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  • Living Daylights - Kid Dynamite
    "Buckle down Bury my fate Let's go In another direction Responsibility caught up to me Too slow Was the rate of affection Caght soft in a midnight thought Cuz i wasnt paying attention The mistakes and"
  • Living Daylights, The - A-ha
    "A-Ha Soundtrack from 007: TLD Living Daylights, The Hey driver, where we're going; I swear my nerves are showing; Set your hopes up way too high; The living's in the way we die Comes the morning and"
  • The Living Daylights - A-ha
    "Hey driver, where're we going I swear my nerves are showing Set your hopes up way too high The living's in the way we die Comes the morning and the headlights fade away Hundred thousand people I'm"
  • As Daylights Yields - Lake Of Tears
    "Closed the door to the world below Where demons sleeps and the evil grows But when night falls, and shadows grow long They'll enter through from the world of beyond When darkness clouds, they'll ride"
  • Burn The Daylights Outs - Above This Fire
    "I breathe again the fire within me will prove you wrong you buried me alive and left me with nothingthe venom from your tongue will not infect me and I breathe again so when the ink dries when the sun"
  • Outsider - The Daylights
    "Lalalalalalalalalala Lalalalalalalalalalala Standing on the edge of the begining and the end Ohh so this is what it feels like 87th floor of a high rise in New York Ohh there's something new this"
  • This Nightlife - Clint Black
    "Dawn patrol is makin' the rounds Been goin' at it since the sun went down I'll be sleepin' it off from Another night of tyin' one on. The sun is risin' and I'm layin' low Been compromisin' my get up and"
  • Whatcha Need - Soul Asylum
    "Spray painted his wardrobe black to make the scene Special ordered boots and hats from a magazine Say hello to the underground, say hello for me! You make believe the end is coming, you'll believe in don't"
  • Hopeful - Strangelove
    "I forgot myself today The living daylights far away I made my pictures dance and say "We're not feeling any pain" There was no one even near To remind me of the fear Laughing with everything I could stay"
  • Pissing Out The Seasons - Cliteater
    "Pissing out the seasons Dragging on, endlessly Pissing out the seasons No end to grim reality Pain is pouring down on and on Imbalance on baily bases Clouded wasted days illustrate The illusion Imagenery"
  • It Takes Time - Doris Day
    "It takes time To get your gal to see the light It takes time It isn't always love at sight From the first little glance 'Til she's ready for romance Remember, little man, it takes time It takes time To"
  • Vampire Love - Misfits
    "Vampires In Love Vampires In Love Vampires In Love Vampires In love You Wanna Make Something Of Vampires In Love These Two Vampires Met One Night Dont You Know It Was Love At First Bite They Went"
  • Seekers Battlefield - Majestic
    "(Andersson) I'm moving fast like a hurricane Into the night I'm the bringer of your evil Searching for freedom I'd known before No one to blame I'm the seeker of the nighttime Sailing on Seas once again Crossing"
  • Married To A Lazy Lover - Auteurs, The
    "Auteurs, The After Murder Park Married To A Lazy Lover Sack the maid - put her in chains until She say's that it's painless and i Couldn't care less Twenty years Married to a lazy lover Twenty years Mixing"
  • Get At Me - Broadway Calls
    "So get at, get at me I've been waiting anticipation it's driving me crazy I've been dying all night long For this cadence to find a way to my heart Pick me back up and drop me back off at the start I've"
  • Anyone Can Be Somebody's Fool - Nanci Griffith
    "ANYONE CAN BE SOMEBODY'S FOOL (Nanci Griffith) You can cuss the daylights outta this pale winter moon We could ponder every reason why your true love was untrue You can cry your eyes out cuz I've got"
  • Daylight - a dream too late
    "Think I broke myself I just fell a couple feet Like a glass of ice The crystals fight I am here, am I losing ground? I am one, you are all around Everywhere Sometimes I feel like Love is not after all The"
  • Avenues - Ryan Adams
    "no, the cabs here, they can't run down to your house sometimes i'll sit and wish i were somewhere else so let's dim the daylights for us sweethearts that we are sometimes i find myself still lying in"
  • You tear me up - Buzzcocks
    "Well I know it's the nightbut have you gotta beat the daylights out of meI'm getting so god-damned bruisedI'll soon be softer than a stoned cherryAnd when you let your flesh creep over meyou know I don't"
  • Out of my hands - Dave Matthews Band
    "Out on my window ledgeI don't feel safeBut I stayLooking down on youIt's out of my hands for nowIt's out of my hands for nowI can't just walk awayBe nice to walk awayBut I don't feel safeGet awayAll the"

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