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deep see baby

  • Pretty Deep - Tanya Donelly
    "Do i look like a liar Do i look like a liar to you Fighting crime in this time brings a girl down Makes a body sink so low And i sink pretty deep, pretty deep, pretty deep I sink pretty deep, pretty"
  • Skin Deep - Melissa Etheridge
    "I ain't asking you to keep no secrets My reputation already shot I ain't asking you to commit treason Just tell me if you like it or not Like it or not baby that's they way I want it to be Don't give your"
  • So Deep - Kiesza
    "Tell me what you want it How you turned my body into shapes Let me to your madness Keep blending my heart into deeper shapes Paint me with your body I wanna be the canvas that’s underneath Let me see you"
  • So Deep - Jim Verraros
    "Tired of all the same damn tricks Don't know how to use what they got I wanna play some games, use some toys No teasin', just pleasin', yeah Take me up to your room I wanna see what you can do Throw me"
  • Pretty deep - Dawson's Creek
    "Fighting crime in this time Brings a girl down, Makes a body sink so low, And I sink pretty deep I wish I carried a camera, I'd have proof that you're never where you say I wish I could fly up in a helicopter"
  • Deep Inside - Fatal Flowers
    "I ain't a man of too many words And there are things I find hard to say So when you misread me baby time after time Well I know I got myself to blame 'Cause I want a little of this and then a little of"
  • How Deep - Color Me Badd
    "I see the time hands They're tickin' by me every day Fallin' in love While I feel your love slippin' away But if you should fall I'll be there to catch you In 40 years I could never miss you Baby I'll"
  • Deep down - Debbie Gibson
    "Deep down I feel it (yeah, yeah, yeah) Burnin' in my soul (yeah, yeah, yeah) And it won't let go I'm losin' all control (control) (Yeah, yeah, yeah....) Sing about a love like this (this, yeah... whoa-oh)"
  • Loving Deep - Lennie Moreno
    "I got to say that you're the kind of girl that really understand me I got to that I love u like I love me Straight from the moment that I saw u, I felt that we connected, Looking in my eyes I know u felt"
  • Soul Deep - Lisa Stansfield
    "Baby don_t go You_ve nearly shown everything you are to me Darling don_t stray stay here with me Because that_s how it ought to be You_ve come this far To see woho you are See the love sinside yourself Don_t"
  • Breathe Deep - Arecee
    ""Oh is that funny to you?" "You want to fight?" "Is that funny to you?" "You want to fucking fight asshole?" "Huh..." "No" "Fuck You" "Fuck You" "You think thats all I'm going to do your fucking out"
  • Deep Down - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "Yeah I could load a 9 up everyday, but why My locc's told me homie make them tapes And keep that 24 block alive But if I feel I'm in need, I got's to ride Carry a 9 for straight business, not just a side Man"
  • 24 Deep - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "Strikin' through the deuce wit the 40 in ma mouth The nigga wit the rep of athiest-a-mistik doubt rippin' the label off the 4-0...based on the fact I got respect fo ma dead folks...prop fo ma nigga"
  • See See Baby - Freddie King
    "See-See Baby (King, Thompson) Freddy King Freddy King - vocal & lead guitar Sonny Thompson - piano, Bill Willis - bass Phillip Paul - drums. Recorded: Cincinnati, August 26, 1960 Federal Single # 12428"
  • Deep - Blackstreet
    "Yeah {Ooh...} Tell me how you like it {I like it deep} You want me to go a little deeper {Yes, papi} Ah, yeah {Yes} Let me go deep, deep, deep, deep (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Wanna go deep, deep,"
  • Deep - VanVelzen
    "Whenever she's around, I feel my heart melt down And I'm in deep, yeah I'm in deep love now baby When she takes my hand, I'm under her command And I'm in deep, yeah I'm in deep love now baby Chorus: And"
  • Baby Boy - Baby Boy
    "From the day that I saw you I knew that we would pursue Cause the chemistry we felt that day Felt so real, and so true Looking back on a year we spent together How it's been, what we went through Although"
  • Deep - Binocular
    "So this is what you mean and this is how you feel So this is how you see and this is how you breathe But sometimes I know sometimes I go down deep So this is what you mean and this is how you feel So"
  • Deep - Claire Voyant
    "Higher than the highest mountain deeper than the eye can see words are falling out like prayers none nearer to my heart than thee lines I walk are not the straightest clouds fill up my head again"
  • Deep - Whitehouse
    "Whitehouse DEEP So here I am waiting again to see your sweet, sweet smile Stolen moments that we share it's always for a while It wasn't meant to be they say it's blind, we could not see And now it's"

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