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daryl hall meneater

  • Daryl - Sinik
    "Alors par quoi commencer ? Nous sommes le 7 en avril, J'ai 17 ans, cher SINIK, !je t'cris cette lettre en Afrique, Mon prnom c'est Daryl, Je rve de rap, de Paris Mon travail consiste mettre de l'essence"
  • Daryl Hannah - Optimus Rhyme
    "I am tossin' off lots of metal, gonna disappear We're adaptable, we can change everything Collapsable covering, you know what we mean Assess situations and blend We don't have to test people's patience"
  • Hall? - Magnus Uggla
    "Ooh hall, ooh hall, s kom och stt dig hr och knn dig, go, go, go, go, go, go, vrk dig ut med glitter och plat, ah, go, go, go, vrk dig ut med glitter och plat. 11 meter, knn dig sker, glider in p diskotek. r"
  • Dance Hall - Modest Mouse
    "I'm gonna dance all Dance Hall everyday I'm gonna dance all Dance Hall everyday I'm gonna dance all Dance Hall everyday Well I'm giving myself another one, I have too much to say Dance all Dance Hall"
  • Barrington Hall - Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade
    "Does anybody here remember Barrington Hall? Does anybody here remember Barrington? They're happy in the night And lethargic in the day The people that live in Barrington Hall It gave him quite the fright When"
  • Bachelor's Hall - Steeleye Span
    "I rode seven horses all to death I rode them till they had no breath I wore five saddles to the trees Non of those girls will marry me. Those women will fret, those women will fuss They spend five hours"
  • Jerry Hall - Buck
    "You must be amazing All that hazing you take from day to day I know I can't be true So, I tell you "i love you", yes, I do But then I say to you.... Ba da ba ba ba ba da ba ba ba Oh yeah! would you be"
  • Oyster Hall - Nephew
    "I wanna sing in the oyster hall I wanna shop in the waisting mall my reasons got no intention now o-u-t is my invention now For hvis jeg gr ud p en mark og den er grn og jeg er smart s vil I snart kunne"
  • Hall? D - Basshunter
    "Hall dr, vem r du som ler s fint mot mig? Hall dr, kom nrmre, snlla vnd din blick mot mig. Jag vill knna hur du andas, hur du finns intill min kropp. Jag ville rra din hud men d s kom det ett ljud som"
  • Kingdom Hall - Van Morrison
    "(Van Morrison) So glad to see you So glad you're here Come here beside me now We can clear inhibition away All inhibitions Throw them away And when we dance like this Like we've never been dancin' before "
  • Sam Hall - Johnny Cash
    "Well, my name it is Sam Hall, Sam Hall. Yes, my name it is Sam Hall; it is Sam Hall. My name it is Sam Hall an' I hate you, one and all. An' I hate you, one and all: Damn your eyes. I killed a man, they"
  • King's Hall - Logar's Diary
    ""After arriving in Throal, leaving Barterstown behind, we managed to get an audience with the king. As a proof handed over the Windling's diary. I still can't believe talking to the ruler of Throal in"
  • Civic Hall - Vapors
    "By Dave Fenton I heard someone calling me, from a car across the road. The lights were out, I never heard the sound of the police car radio. So I went running down the lane with my plastic bag, not"
  • Sam Hall - Fables
    "Oh my name it is Sam Hall chimney sweep, chimney sweep Oh my name it is Sam Hall chimney sweep Oh my name it is Sam Hall and I've robbed both great and small And my neck will pay for all when I die, when"
  • Samuel Hall - Alain Bashung
    "Jsuis parti 15 heures trente Jtais fatigu javais mal Tu es fatigu cest tout Dit-elle Achet une livre et demie de viande hache Haricots en bote plus chips Quel besoin avais-tu dacheter tout ca Dit-elle Tu"
  • City Hall - Tenacious D
    "All you people up there in City Hall, You're fuckin' it up for the people that's in the streets. This is a song for the people in the streets, Not the people of City Hall. All you motherfuckers in"
  • Sam Hall - Black 47
    "Oh me name it is Sam Hall - chimney sweep chimney sweep Oh me name it is Sam Hall - chimney sweep Oh me name it is Sam Hall and I hate you one and all And me neck must pay for all 'ere I die Oh they treat"
  • Sam Hall - Richard Thompson
    "Now my name is Samuel Hall, Samuel Hall, Samuel Hall Oh my name is Samuel Hall, Samuel Hall Oh my name is Samuel Hall, and I hate you one and all You're a bunch of mucker's all Blast your eyes. You're"
  • Castle Hall - Star One
    "(Robert:) Cries from the grave resound in my ears They hail from beyond my darkest fears Faces of the past are etched in my brain The women I raped, the men I've slain (Robert and Floor:) Shades of the"
  • City Hall - The Fray
    "The city hall in my mind, met last night Rumors of reelection started to fly It's my funeral today, my funeral today I laid it down Underneath the sound It's my principle concern, my principle concern"

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