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  • Demis Roussos So Dreamy
    "How was I to know That from our very first hello I'd feel so dreamy (so dreamy) You came rushing in With all the promises of spring When I was lonely (so lonely) Everything she knew Almost unreal"
  • Demis Roussos We Shall Dance
    "We shall dance, we shall dance The day we get a chance To pay off all the violins of the ball We shall dance, we shall dance The day we get a chance To get a dime to buy back our souls We shall"
  • Demis Roussos Forever And Ever
    "Ever and ever, forever and ever you'll be the one That shines on me like the morning sun Ever and ever, forever and ever you'll be my spring My rainbow's end and the song I sing Take me far beyond imagination You're"
  • Demis Roussos Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye
    "Hear the wind sing a sad, old song It knows i'm leaving you today Please don't cry or my heart will break When I go on my way Chorus: Goodbye my love goodbye Goodbye and au revoir As long as you remember"
  • Demis Roussos My Friend The Wind
    "My friend the wind will come from the hills When dawn will rise, he'll wake me again My friend the wind will tell me a secret He shares with me, he shares with me My friend the wind will come from"
  • Demis Roussos Velvet Mornings
    "Velvet mornings welcome every new day Golden sun waves and the scent of hay Whisper softly a melody of love ???? ??? ?? ??? So very close to me. Tri'cki tri'cki tri'cki tri'cki tri'cki Manamou Tri'cki"
  • Demis Roussos Lovely Lady Of Arcadia
    "We met one magicsummer day A dream came true and blew away For as our love began to grow The time had come for me to go Now all that I'm living for Is to come back to you once more Chorus: Lovely"
  • Demis Roussos Someday Somewhere
    "Someday, somewhere, you said hello, And walked into my life Painted all my world in blue, Made my life a dream come true Someday, somewhere, I held your hand And suddenly I knew that your love could show"
  • Demis Roussos My Only Fascination
    "You're my only fascination, my sweet inspiration Everything I want could be You're the sun that rises for me My summer breeze from the sea Some lucky day you came my way and shut my joy and sorrow With"
  • Demis Roussos Sing An Ode To Love
    "See the children playing, Hear the sounds of virgin minds Come hear what they're saying Theyre's so much to find Count how many pages Hoped and dreamed with clovers found Reading different phrases One"
  • Demis Roussos Perdoname
    "Now the time has come to say goodbye But I dont want to see you start to cry Now at last comes the end of the game We knew we have to face it Close yours eyes and let me go away And believe me, I really"
  • Demis Roussos From Souvenirs To Souvenirs
    "A lonely room and empty chair Another day so hard to bear The things around me that I see remind me of The past and how it all used to be From souvenirs to more souvenirs I live With days gone by"
  • Demis Roussos Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun
    "Sitting in the sun waiting for a seniorita to show, He just playing melodies from Spain and Mexico, Soft wind blowing the smell of sweet roses to, each and every one, Happy to be on an island in the sun, Mothers"
  • Demis Roussos Ainsi Soit-Il
    "Comme le navire en dtresse Accroch un S.O.S. Comme la flamme qu'on allume Source fragile dans un refuge Comme une prire les yeux ferms Je veux t'aimer Ainsi soit-il Comme le marteau sur l'enclume Lorsque"
  • Demis Roussos Lost In Love
    "Realise, this part of love is the thinnest lies That don't count for much but I'm not letting go I believe there's so much to believe in Chorus: So lift you're eyes, if you feel you can Reach for a star"
  • Demis Roussos Sch
    "Wir trafen uns im Sonnenschein Ein kurzer Traum vom Glcklichsein Oh, er ging viel zu schnell vorbei Es kam der Abschied fr uns zwei Nun denke ich nur noch daran Wie ich dich wiedersehen kann. Schnes"
  • Demis Roussos Auf Wiederseh'n
    "Auf Wiederseh'n, auf Wiederseh'n Bleib nicht so lange fort Denn ohne dich ist's halb so schn Darauf hast du mein Wort Auf Wiederseh'n, auf Wiederseh'n Das eine glaube mir Nachher wird es noch mal so schn, das"
  • Demis Roussos When Forever Has Gone
    "When you lie close to me ,my heart is a flame just the brush of your lips and I call out your name Then I rest in your arms and I know,that you are true but you still understand that's the mystery of"
  • Demis Roussos Sch
    "Schn wie Mona Lisa, schn wie Mona Lisa, wie ein Bild der Fantasie, Schn wie Mona Lisa, schn wie Mona Lisa, wer dich sah, vergisst dich nie. Wenn ich ein Maler wr', dann malte ich dein Bild, Du bist so"
  • Demis Roussos Kyrila
    "Ich fand den Strand der tausend Orchideen fern auf der Insel Kyrila und dort hat mich ein Engel angesehn. Ich war dem Himmel nie so nah. Kyrila - Kyrila von Liebe singt dort der Wind Kyrila - Kyrila fr"

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