me darling>>dont call me darlingThe long black hairOf wretched"
  • Please Don't Leave - Ramones
    "You say you're gonna leave You say you're gonna leave me Baby, baby Don't say you're gonna leave Leave me I'm beggin' I'm beggin' you please You say you're gonna leave You say you're gonna leave me Baby,"
  • Silk - Tonight - Please Dont Go - Silk
    "Please don't go Away from me Never leave Oh no Please don't go Say you'll love me so So I will know Baby, please don't go If I could just explain The death of all my name My tears would fall like rain,"
  • Please Don't Leave Me - Babys, The
    "Babys, The Head First Please Don't Leave Me Cause babe since you been gone I haven't had a home And i'm so alone And now i miss you so When the night comes down I got nowhere to go And now i'm miles away Pick"
  • Please Don't Leave Me - The Babys
    "Cause babe since you been gone I haven't had a home And I'm so alone And now I miss you so When the night comes down I got nowhere to go And now I'm miles away Pick up the telephone Can't think of things"
  • Darling - Tom Jones
    "I'm feeling pretty lonesome, I'd call you on the phone some But I don't have a dime. Darling, You're so far behind me, Tomorrow's gonna find me Further down the line. Taking me some paper Pencil in my"
  • Dont Stop It Now - Hot Chocolate
    "We were together since we were five She was so pretty Emma was a star in ev'ryone's eyes. And when she said she'd be a movie queen Nobody laughed Her face like an angel She could be anything. Emily. Emma Emily I'm"

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