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dear reader

  • Dear Reader - Taylor Swift
    "Dear reader If it feels like a trap You're already in one Dear reader Get out your map Pick somewhere and just run Dear reader Burn all the files, desert all your past lives And if you don't recognize"
  • Reader - Tellison
    "I think i know whats going on and you work yourself up to this everytime and thinking's just too much to ask just make another story she'll believe you i dont want to be formulaic i dont want to mean anything"
  • Mind Reader - Sebadoh
    "Look, baby, I'm not a mind reader You're gonna have to tell me so You're lookin' down at your shoes again Take us down off of a cloud I'm ridin' high in the sky You'd have to tell me so Look, baby, I ain't"
  • Palm Reader - Third Eye Blind
    "Just give me a call when you feel better but you never do and I'm just another debtor to some palm reader whose got her hands mixed up Palm readers breath smells of brandy and cigarettes As she sells"
  • Attention Reader - Pencey Prep
    "I'm nothing I'm nothing Caught here, and now I'm gone So many days fly by You haunt me, the times I shut my eyes Choke softly, from the poetry It doesn't sound as true when you still were here Scent I"
  • Cold Reader - Stone Sour
    "Seed, gotta let it grow, why ya gotta watch when I let it feed? Better look into the mirror for the face you hide away, everyday But I don't give a fuck; I let it roll - I smoke the old Gotta run, gotta"
  • Dear John - Eddi Reader
    "Oh, dear John I hate to be the one to break the news But its concerning me and you This is the letter no one ever wants to write You may not believe me But its the hardest thing Ive ever done My eyes see"
  • Reader Meet Author - Morrissey
    "You don't know a thing about their lives They live where you wouldn't dare to drive You shake as you think of how they sleep But you write as if you all lie side by side Reader, meet Author With the"
  • Reader Takes A Stand - Johan
    "So you're taking a stand But it's staking your hand I can't believe you know You've got nothing to say Better throw it away Ah can you leave it now Take it easy now Yeah take it easy now You can speak"
  • I'm A Reader & A Writer - Procol Harum
    "I'm a reader and a writer Not a lover or a fighter When it comes to push and shove I'm as peaceful as a dove I'm a tiger in the night When I'm talking of the fight When it comes to trading blows I'm the"
  • Dear - Deadsy
    "Found you and all your twitching pantomimes made your insides You found a new shore, there's much more to life Soon we will find..... such as your mind, bright and alive Truth will slowly unwind I believe"
  • Dear - Chief Keef
    "Aye, Chief Sosa man, Almighty Sosa nigga, Guccid Sosa man Aye, rest in peace Big Glo, rest in peace Morgan Free Wop, free Slick nigga, gang gang nigga Know how we bang bang nigga, fuck you talkin bout? Niggas"
  • Dear... - Siam Shade
    "My close fried, you don't cry... I say it's all right my soul Nervous Rose Lettse's Love ... Woo... YOu don't cry... My close friends ...... ==Romanized Japanese== My close friend,"
  • Dear... - Maria Mena
    "I'll always treasure the naivety Of the past we've shared Our bodies grew much faster than our minds But together we got good at stopping time My teen angst drove me to hurt myself And I made you"
  • Dear - Flow
    "Moshimo mirai wo yumemizu ni iraretanara Konna setsunai kimochi ni wa nara nakatta Hikari wo ubawareru no ga kowaku te sukasazu mabuta wo tojita Sono naka de mitsuketa wazuka na kirameki ni ryoute wo nobasu Tsukanda"
  • Dear - Lead
    "Toomawari ga tsudzuku wake wa Yatto sukoshi tsunageta te to te Nigirikaeshi unazuku kimi Koibito no omokage mebaete Tomodachi no mama Sugita kisetsu Nagasugita koto semezuni Nokori wazukana jikan dake"
  • Dear - Masaharu Fukuyama
    "Mayonaka no denwa Ame no DORAIBU Kenka shita Bara no hanataba Kidotta SERIFU Warawaseta Okokage ga yume no you ni Setsunaku naru yoru Tooku, tooku hanarete iru kedo Kimi wo, kimi wo kanjiteru Tooku, tooku"
  • I'm a reader and a writer - Procol Harum
    "I'm a reader and a writer Not a lover or a fighter When it comes to push and shove I'm as peaceful as a dove I'm a tiger in the night When I'm talking of the fight When it comes to trading blows I'm the"
  • In the mind of the borgeious reader - Sonic Youth
    "Seaside rever gonna rock the boat gonna roll it up fat superdope yeah pass it around or stick it on a pin boyie lover with the bunny skin (?) my plastic lady here's a glitter roll straight from my heart"
  • Ma' Dear Ma' Dear - Chuck Berry
    "Ma' dear, Ma' dear, she told me one day That I'd meet my true love and take her away She said I'd be happy and to be good and true I'd never be lonely, broken hearted or blue Ma' dear, Ma' dear, just"

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