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dear darling olly mars

  • Darling Dear - The Jacksons
    "Jackson 5 The game of love Is such a beautiful game If you?ve got time, little girl I?d like to explain All the do?s and don?ts All the wills and won?ts So Lend an ear, darling dear (Sweet darling dear) Do"
  • Darling Dear - Jackson 5
    "Jackson 5 The game of love Is such a beautiful game If you?ve got time, little girl I?d like to explain All the do?s and don?ts All the wills and won?ts So Lend an ear, darling dear (Sweet darling dear) Do"
  • Dear Darling - Walkabouts
    "Why would you run ? I beg stars above A thing of such beauty Must be called love Why would you go And give me to cry? A thing of such beauty Might never die You bust loose from heaven And now"
  • Dear Mary - Steve Miller Band
    "(Steve Miller) Dear Mary Thank you for the day We shared together Had there been another day Another way to tell you I need you, I need you Had there been another day Dear Mary Thank you for the day We"
  • Dear Darling (I'll Be There) - Dennis DeYoung
    "Here I am I'm alone in my room again I play my records, and think of you And all the changes that we've been through Well, I know our love grows I know it's true Every time that I look at you I want to"
  • Little Darling - Raul Seixas
    "(by Maurice Williams) Ah ya ya ya ya ya Ya ya ya ya ya ya ah Little Darlin' Oh Little Darlin' Oh ho where are you My Love-ah I was wrong-ah To try to love you Ah ooh ah ooh ah ohh ah No way-ah That"
  • Dear Darlin' - Olly Murs
    "Dear darlin’, please excuse my writing. And I can’t stop my hands from shaking 'Cause I’m cold and alone tonight. I miss you and nothing hurts like no you. And no one understands what we went through. It"
  • Rose Darling - Steely Dan
    "Rose darling come to me Snake Mary's gone to bed All our steaming sounds of love Cannot disturb her in her night Or raise her sleeping head All I ask of you Is make my wildest dreams come true No one sees"
  • Oh Yes Darling - Ray Price
    "Do I love you do I want you oh yes darling Do I miss you long to kiss you oh yes darling Do I need you like the flowers need the sunshine in the spring And when you're near I'm happy dear and all the birds"
  • Sweet Darling Eternal - Via Dolorosa
    "1,2, 3, F**k!... I can not look at your face Full of hatred and disgrace, I can not look at your f**kina face... Without strength in my sight & pain I hardly can fight Withot sorrow from the heart Cause"
  • My Darling, Anything - Lucky Soul
    "Light the paper, wait for the all clear, Like a fuse I burn for you dear, Like a flower that yearns for moisture, My roots are tangled, I ain't got no choice dear. My Darling, I'll do anything you"
  • Mary - Akacia
    "Oh Mary, Oh Mary, Oh Mary don't you weep Oh Martha, oh Martha, Martha don't you moan for though they persue you, they never will catch you The horse and the rider are sinking like a stone For Pharoah's"
  • Mary - Minnie Driver
    "Eyes as blue as the cheapest streets You build your hotels on. You take the pennies I'm betting with, Because cash is cash. I steal your whiskey and cigarettes, From behind the old television set It's"
  • Mother Dear - Blood For Blood
    "Here I am I am a monster but I was made Here I stand I am a beast that was born of pain Bred to hate in this world gone insane But now I'm here to stay and I live to spit in your face. 'Cause I am from"
  • Dear Lover - Teena Marie
    "Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... If I could paint a picture Of the love I have inside It would paint all of you and all of me Without no thought of pride Then maybe you would know Exactly all the"
  • Dear Reader - Taylor Swift
    "Dear reader If it feels like a trap You're already in one Dear reader Get out your map Pick somewhere and just run Dear reader Burn all the files, desert all your past lives And if you don't recognize"
  • Daddy Dear - Sesame Street
    "D, D, D, D Daddy dear, oh daddy dear Do dogs have dreams, do ducks have ears? Do dragons dance, why do gophers dig holes? Do gophers dress up in their dirty clothes? D, D, D, D Dogs dream of meat and"
  • Dear Wife - Tilt
    "No my darling have no fear I'll see you by and by I trust in my commander And my brothers in arms The chaplain reassures us That God is on our side And I will write you every day I will keep you informed"
  • Dear you - D-Side
    "Dear darling Just writing to say Been together so long nowThat I can't do this face to faceThoughts of youAre weighing on my mind I know it's going to hurt you so badBut now I gotta say goodbye I gotta"
  • Darling Nicky - 30 Seconds to Mars
    "You were comming Nicky I guess you could say she was a sex fool I met her in a hotel lobby materbating with a magazine She said how would you like to waste some time And I could not resist when I saw little"

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