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devine Jean Ferrat

  • Devine - Sheek Louch
    "Ayo Devine drop that daddy **repeat twice** ooh weee, lets get it poppin daddy uh, yea, lets get it poppin mommy (Sheek Louch) Ayo the moral of the story is we all can't be gloriest some of us still"
  • Annie Devine - Marcel
    "I packed everything I had in storage Put your picture on my dashboard Bye, Bye beach...hello 40 East, 3a.m. I stopped for a burger In Holy Moses thought I'd be further than I am now Another don't blink"
  • Jean - Les Trois Accords
    "Jean, Jean provoque des bagarres criminelles (bagarres criminelles) Jean voudrait se faire tatouer les aisselles (tatouage d'aisselles) Jean a plein d'amour dans ses ventricules (dans ses ventricules)"
  • Jean - Jimmy Dean
    ""Jean" Jean, Jean, roses are red; All the leaves have gone green. And the clouds are so low, You can touch them, and sow Come out to the meadow, Jean. Jean, Jean, you're young and awise; Come"
  • Jean - Walter Egan
    "by Walter Egan Jean was a girl with style, Boy, heads turned every time she'd smile, Envy turned her girlfriends' eyes green Whoa oh oh Jean. Soon days of youth slipped past, Jean had to grow up fast, Working"
  • Jean - David Hasselhoff
    "Jean, Jean, roses are redAll the leaves have gone greenAnd the clouds are so lowYou can touch them, and soCome out to the meadow, jeanJean, jean, you?re young and aliveCome out of your half-dreamed dreamAnd"
  • Jean - Jeanette
    "Just the other day I started thinkin' how we messed up our love and fell apart an' I really couldn't keep on playing "hangin' tough" I'm feeling weak an' I'm gonna lose my guard Don't you stay away need"
  • Jean - Kelly Jones
    "Jean take me down Just take me to your place And do what you do to me Take me to the place you wanna go Now that you've been there I've seen it. I've been it. I'd mean it I don't know where you're going Long"
  • Of Devine Nature - Winds
    "I am now at the edge of my being God of my eternity I am the will of fate Forever and beyond What I desired above all Within is the path to find my way I search the inner depths of my soul Yet how I would"
  • The Devine Line - Aletheian
    "Shifting winds scatter the ashes of perception; subjective, experiential shades of gray. Circumstantial conditions sire contrived reason and rationalized logic; the fundamentals for manufacturing the"
  • Aimer Perdre La Raison - Ferrat Jean
    "Paroles : Louis Aragon Musique : Jean Ferrat 1 Ah, c'est toujours toi que l'on blesse C'est toujours ton miroir bris, Mon pauvre bonheur ma faiblesse Toi qu'on insulte et qu'on dlaisse Dans toute chair"
  • Heureux Celui Qui Meurt D'aimer - Ferrat Jean
    "Paroles : Louis Aragon Musique : Jean Ferrat 1 mon jardin d'eau frache et d'ombre Ma danse d'tre mon coeur sombre Mon ciel des toiles sans nombre Ma barque au loin douce ramer Heureux celui qui devient"
  • La Commune - Ferrat Jean
    "Paroles : Georges Coulonges Musique : Jean Ferrat 1 Il y a cent ans commun commune Comme un espoir mis en chantier Ils se levrent pour la Commune En coutant chanter Potier. Il y a cent ans commun commune Comme"
  • Potemkine - Ferrat Jean
    "Paroles : Georges Coulonges Musique : Jean Ferrat 1 M'en voudrez-vous beaucoup si je vous dis un monde Qui chante au fond de moi au bruit de l'ocan M'en voudrez-vous beaucoup si la rvolte gronde Dans ce"
  • Que Serais-Je Sans Toi - Ferrat Jean
    "Paroles : Louis Aragon Musique : Jean Ferrat 1 J'ai tout appris de toi Sur les choses humaines Et j'ai vu dsormais Le monde ta faon J'ai tout appris de toi Comme on boit aux fontaines Comme on lit dans"
  • Nuit Et Brouillard - Ferrat Jean
    "Paroles et musique : Jean Ferrat 1 Ils taient vingt et cent, ils taient des milliers Nus et maigres tremblants, dans ces wagons plombs Qui dchiraient la nuit de leurs ongles battants Ils taient des milliers,"
  • Jean Val Jean - Edison Glass
    "Jean Val Jean, the weeping criminal Broken with the weight of compassion It's hard to hold what you don't deserve Remember your promise to be pure It's a battle between just and good What you know is"
  • Devine Spark - Firegod (Missa Mercuria) - Dc Cooper
    "I am the sun, I am the fire inside An energy brought by the lust of mankind Don't look at me now, if I was one to blame It was not I, not the god with the flame Don't fight , the spiritsin all of living"
  • Norma Jean - Jorge Benjor
    "Norma Jean Continua atraente viva e sorridente Nos sonhos da gente Norma Jean salve Norma Jean Platinuam Blondie Loira Americana Sex Simbol Mito feminino Dos anos dourados tijucanos e copacabana Norma"
  • Betty Jean - Chuck Berry
    "I love the way you talk (Oh yeah Betty Jean) Speaking little, saying a lot. (Oh yeah Betty Jean) I love the way you walk (Oh yeah Betty Jean) Look like you're dancin when you're not. (Oh yeah Betty Jean) I"

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