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  • Desolation - Lamb Of God
    "Spoken sideways and indirect Without a single word left unchecked And by your own admission no one is ever above suspicion Defenses never to be let down The lies readily abound, Gaping jaw tightly wound In"
  • Desolation - Sigh
    "My mind's desolation, extreme detestation Total abnegation, eternal desecration My mind is desolate, feel my hate An invisible parasite, dwelling inside The reign of fear, cruel and severe My urge to"
  • Desolation - Midnattsol
    "I wonder how it feels to be loved I wonder how it is to be touched See all the others holding their hands And I'm still alone with myself Say that you love me Say that you care I want you to love me To"
  • Desolation Town - Terrorvision
    "10pm in a cold and lonely hotel room I think of you all the time My car was built the same year hendrix died My mom just cried when I told her So good to see you again Take my hand and go I'm going down"
  • Desolation Road - Nazareth
    "Locked up on monday Lord I lost my way I couldn't breathe her name You know she's after my life Lately I'm stickin' to drinkin' And I'm headed down desolation road Habit -a- growin' Set it up just right I"
  • Desolation Row - My Chemical Romance
    "They're selling postcards of the hangin Well they're painting the passports brown The beauty parlor is filled with sailors The circus is in town And here comes the blind commissioner Well they've got him"
  • Desolation row - Grateful Dead
    "Theyre selling postcards of the hangingTheyre painting the passports brownThe beauty parlor is filled with sailorsThe circus is in town here comes the blind commissionerTheyve got him in a trance one hand"
  • Desolation Row - Bob Dylan
    "They're selling postcards of the hanging They're painting the passports brown The beauty parlor is filled with sailors The circus is in town Here comes the blind commissioner They've got him in a trance One"
  • Isolation Desolation - Kyuss
    "Wait for me At the edge of the world Don't come to me if you're not quite sure Do you feel the emptiness inside your soul Did it break that heart of coal Did your walls of sin Crumble at your feet"
  • Diabolical Desolation - Centinex
    "(Lyrics: M. Schulman) In the night the undead forces cast their spell Decease the light and embrace the infernal rites Crush the sacred and spread the gloomy silence Pure hate, lead the spirits of burning"
  • Perpetual Desolation - The Sins Of Thy Beloved
    "Perpetual Desolation Behind my blissful eyes a desolate soul conceals finally I venture tho defy thine arcane vigour I shall qhell thee my foe eternal damnation shall tumble o'er thee Decayed thou lay"
  • Desolation Angels - Reckless Kelly
    "I saw the same old streets for far too long I put the rubber on the road I left it all behind And now paid with memories Those streets are long since gone Rubber on the road & the blood inside And I've"
  • A Desolation Song - Agalloch
    "Here I sit at the fire Liquor's bitter flames warm my languid soul Here I drink alone and remember A graven life, the stain of her memory In this cup, love's poison For love is the poison of life Tip the"
  • Desolation Valley / Waves - Nektar
    "Take a look around yourself and see what I see Persecuted eyes, looking down on me I can't take no more of what I took before Help me please I'm falling down Desolation Valley Take a look around yourself and"
  • Fields of desolation - Arch Enemy
    "On the fields of desolation We are all alone Crying in each others arms In fear of the unknown Feelings of uncertainty We are all doomed To live in solitude And never ending gloom On the fields of desolation"
  • Road To Desolation - Undercroft
    "In the last minutes i have Before i take the final decision Everything overwhelms me Storming my brain, have no choice But to end my life full alcohol and violence Execution Trapped in the drugs of the"
  • Dreams Of Desolation - Puissance
    "Who spawns the dreams of desolation? We do... Who writes the epitaph of light? We do... Who lies and preaches condemnation? We do... Who clips the wings of angels bright? We do... We are all the only"
  • Doubt. Fear. Desolation - Advent
    "Go, go away Get away, get away Go away, get away Get away from me These demons that I fight Keep screaming back at me, back at me These skeletons in my closet Keep screaming back at me, they keep torturing And"
  • Child Of Desolation - Virgin Steele
    "[ MUSIC AND LYRICS BY DAVID DEFEIS ] Children forlorn, victims of the Daimon within Oaths made in Violence, punishment in turn There is no Light to guide me on my long and painful Road I wait in Silence,"
  • Aeons Of Desolation - Sear Bliss
    "The wind sighed among the trees The fallen leafs crackled On the sleeping landscape It was a sad, still voice And I hear, only I hear it The only human being in the night Among the hungry shadows Who"

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