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dennis krussines falling in love

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dennis krussines falling in love

  • Dennis - Badfinger
    "Deeper waters flowed, recently it showed Tryin' to cover your head Tryin' to frighten you, tryin' to fight with you Really gettin' you scared But don't you worry, you love of mine Pretty soon it will all"
  • Dennis' Problem - Dri
    "My moms upset, my dads uptight Don't like my music, they say it isn't right Don't like my haircut, they call me a dyke They send me to a shrink twice a week He tells my mom I'm a fucking freak Dreaming"
  • Falling - Cathy Dennis
    "You think I'm indestructible, but I'm not I'm just a petal from a flower And I'm falling Deeper into you You think that I'm susceptible, but I'm not The truth is scaring you to reason Why I'm falling deeper"
  • Falling In Love - Falling Up
    "You are my one true love You are the voice that is so sweet In everything I do, you bring the best out of me You are my wings to fly You are the wind beneath them I miss you every night, when I close my"
  • Rocky Dennis' Farewell Song - Jens Lekman
    "Blind girl, I missed you I missed you so much I've been sending you letters, trying to call you but I can't seem to get in touch I bet your mom and dad are scared of me or maybe they just care about their"
  • Rocky Dennis - Feeling Left Out
    "Do your feet burn? ...Walking on those bridges that you've burned Fake disguise, it's really no surprise I can't make this deal with the devil because I know He's on your side He's on your side Sitting"
  • Falling - Olivia Newton-John
    "(John Farrar) You won't regret falling The bruises you get falling Will all fade away Don't analyze falling Don't try being wise falling Forget all your plans They're out of your hands You're falling,"
  • Falling - Weeping Willows
    "It seems like we've run out of words of praise There's nothing left for us to say In the beginning there was lust but now The thrill has gone away You had my heart and now I want it back We're nothing"
  • Falling - Kylie Minogue
    "Kiss the past till it's better Make it last if you can Tell me know you regret her I'll try to understand What was lost can be regained All the hurt can be healed There's no need to feel ashamed You've"
  • Falling - Olivia Newton John
    "You won't regret falling, the bruises you get falling, will all fade awayDon't analyse falling, don't try being wise, fallingForget all your plans, they're out of your handsYou're falling, falling, fallingBlindly"
  • Falling - Angelo Badalamenti
    "Don't let yourself be hurt this time Don't let yourself be hurt this time Then I saw your face Then I saw your smile The sky is still blue The clouds come and go Yet something is different Are we falling"
  • Falling - Oblivion Dust
    "Tell me your secrets Tell me your secret Is it lie, lie, lies? And give me a whisper that disappears like a sigh, sigh, sigh I'm falling from above I need a miracle of love Am I an object? Laboratory"
  • Falling - Leblanc And Carr
    "I think about winter when I was with her and the snow was falling down Warmed by the fire I love being by her When there's no one else around and I'm falling, woah, I'm falling I'm falling in love with"
  • Falling - Julee Cruise
    "Don't let yourself be hurt this time Don't let yourself be hurt this time Then i saw your face Then i saw your smile The sky is still blue The clouds come and go Yet something is different Are we falling"
  • Falling - Olive
    "Verse 1 Slower than the sun goes down Softer than the Autumn rain Surer than the earth is round Gentle as the moring breeze Warm enough to sleep and dream There is no doubt in my mind I'm falling, (in"
  • Falling - Roy Orbison
    "Roy Orbison I'm falling, I'm falling Falling in love with you Baby, Come closer closer to me, And listen listen so carefully Remember all the nights that I told you that I loved you It wasn't true,I"
  • Falling - Ben Kweller
    "Wind is cold alright back in Dallas When neon light from the building Lets you know you're home You'd go way back when If you wanted to be my friend Do you call me I'll understand it's true I don't feel"
  • Falling - Keri Noble
    "Standing here outside your door Not sure if you're home Wondering if I'm a fool Maybe I should go Usually I'm fearless But I've become undone A clown without even a disguise Now everyone will know that"
  • Falling - Joey McIntyre
    "Left is right and right is wrong Being high doesn't turn me on One and one must not equal two Cause I'm falling in love with you You're under water I'm out of air I'm not libel for me I swear I don't"
  • Falling - Kristin Hoffmann
    "Mysterious fire You came to me unexpected Darkened by grace, light by your touch I grab too hard Will you catch me When I'm falling down in your love? It will be the greatest sacrifice Of this selfish"

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