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  • Deadman - Hope Conspiracy
    "Rejected hostile eyes back stabbed and being denied treading through just to die escape this cold and jaded life isolate. led astray can't talk can't think loveless. gone the deadman walks there's no"
  • Deadman - The Dingees
    "Once a part of the ruling elite Now just second class All those things they promised me Now have come to pass I feel like I missed a train or watched it go right by Now I wish for one more chance one more"
  • Deadman - Expatriate
    "I'm a deadman on the wings of desire I know I'm alive, and I'm not a liar Poetic expressions in her face I'm feeling so romantic here in this place I could make a film about the love that I feel I could"
  • Deadman - Big 10-4
    "These blood shot eyes, they don't compromise, And this dry cottonmouth, spits out words she can't figure out, And I'm drowning on my bed, and the phone falls out of reach, We'll I am like a dead man washed"
  • Deadman - Smash Into Pieces
    "There's a bullet with your name on For a heart that is hollow I'm gonna hunt you down to the edge of the world now I'm a storm on the horizon Shattering the silence You can run but you can't hide Cause"
  • Project Deadman - Project Deadman
    "PDM See the difference between us and them is we keep it underground and wicked. Something ya'll don't know nuthin about. All these groups I hear claming underground. How much you pay that f**kin DJ"
  • Deadman walking - UFO
    "The enemy is at the door The enemy within Dressed up in a stranger's clothes Smells of drinking bombay gin There's a dead man walking And his shadows growing long There's a dead man walking Taking it in"
  • Hangin' With A Deadman - Lisa Germano
    "The best Is you and me Together Together Can't I can't see Just feel Clear blue sky Clear blue sky I'm feeling higher Ah... balance balance Clear blue sky Hey hey lift me Hey send me there Oh I'm here I'm"
  • Prayers Of A Deadman - Circle Of Dust
    "At night I just stare amid my self-destructive toys Shouting to the sky is anyone up there My eyes drip blood red a vow once made I've come to dread this shame This guilt I bear is killing me stone dead Dead"
  • Turn Me On "Mr. Deadman" - Union Underground
    "Penetrate, Penetrate All the simple minds They adore, what a bore how they stand in line Dilate, Dilate whats my drug of choice It's okay when they pay they say I got the voice Look at this the motherf**ker"
  • Turn Me On Mr. Deadman - The Union Underground
    "Penetrate, penetrate all the simple minds They adore; what a bore how they stand in line Dilate; dilate what's my drug of choice? It's okay when they pay they say I got the voice Look at this the motherfucker"
  • Dead Man Walking - Project Deadman
    "But which one of us is the horror that scares little children? Is it me? Or is it the man that made me? For evil defines what it is life defines me I'll be forever watching I'll be forever stalking At"
  • Flashback - Project Deadman
    "Deadman PDM Project PDM The sattelite systems attractin the voices barcode GPS and the radiation from your cellphone Demon clones chromosomes and yet we all condone Mass production equals depletion of"
  • No Rest For The Wicked - Project Deadman
    "PDM Project Deadman Prozak King Gordy MEC (Prozak) I sit alone and try to remember why it's obituaries Diggin up 5 dead bodies so I can play twister and pictionary Kindy scary how I stay stationary in"
  • Brain Dead - Project Deadman
    "I might as well share the rest of the bad news with you (Prozak) In my dreams I got visions of dead bodies decomposin Chokin from the smoke from the blast of the explosives Plastic detonations all my"
  • Day Of The Dead - Project Deadman
    "They say that when there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. This is the Day of the Dead Nuthin to fear but fear itself on the day of the dead They say there's no rest for the wicked"
  • All My Life - Project Deadman
    "(Prozak) Gonna take it to another level never gonna run with the devil Don't matter whether rap or metal My brain grippin like a razorblade pops like a 12 guage Pumped in the quicker mother f**ker jump Back"
  • Rosa Marie - Deadman
    "oh holy night holy holy day oh carry me carry me away when we first went down juarez was a different town gracias was all i could say rosa marie tonight rosa marie tonight blessed marie tonight rosa marie"
  • The Ballad Of The Gold Thief - Deadman
    "there's a story that's worth telling a thousand pounds of gold is filling a well in southern mexico they say a handsome man he took that gold he buried it down deep below where no one else could find it"
  • Adios Mi Corazon - Deadman
    "she told me she was going to leave me she said "there's not a thing you can do" "i warned you" she said "but lover you take no heed how long does it take for you to realise exactly what i need?" i said"

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