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deamon hatfield

  • Hatfield - Widespread Panic
    "Wide awake in San Diego Smallest root shrinking dry The fish are swimming closer inside Lake Morena Still get no rain from the sky Men were firing cannons Hoping smoke might tear an angel's eyes Heard"
  • Deamon Breed - Forsaken
    "Deamon breed Deamon breed Machines as fathers for our creations Tissues burned and recycled We're nailed against our own perfection... We're nailed against our own perfection... Our own visions will"
  • Hatfield 1980 - Everything But The Girl
    "Suburbia, 1 am You're walking home again Shopping bags and broken glass I hate going through the underpass I wish there was some other way around But you got beaten up by the playground And it's no use You'll"
  • The Deamon Tou Hide - Vision Divine
    "My name was Marielle but you can call me Mary You see, like the others I can't fade away Half life (half now)I'm a spirit now I have no home, no place where I can rest in peace I feel an empathy with"
  • The Juliana Hatfield song - Melissa Ferrick
    "(Girls With Guitars)Juliana Hatfield got 47 ads Before her record even came out Before her record even came out And I got five ads At stations no one even heard about Yeah but that's okay Because I am"
  • Deamons - Saint deamon
    "It's time to leave all your sorrows tonight Travel without destination Never look back weve got nothing to hide Leaving the shores in the dawn No one know Where to go Our fortune lies in the future Were"
  • Big Jobs No. 2 (By Poo And The Wee Wees) - Hatfield & The North
    "Took a trip through the night just to get here, tried being myself recently; but I try my best to make it sound nice and hope that the music turns you on like it's turning on me should be a laugh certainly. Now"
  • Black symphony - Saint deamon
    "The rain is pouring down the day has just begun The twisted mind has no regrets of what has done Deep in his mind he knows he can't find peace Until has written into history Painting the images in blood"
  • In shadows lost from the brave - Saint deamon
    "Trapped in the dark where the sun don't shine No one escapes from these eyes He's chasing you down Until you surrender your soul The riper has come from the land of death To bring back his sadness to all That"
  • My heart - Saint deamon
    "Im falling down Im losing ground tonight The time is running out I have to stop this endless fight I've got myself to blame But you should take the shame Just like so many times before Too many sleepless"
  • My Judas - Saint deamon
    "You're dragging me down with you I''m trapped in a nightmare that I can't wake up from You've taken my breath away It feels like I'm drowning in the deepest sorrow Your poison will bring me down Down on"
  • My sorrow - Saint deamon
    "In my heart there is an empty space, you left me standing here There used to be a meaning in my life All alone I'm down on my knees and pray My soul is torn apart and all the love has gone away Its so"
  • No mans land - Saint deamon
    "Walking alone in a desert of lies Nobody knows The truth in my eyes Falling down deeper into the dark And its tearing my soul apart Living in danger it's harder to breath Trying to pray Down on my knees The"
  • Ride forever - Saint deamon
    "A thunder will come With fire and lighting I'm riding with deamons We're taking the road tonight Surrounded by hate From shadows well rise up We won't show you mercy There's no place to hide Ride forever Ride"
  • Run for your life - Saint deamon
    "The seals will break One by one Trials will rise For all mankind No one knows What the future will bring And whos got the key to our misery But if we hold on To what we believe Together we will be strong Write"
  • The breave never bleeds - Saint deamon
    "There is no light to guide your way The terror of being hunted you feel it every day 25 degrees below the point of zero It's then you learn what it takes to be a hero No time to think, no time to feel This"
  • The Burden - Saint deamon
    "Waking up from the darkest nightmare, feel the shivers fade away The lights are dim and you try to rise up as you find there is something wrong Is it the way that you feel, something inside The dream that"
  • Son Of "There's No Place Like Homerton" - Hatfield & The North
    "Snowing in a little while when the cold is growing With a little smile, turn into a soap-sud or... turn into a road I'm falling down and spinning in a cloud (With a little smile, bubble aloud...) And"
  • Licks For The Ladies - Hatfield & The North
    "Now it's time to finish your wine try to sing a sober song after all that din. And even though we may be having quite a laugh, bashing bass and drums is really rather daft compared to harmonies although"
  • Bossa Nochance - Hatfield & The North
    "A bed in the sky would make me higher up than sleeping under this bush If I had a magic broom, I'd rev it up and out in space I would whoosh I'd ask you to be with me there to do anything you would like"

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