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diamond and shadow, beautiful

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diamond and shadow, beautiful

  • Diamond - Jump 5
    "Ohh... (Yeah Yeah) Ohh...(Ohh) Ohh... Ohh... Everytime I turn the T.V. on See another pretty face on the screen Feels like I'm not good enough To be on the cover of a magazine turn around I look in the"
  • Diamond - Jump5
    "every time i turn the tv on, see another pretty face on the screen feels like i'm not good enough to be on the cover of a magazine turn around, i lok in the mirror and i wonder if i'll ever measure up all"
  • Shadow - Bumblefoot
    "I can hear the sound again Voices dancing in my head Smile wide - drowning slowly as the echoes rise Angels pounding at my door They want to take away my war I won't let them carve away the edges anymore No"
  • Shadow - Ashlee Simpson
    "I was six years old When my parents went away I was stuck inside a broken life I couldn't wish away She was beautiful She had everything and more And my escape was hiding out and running for the door Somebody"
  • Diamond angel - Rakoth
    "The solitude falls so heavy on me And loneliness leaves no salvation Wonderful face I desire to see I cannot resist desperation But like spark in the dark there's an image inside Diamond Angel is coming"
  • Diamond Dust - Cydonia
    "Fly and shine over the sacred laws erase all memories of a life with no justice Where you have rode alone, leaving tears in our hearts Tell me friend have you find your smile? Your fatal enemy can't reach"
  • Diamond Heart - Alan Walker
    "Hello sweet grief I know you will be the death of me Feel like the morning after ecstasy I am drowning in an endless sea Hello old friend Here’s the misery that knows no end So I am doing everything I"
  • Diamond - Jamie Lynn Spears
    "ooo yeeah e Everytime I turn the Tv on see another pretty face on my scren feels like I'm not god enough to be on the cover of a magasine -turn around- I look in the mirror and I wonder if I ever make"
  • Diamond - Mobb Deep
    "{*whispered in the background: "diamond, diamond.."*} We ain't goin platinum (nope) we ain't goin gold We goin diamond - ten million sold We break records (records) and move units, that's how we do it"
  • Diamond - Prodigy Of Mobb Deep
    "{*whispered in the background: "diamond, diamond.."*} (Bars & Hooks) We ain't goin platinum (nope) we ain't goin gold We goin diamond - ten million sold We break records (records) and move units, that's"
  • Diamond - Low
    "if I'm not a lion and I'm not an island if time is the diamond well alright got a weak pair of lungs from a childhood disease will it ever come clean well alright tried to learn from the past keep my fist"
  • Diamond - Tommy Shaw
    ""See you boys later" "All right" "Play hard" My friends are all detectives They liked to be protective 'Cause they knew I was the marrying kind But this time they were helpless Their Police skills were"
  • Diamond - Julian Austin
    "he's been playing these small town bars forever and a day it ain't no nine to five livin' but it keeps the bills paid his love for what he does keeps him going living for the people at his shows but he"
  • Diamond - Stick To Your Guns
    "I know that what's in front of me Is a reflection of what is inside of me And I see I need to be myself 'Cause it's so lonely in the eyes of someone else And I feel, oh how I feel Yeah I feel and I always"
  • This Diamond Ring - Gary Lewis And The Playboys
    "Who wants to buy this diamond ring? She took it off her finger now, it doesn't mean a thing This diamond ring doesn't shine for me anymore And this diamond ring doesn't mean what it did before So if you've"
  • Beautiful - VAST
    "Stay with us my darling Tomorrow is a brighter day Stay with us my darling There are so many things to love You are so beautiful to me You are so beautiful to everyone There are so many things to see You"
  • Beautiful - Jessica Riddle
    "So maybe they mocked your pain. Made you search for a shell and pushed you right in. Maybe you're shocked they went straight for the vein. But you can't let them break you just by scratching the skin. Don't"
  • Beautiful - Enchant
    "(Music & lyrics: D. Ott) How did we come to this? When did we reach that fork in the road That carried us from our home? Where did we go wrong? How could we lose the words to our song When we were writing"
  • Double Shadow - Junior Boys
    "You're two-faced all sideways you're dry-eyed and nightfly your thin chokes and splits spokes you're high-staked you're right-faked your floor creeps and deep sleeps you catch up you young pup you old"
  • Shadow dancer - UFO
    "I am back in the circus of hustling days I look at the world in a rose coloured haze Cramp tight bodies jive and girate Bump and grind to the rhythm of fate And we spun in the sunlight Of our long summer's"

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