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descendats cast rotten to the core

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descendats cast rotten to the core

  • Rotten To The Core - Overkill
    "I have got a secret, hidden behind my eyes A violation tragedy of violence hate and lies Locked deep within a chamber, dark recesses of my mind A tribute to insanity through hours days and time Rotten"
  • Rotten To The Core - Hellyeah
    "Time to light the fires and spill the waste, (it'll be ok), drain the oceans, Who needs them, Anyway, (not me) Pick the region then pick the fight, (pin the tail on you) shit on your nieghbors, And blow"
  • Rotten To The Core - Caedere
    "Global downfall by the grace of fear. F**ked up system, glorious victory. Global downfall, rotten to the core. Rumbling units down. Global downfall - grasps all, lose all. Body count rising, cavernous"
  • Rotten To The Core - Justice
    "Dwelling on memories Drowning in sorrow, bothering you From inside they're crawling (The) Anger you can't hide Pale-faced mindclones Imprisoned dignity Infected sanity Rotten egos Rotten to"
  • Rotten To The Core - Rudimentary Peni
    "Have you Realised that Rock Stars Always seem to lie so much? John Lydon once said he cared But he never really gave a fuck Said he'd use the money he made So that people would have somewhere to go But"
  • Rotten - Godhead
    "She cries herself to sleep Feeling things she's never known before It tastes like rotten candy apples It burns like all the lies she's never heard before And all her dreams are shattered On the floor"
  • To The Core - Rise Against
    "If I could paint how I feel, I'd draw bullseye on your forehead my anger is not misdirected unless it somehow misses you Time spent on hate, is time gone to waste, I watch you point and click your"
  • Core - Siddharta
    "It's in your mind, when you try to play as the best of all. But when you see the picture all you do is crawl. It's in your mind, when you try to feed every single stylle. But then you realize, they're"
  • Infected Core - Krisiun
    "A powerfull agression against your core crushing of your mind desolation of your being next to mortality the walls listen up your cry the confrontation with condemination Born to meet your pain your soul"
  • Rotten apples - The Smashing Pumpkins
    "Ref.: Dirty your face with longing and grace, God-given Suffer her heart and love her when your love goes unrequited Where the cool winds blow I must surely go For my love calls me lo to drag her from"
  • Rotten Apples - Rackets & Drapes
    "(Jesus is coming...) (sinners beware...) The bitter taste of rotten fruit Is vomit in the mouth The taste is sour and Is spit upon the ground And left, to rot, decay, and spoil Rotten apples Forbidden"
  • Rotten Inside - Earshot
    "Once was a time I'd give the world to you But it was never enough Swore by your hand But you never told the truth Thats when I saw myself in you... I'm rotten inside I'm weak & I'm frightened Of the"
  • Rotten Peaches - Elton John
    "We've moved on six miles from where we were yesterday And yesterday is but a long long ways away So we'll camp out tonight beneath the bright starlight And forget rotten peaches and the places we've stayed I"
  • Rotten Bodies - Jungle Rot
    "The preacher says dust to dust In your life death is a must Rotten bodies to the bone Satan won't leave you the fuck alone Never sure when we will go Heaven, Hell a brand new show As you sit there think"
  • Rotten Brain - River City Rebels
    "live the way most want to live careless free harsh abrasively do your own dance and march to your own beat rotten brain lame frame piss stains no shame yelling shit to cars that drive by you don't"
  • Rotten Soil - Entombed
    "Come down for a minute Touch the grass on the other side Meet the devil who is your host Strike down what you believe in Get it done with a gun When I'm in hell you can talk to my ghost Reach out for"
  • Rotten Star - Ghinzu
    "Guess, guess, guess, rotten star Falling into his favourite vomit You got it, it's so sad, but it's all right! It came to kiss your palm, and swallow what you are... Listen to my words It came to steal"
  • Rotten Future - Anti-Flag
    "All you punkers with your No Future dreams Follow Johnny Rotten and All our present beliefs Following society be what They want you to be Drunk and Quiet "There's No Future for me" IMPATIENCE"
  • Rotten Apple - American Heartbreak
    "American Heartbreak Miscellaneous Rotten Apple Looking through your window Counting minutes into hours Days drag on by You're looking for a victim In a sea of superstition I'm drowning"
  • Rotten Love - Your Shapeless Beauty
    "Rotten Love Eternal night, internal fight a struggle Within never ceasing, Enter my world, the secret landscapes I rule, The land of the dancing shadows... God the enchanter, A soul devourer Seen holy"

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