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dennis sheperd bring me back

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dennis sheperd bring me back

  • Bring me back - Vineyard
    "Where I belong is at Your feet praising You Where I belong is at Your feet touching You Lord I need only You Pour out Your life on me again Bring me back to the place Where I love the cross Bring me back"
  • Bring me back - Majandra Delfino
    "You're like an angel with the sweetest smile But when you use you're an evil child Oh, oh that's what brings me back again We get along but only half the time The other half you ain't no friend of mine"
  • Bring Me Back - Spirogyra
    "The day glow, comes in your room Those who remain will never feel the same These feelings, I have inside me Try to deny me I'm gonna wait on the years Hearken to her song of life Calling calling Bring"
  • Bring Me Back - Hardcore Superstar
    "I wanna tell you wanna let you know this is what i want I never told you but you and me are on our own Well it's sad but true, nothing I can do it's up to you And I hate your whining and your crying, well"
  • Bring me back - Theatres des Vampires
    "My mind is blindThere is no blameI can't escapeI can't refrainThere is no timeSo far from lifeI start my gameI feel aliveGive me my self controlBring me back aliveI cannot stay anymoreBring me back this"
  • Bring Me Back - Swan Lee
    "Listen Now listen to the wind Whispering again It's calling And something deep within Starts awakening The road may be rocky And times can be hard But the days are getting longer And there's sunshine"
  • Rocky Dennis' Farewell Song - Jens Lekman
    "Blind girl, I missed you I missed you so much I've been sending you letters, trying to call you but I can't seem to get in touch I bet your mom and dad are scared of me or maybe they just care about their"
  • Dennis' Problem - Dri
    "My moms upset, my dads uptight Don't like my music, they say it isn't right Don't like my haircut, they call me a dyke They send me to a shrink twice a week He tells my mom I'm a fucking freak Dreaming"
  • Rocky Dennis - Feeling Left Out
    "Do your feet burn? ...Walking on those bridges that you've burned Fake disguise, it's really no surprise I can't make this deal with the devil because I know He's on your side He's on your side Sitting"
  • The Lord Is My Sheperd - Keith Green
    "The lord is my sheperd I shall not want He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul And guides my path in righteousness For his name's sake. Surely"
  • Bring Me Back Down - One Night Only
    "All I want To bring me back down Is your tired blue eyes That follow me round Dressed in white And starting to shine My head is full Of a beautiful sound Light stands round us The face is love And the"
  • Bring it back - Brooklyn Bounce
    "I will always remember this summer 'cause the summer was all we had bring it back You gotta bring it back Can you feel me? Nod' your head to this Bring it back Bring it back Back You gotta bring it back"
  • Bring it back - Unk
    "Bring It, Back Briing It Back. Yeah.One Time, It's Ya Boy Dj Montay Right.Dj We Got A Brand Newdance Comin' For Ya.I Don't Care If Ya From The Eastcoast,Unk West Coast, Midweast, Down South..Now When This"
  • Bring Her Back - Human Nature
    "Bring her back Just Bring her back to me Bring her back Just bring her back to me Another night without you Another hour to wonder why I care so much about you I never meant to make you cry Tell me why"
  • Bring Him Back - Dusty Springfield
    "Oh, bring him back If he's too much for you And you don't know just what to do Just send him right on back to me 'Cause I'm still the fool I used to be If it's only just for a day I'll take him back any"
  • Bring It Back - DJ Unk
    "Bring It Back, Bring It Back. Yeah. One Time, It's Ya Boy Dj Montay Right. Dj We Got A Brand New Dance Comin' For Ya. I Don't Care If Ya From The East Coast, Unk West Coast, Mid West, Down South.."
  • Bring It Back - Skye Sweetnam
    "Back, would you please bring it back My whole life is out of whack I crack under pressure, measure the facts My world is upside down when you're not around I'm down, low down, come back now Cut, the curtains"
  • Bring You Back - Wendy And Lisa
    "What if I lay right down beside you Would it comfort me I know that I would die to bring you back to me oh me Feels like nobody feels like I do What could I do to bring you back to me oh me Where are"
  • Bring Back July - Holland
    "I should've stayed awake This could've made a difference Did I even say a prayer that night? I've made a few mistakes I could've made the effort To try and keep the conversation light And I'll feel this"
  • Bring It Back - Rihanna
    "Oh woah oh no Oh woah oh no Mr. Dj. tell me a new play I wanna hear my jam again Move the crowd now Play it crazy loud now Bring it back now if you can I've been waitin' so long pump it up, put"

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