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dermot kennedy after rain

  • Won't Back Down (FAST X) - feat. Bailey Zimmerman, Dermot Kennedy - NBA Youngboy
    "My world has fallen, I'm fallin' to my knees Oh, yeah, and now, I feel my hands tremblin' Oh, Lord, ain't no promise, I'll breathe again But, I won't back down For my family, you can ransom me Had it"
  • Paradise (ft. Dermot Kennedy) - MEDUZA
    "In the fading light Hearts colide Sjhows dance in the distance Something just ain’t right I am cold inside Help me find what i a missing We’re all scared to fly Still, we try Learn to be brave See the"
  • Bobby Kennedy - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "They pumped out his stomach thirty Barbie heads Using a calculator he made it rain for Deb For Deb, he made it rain for Deb Lives on sugar packets and moldy dumpster bread With deadly Kung Fu action, he's"
  • After Rain - Pantommind
    "Slowly I awake in the same empty room Feeling lost in the illusion of the last rainy night When my visions seem so real The morning comes to rescue me Can you fly on the wings of dream Can you see the"
    "left her heart in a letter said she’d never been better but now I know my original sin she is down once again oh, no! it’s been so long can’t remember the last time you know it’s been so long so I’m"
  • After the rain - Angel City
    "Who lies on sheets of ice Who pays for paradise After the rain After the rainWho suffers fools and freaks Who hangs in guilty cliques After the rain After the rain Somebody save me The water's rising Sweet"
  • After The Rain - Angels
    "Angels Face To-Face Aus After The Rain (Brewster-Neeson-Brewster) Who lies on sheets of ice, who pays for paradise after the rain? who suffers fools and freaks, who hangs in guilty cliques after the rain? Somebody"
  • After The Rain - Mya
    "Oh La la la la la Yeah ,yeah ,yeah La la la la La la la la La la la La la Tried to go on my way without you, oh Why did you go (Why did you go) Everyday I'm lost without you, oh I just don't know (I"
  • After The Rain - Cinema Bizarre
    "Bitter sweet memories of a love we had before blinded by sanity what's behind the crimson door? What happened to my eyes Incapable of seeing signs there's just one miracle That's left of this love After"
  • Sunshine After Rain - Natasha Thomas
    "She never really loved you It was right from the start The only thing she gave you Was a broken heart And the emptiness you feel inside So come take my hand You know the time has come for you to face The"
  • After the rain - Ricky Nelson
    "Look in the mirror girl, by now you should know You?re living in a fantasy, and you can?t let go He never really loved you from the start The only thing he ever gave you was a broken heart Don?t be afraid"
  • After The Rain - Aaron Pritchett
    "Behind your eyes, dark clouds are formin' I see his memory rollin' in He let you down, he left you broken So afraid to love again It ain't easy, girl, I know But you've gotta let him go Let the tears come"
  • After the rain - Nelson
    "Look in the mirror girl, by now you should know You're living in a fantasy, and you can't let go He never really loved you from the start The only thing he ever gave you was a broken heart Don't be"
  • After The Rain - Aaron Jeoffrey
    "I cover my heart, turn from the wind Button my coat, here comes the storm again What can I do but to trust in Him 'Cause I know the deeper my faith runs The stronger I become And the thunder, it may shake"
  • After the rain - Barbra Streisand
    "After we love, we bathe in a glow Remembering what happened a moment ago Like after the rain, when the wind breezes a sigh While it's resting on pillows of sky Deep in your arms, it's peaceful and warm"
  • After The Rain - Magnum
    "Why don't you wait before you decide? There's no need to run, let love be you're guide So stay, don't tell me you might I need to believe you'll be here tonight 'Cause I'm here and I'll just be waiting,"
  • After The Rain - Ruthie Henshall
    "Only the pouring rain hides a tear forever Clouds fill the skies again can we cry together Morning dew hanging pearls out to dry Spreading a fashionable eye Overcome the misty day Never a last goodbye"
  • After The Rain - Revelation Theory
    "There's nothing left to give. There's nothing left to prove. There's nothing we can say. We've counted every word, like stars and all the moons. We've buried them away as I promised I would. After the"
  • After The Rain - Blue Rodeo
    "Oh, if I had my way I would never go back With my back to the wall, I just let myself fall Watch the daytimes turn black But now and again I find you cross my mind Oh, if I was a train I would never slow"
  • After the rain - Bruce Cockburn
    "After rain in the streets light flows like blood -- I can just taste salt on the humid wind. Here comes that gasoline spreading hungry rainbow over shiny black tar. I'm blown like smoke and blind as wind"

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