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descubri vio,letta3

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descubri vio,letta3
  • Rosana Descubri
    "Te imagino y la soledad se me llena de ti y no es facil poder decir lo que llego a sentir llevo tiempo buscandote en mi alma y mi piel llevo tiempo soandote no te quiero perder eres tan fragil como la"
  • Violetta Descubri
    "Descubrí sobre mi espejo Que hay más Que el reflejo que me da No hay manera de esconderlo No hay razón que le Gane al corazón Descubrí que existe el miedo Y noté que no me deja soñar Y hoy tal vez sea"
  • Don Omar Quien La Vio Llorar
    "Contigo sufrio Conmigo vivio Y con tus mentiras Llenastes su vida De desilucion No le hables de amor Ya no sirve un perdon Tu tiempo ha pasado No vengas pidiendo Una explicacion A ella quien la vio llorar"
  • Damon Paul Next Life (feat. MISS vio LINE)
    "Utwór instrumentalny"
  • Vio-Lence Parapalegic
    "Paraplegic man Just let me take your hand I'll drag you through the sand My friends are all laughing with me You useless piece of shit How can you cope with it To be locked up like that Come play football"
  • Vio-Lence Pain Of Pleasure / Virtues Of Vice
    "Pain Of Pleasure / Virtues Of Vice Your sweet soul comforts me Your eyes show the desires of a whore To touch your flesh on my skin To feel the heat that you bring You'll serve my purpose tonight Your"
  • Vio-Lence Profit
    "(Music: Flynn,Demmel) (Lyrics: Killian) ( Solo: Flynn ) Feeling Taken, God Do I Hate. Pinstripped, Blacktied, Corporate Minds That Hate. All That They See Fit To Be Theirs. Giving Nothing Except Only"
  • Vio-Lence Psychotic Memories
    "Psychotic Memories Division of mind and body My eyes have never seen this clear The truth comes cutting through me Like a knife with pain of so many years Fear of my reality It keeps crashing down on"
  • Vio-Lence Twelve Gauge Justice
    "Twelve Gauge Justice Pimp selling whores Young runners selling crack Bars on your doors Shotgun shoved in your back Thick is the shit The walking wasted of life Nothing legit The screams come from out"
  • Vio-Lence Welcoming Party / This Is System
    "Welcoming Party / This Is System This is system for your life we exist We'll take your mind and violently twist into A shape so desperate you'll make us your life And like your mother we will hold you"
  • Vio-Lence Calling In The Coroner
    "Calm collector of the waste I've come for the dead Cold my feelings cannot be traced There's no need, no patients for there Muttering words, they are so few and forgotten So please do spare me This ain't"
  • Vio-Lence Dicks Of Death
    "My dick's so big I have to wrap it round my leg And if you piss me off I'll jack off in your face I got loads of jizz... you can suck me all night You can swallow my children alright (aiight?! aiight?!)"
  • Vio-Lence Engulfed By Flames
    "(Lyrics: Killian) (Music: Demmel, Flynn, Killian) On The Case Of An Unusual Death Tonight. Corpse Erupt, Sweet Smell Of Cremation In Flight. My Eyes Attracted To A Pile Of Ash In All My Time I Have Never"
  • Vio-Lence Gutterslut
    "Slut! Slut! I need a gutterslut oh so bad The kind of slut that's dirty and bad I'm gonna fuck her till she pees I'm gonna make this bitch bleed Fuck her in the ass good and hard After I've chased"
  • Vio-Lence Kill On Command
    "I am a Presidential toy And I am Government employed In their game of death I never lose And when I'm told to do a task No questions I will ask Just show me his file and rid that commie dead KILL ON"
  • Vio-Lence Liquid Courage
    "(Music: Demmel, Flynn, Killian) (Lyrics: Killian) I Reach Out, And Grab The Devil. Pour His Hell Straight Down My Throat. Go Home To The Darling Where's Your Pain, Give Me Pain Ten Fold. Soft Face On"
  • Vio-Lence Mentally Afflicted
    "(Music: Flynn, Demmel, Killian) (Lyrics: Killian) Enter I, Disturbing Peace Of Mind Pressure Reflects Me. Manipulate, And Break The Feeling Of Faith. Weak Fools Obsess Me. Glare Inside, Shines My Mind It's"
  • Vio-Lence Officer Nice
    "(Lyrics: Killian) (Music: Demmel, Flynn) I'm The Law, I Wield The Stick So Back Your Ass Up In Fear This Is My Place, My Burning Face In Full Gear. We Move In Groups, Head Stomping Boots And Canisters"
  • Vio-Lence Officer Nice(live)
    "(Lyrics: Killian) (Music: Demmel, Flynn) I'm The Law, I Wield The Stick So Back Your Ass Up In Fear This Is My Place, My Burning Face In Full Gear. We Move In Groups, Head Stomping Boots And Canisters"
  • Vio-Lence T.D.S. (Take It As You Will)
    "The needing of needles, prick my skin Cold blood is boiling, start the binge Aggressive injection, the track marks run Intended supression, finale has begun COLD DEATH - awaits me now INFECT - dissect"

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