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deep frost

  • Frost Commander - Frost Commander
    "They are lost in the depths of pain That endless ice-made maze After many years of struggle, they went too far Now in swarming evil stream Far away from the shadow keep They are lost in the heart of chaos And"
  • Killing Frost - Slapshot
    "It was summertime Just another day Could have been October as the cold wind hit the bay You couldn't know What you meant to me The feeling felt so close, I couldn't let you see But now you're a stranger Your"
  • Frost - Angeli Di Pietra
    "Sleeping demons, colourful lies The hands that sever mournful ties Hands of winter caress my skin Fuelling the fire raging within Blinded by ice, raining down Crows whisper, a sanctified crown Mocking"
  • Frost - Ensiferum
    "Howling winds of the North The cold predator of the fells Mighty woods of the North Under cover of darkness Desolate and dying lands Barren ground, covered with snow There forever I am, Where cold winds"
  • Lost II. Dance In Frost - Van Der Graaf Generator
    "I wore my moods like so many different sets of clothes but the right one was never around; and as you left I heard my body ring and my mind began to howl It was far to late to contemplate the meaning of"
  • Deep Down - Officium Triste
    "The darkest time in my life Feeling lost, where can I hide The downward spiral in which I am Fucking leads me to the damned Deep Down I float in apathy All black That's called misery A mistery..."
  • Gates To The Spheres Of Astral Frost - Cephalectomy
    "(- Across Time and Space - 1:5) By the veil of light of deception I stand fourth beyond all exception By the pale worm the king of seas Summon plagues of ancient disease Upon this realm i have stood"
  • Summer Frost - Kirsty McGee
    "look at you with that dark little smile holding all the world in guile i never thought i would live to see midsummer frost on a lilac tree you build things up just to watch them fall and when you think"
  • Eternal Frost - Winter
    "The place where all frozen still Upon the body laid still Extracted by sorcery Once there was a myth Rivers of fear run cold Ice castle formation Frozen tears escape eternal frost Hope and desire fade Fury"
  • Fimbulvetr Frost - Moonsorrow
    "black heart of snow tell me secrets of the forgotten who lived before father cursed his sons daughters were left to die cult of frost and hate the great winter shall come mighty odin of thousand swords do"
  • Frost Flowers - Death In June
    "time has a numbing effect I weep and, I have wept to becomemore neutered to become more blank the fear of life "seeps from paradise" dark clouds come in and, ask for more frost flowers freeze over frozen"
  • Ever-Frost - Sentenced
    "The accusations and the blame... True or false, they seem the same Filthy fingers rise in rows And out of shit a flower grows I'm amazed how damn low people can go only by being themselves Those with"
  • Frederick's Frost - Squirtgun
    "He's sitting frozen with mud on his feet in Indiana And his blue skin plays a January song His mind a-wanders to the sunshine he's been missing in the white room. She stared at his brisket eyes so long A"
  • Early Frost - Youngstown
    "Summer came and went so fast, at my summer home I found a summer love and I hoped it would last But then the rain came down that fall And I'm all out of reasons that you don't call And sometimes on"
  • Jack Frost - Saint Vitus
    "Winter is coming You'd better take care For then I'm released All mortals beware Lock your windows Bolt all doors And hope it keeps me out You better hope some more Living things wither Your bones feel"
  • Deep and Hard - MX Griggs
    "Hot off the heels of call of duty 2, The infinity ward team has been developing call of duty 4: modern warfare we're making it more sophisticated for a deeper call of duty experience. Variety is the next"
  • Deep - Blackstreet
    "Yeah {Ooh...} Tell me how you like it {I like it deep} You want me to go a little deeper {Yes, papi} Ah, yeah {Yes} Let me go deep, deep, deep, deep (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Wanna go deep, deep,"
  • Deep - Nine Inch Nails
    "blank stare disrepair there's a big black hole gonna eat me up someday someday fades away like a memory - or a place that you'd rather be some place lost in space itch in my head that's telling me somewhere somewhere out"
  • Deep - Julia Michaels
    "I'm tryna come up with a systematic approach To love you and let you go But you're cloudin' up my judgement every time You give me chills when you look at me like that I don't know how I feel Nobody,"
  • Deep - The Wiggles
    "deep deep Dee dee dee deep deep Dee dee dee deep deep Dee dee dee deep deep Dee dee dee deep Who is the faith for the f-f-faith who gives the love for the l-ove who gives the grace for the grace who gives"

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