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deep sea baby

  • Cryin' In The Deep Blue Sea - Hank Thompson
    "CRYIN IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA Writer Hank Thompson Well, I went to see my baby She said stay away from me 'Cause I'm a hot wire And you're a flat tire And I'm a-lettin' you go, you see (Chorus) And now,"
  • Deep Blue Sea - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
    "My loving woman and me lying in the sand We re on a holiday out in a foreign land Sunny day We can play Lazing by the deep blue sea Happy now that we are free This is how it ought to be We are on"
  • Deep at Sea - Mia Doi Todd
    "I am deep at sea. I made myself break free Of the anchor keeping me Safe and sound in sanity, Safe inside my old routine. I am far from land. I have left in my hand A few grains of sand, And I try to"
  • Deep Blue Sea - Anggun
    "Jangankan biar hilang semua yg telah di beri... Jangankan pergi rasa manusiawi dan naluri diri... Biar bumi tetap bersinar di bawah mentari... Agar kita tetap bersinar di bawah mentari... (Chorus) Let"
  • Deep Sea Creature - Mastodon
    "Knowing right Learning wrong What you're feeling is pressure Pulsate new blood I've seen things you've heard never before Bones aged in dust Buy your bite take the body Calm Shutting down You built me I"
  • Deep Ocean Vast Sea - Peter Murphy
    "Deep ocean vast sea Your ocean heart Clothed in respect And sweet caress My uneasy mind You dip and you swell Float and you find And sweet caress My uneasy mind Deep ocean vast sea Deep ocean vast sea"
  • Deep And Silent Sea - Nana Mouskouri
    "Deep and silent sea Close to you, I feel protected You are so like me In your face I am reflected Tell me what to do For you know so well My soul is restless too Touching every shore You belong to no"
  • Deep Sea Diving Suit - The Magnetic Fields
    "You didn't have to say that I'm no good, 'cause I know. There's no point pointing pistols at me now, I'll just go. I never should have asked you to be kind, but I'm slow. I'm sorry, but how can I get"
  • Deep - Blackstreet
    "Yeah {Ooh...} Tell me how you like it {I like it deep} You want me to go a little deeper {Yes, papi} Ah, yeah {Yes} Let me go deep, deep, deep, deep (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Wanna go deep, deep,"
  • Deep - VanVelzen
    "Whenever she's around, I feel my heart melt down And I'm in deep, yeah I'm in deep love now baby When she takes my hand, I'm under her command And I'm in deep, yeah I'm in deep love now baby Chorus: And"
  • Deep - Binocular
    "So this is what you mean and this is how you feel So this is how you see and this is how you breathe But sometimes I know sometimes I go down deep So this is what you mean and this is how you feel So"
  • Deep - Bell X1
    "I don't wanna shake you off I love the way we fit I can't resist one who dares Nor ones who shares like that And returning to your sea Somewhere I can bathe my feet But if the wounds are too deep"
  • Deep - East 17
    "Turn the lights low And put some music on Let our bodies sing Swing 2 the soft song I feel ya heat It's turning me on I wanna feel ya all night long so Come close, as close as U can I surrender you're"
  • It's A Very Deep Sea - The Style Council
    "I'll keep on diving til I reach the ends, dredging up the past to drive me round the bendz, what is it in me that I can't forget I keep finding so much that I now regret. But no, on I go down into the"
  • Deep Weather - Deep Forest
    "''(Bahasa)'' Jangankan biar hilang semua yang telah diberi Jangankan pergi rasa manusiawi dan naluri diri Biar bumi tetap bersinar di bawah mentari Agar kita tetap bersinar di bawah mentari ''Chorus'' Let"
  • Sea Of Love - Ronan Keating
    "I was lost But now I'm found You lift me up Above the crowd And now I see Who I can be Cause you take me To a place so wild and free Angels watch over us We're falling into the sea of love Refrain: Were"
  • Dig Down Deep - MARC COHN
    "Baby let's go below the surface and see what we can find, there's no reason to be nervous cause it happens all the time i dont wanna go up to the mountain, i dont need to go down tot the sea I'm gonna"
  • Deep, Deep Spring - Common Rider
    "Do you recall the long spring days? We used to make love just to pass the time away. Hand in hand down the corner of the sea. And when no one was looking, we dove into the deep. Do you think of me sometimes? Did"
  • What Does The Deep Sea Say - Doc Watson
    "She stood on the beach alone And gazed at the misty blue Saying, "Sea, as you hold him to your breast, does he mention my name to you?" Oh, where is my sailor boy? Where is my sailor boy? He sleeps at"
  • Drowned In The Deep Blue Sea - Flatt And Scruggs
    "It was on one Sunday evening just above the airoff tree When my darlin' started leave me to sail on the deep blue sea He promised to write me a letter he promised to write to me And I haven't heard from"

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