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deaf kevc unvicible

  • Tone Deaf - Dri
    "Tone deaf - I can't play an instrument Tone deaf - I can't even sing Tone deaf - I have to wear ear plugs The noise makes my ears ring They told me when I was eleven "You shouldn't even bother to try You've"
  • Deaf Ears - Guided By Voices
    "?? wash and wait A human sanitation aid And I will starve to death Until you feed me With your tenderness Greet me with your Slimy hands You beckon me with open arms You offer salvation And I salivate But"
  • Deaf Forever - Motorhead
    "Stoneface dog, swirling fog, gates open on the dark dark night Standing stone, skull and bone, dead witness to an unseen fight Beat the drum, beat the drum, beat forever on the endless march Stricken dumb,"
  • Tone Deaf - Acumen Nation
    "if you peddle anesthesia for the evil, won't you give me some esclation, i'll be right out after i kill this girl's smile for fun for fun, for fun, for fun i know you're right you have to be, if you're"
  • Tone Deaf - Eminem
    "yeah i am sorry huh? what did you say? Oh. I can’t hear you I have an ear infucktion And i cunt finger it out Yeah I need autotune It’s my alter ego’s fault These evil thoughts can be sod ark Cerebral"
  • Are You Deaf - Exumer
    "I'm trying to speak, But you just won't hear Are you paying attention, Is there something in your ear Come on stupid, Why can't you comprehend Did you just hear anything that I just said? What the hell"
  • Blind, Deaf, & Dumb - Larger Than Life
    "take me by the hand help me understand this world that i've been born into fill me up with lies dont you know it's true? we were born to bleed red and blue take a seat, listen up i know we screwed up you've"
  • On Deaf Ears - One Minute Silence
    "Nobody listens any more to the lies Is there a woman who keeps swallowing flies? Is there a Jesus waiting arms open wide Too many stories, and too many Nobody listens any more to the trees All moving"
  • Blind Dumb Deaf - Cocteau Twins
    "Blind dumb deafen offends I was never a part of it At the bosom Or the breast Or the forehead Or the fist Blind dumb deafen offends I was never a part of it My mouthing at you My tongue the stake I"
  • Slowly Growing Deaf - Mr. Bungle
    "As the congregation grows The lung of solitude deflates To my ears the greatest sin Feel a bit like Beethoven Simultaneous they speak unbeknownst Exiled to the inner voice, difference is... He had no choice We"
  • The Deaf Policeman - The Chariot
    "Place: this is where the giants roam and their horses stand so tall. And their fists engaged, and fingers bent back to the palm, except one. And you ain't seen nothing yet. All of my judges burn, from"
  • On Deaf Ears - Spineshank
    "I am not the one that you believe in I will not become what you conceive in Your the one who dug yourself a hole And I'm not there to hear you cry for help And I will not be there (To hear you call"
  • Upon Deaf Ears - Mercury Rising
    "Blinded you shelter me from reality Hanging on never wrong crucifying me Altars smoke blackened through the years Never washed by tears frozen there With my despair for your security Once more the"
  • Deaf In Reality - Dirt
    "Once upon a time, not so long ago, death was a thing on a t.v. show, now it happens to us every day, if life doesn't kill you, you'll be blown away. Soldier on the street, copper on the beat, death is"
  • Deaf Before Dishonor - The A.K.A.S
    "In the house again, collecting symptoms of sicknesses. The T.V. is on the volume is down. When people move their mouths and nothing comes out get loud. In the car again, driving everybody crazy and"
  • When i go deaf - Low
    "When I go deaf I won't even mind Yeah, I'll be all right I'll be just fine I'll stay out all night Looking at the sky I'll still have my sight Yeah, I'll still have my eyes And we will make love We won't"
  • Song For The Deaf - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "Nobody's coming down the hall Nobody echoes in my head Broken reflection out of luck Nobody ever needed her I got what was I want to take what's left For the deaf Beautiful senses are gone Canary in"
  • Deaf Dumb and Male - Dirt
    "You think because I'm women I'm at your beck and call you try to degrade me humiliate and ridicule.Your cat calls fall on deaf ears, you do not compliment I wont be at your mercy, this body's not for rent."
  • Fallen Of Deaf Ears - SaGoh Twentyfourseven
    "Modern day Pharisee, This is all so new to me, See I have grown insipid to your lies And every word you breathe is compromise. You've held me down for way too long, But where I am weak He is strong. Your"
  • Blind, Deaf, And Dumb - Larger Than Life
    "take me by the hand help me understand this world that I've been born into fill me up with lies don't you know it's true? we were born to bleed red and blue take a seat, listen up I know we screwed up you've"

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