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  • Ad Hominem Dictator
    "My contemplation achieved Decay Solution Self Through stories and beliefs crystallized Until strength and spirit are melted You shall hate me for what I am I shall love you for what you do Reflections"
  • The Clash Dictator
    "Yes I am the dictator the more guns I got the better Yes I am the liquidator I carry the old Beretta You know there once was freedom You know how dangerous that can be The people used to dance & sing &"
  • Chandelier Dictator
    "Chandelier Pure Dictator I've got a bomb-proof throne made from sculls of slaves Coloured shells to praise the lord And I've got six brown girls to shave my skin On the back seat of my sweet Concorde Between"
  • Averman Dictator
    "Sometimes when I pay extra attention I realize that everything that I once loved Is now everything that drives me crazy. I'm sure I'll see it one day, maybe. They took this place and burnt it to the"
  • Vicious Rumors Digital Dictator
    "(Starr/Thorpe/Albert/McGee/Richards) He travels through the skies With technicolor lights Terminating life in air Traffic regulation That snatch you against the pipe A hundred others watch his rage"
  • Kreator Hidden dictator
    "No shape, no form, no brain, no mind But the power to control all resistance Its awesome might cannot be denied By the world that ignores it's existence Older than time Stranger than life Don't look for"
  • Gamma Ray Spiritual dictator
    "Master of desislusion, hes sowing seeds of hateBurning Sermons, evil thoughts hes bound to seal our fateHuman minds infected by hipnotizing wordsForetelling lies, catastrophies, it's time for our rebirthYoure"
  • Spacehog The Last Dictator
    "I can't take the truth From all the lies we've laid I never caught that perfect light Or saw those sunset rays So burn the new age magazines You preachers and the past You widowed wives of instigators I"
  • Bobs Dictator In A Polo Shirt
    "Dictator in a polo shirt Dictator in a polo shirt A backwards society A non-aligned nation can't afford to buy starch No chance for dignity in our laundry When colonial powers were in charge We send all"
  • Centurion Megalometal
    "Proud chaos eater stainless steel mass controller boisterous conquer pattern of loyalty riots of hymns of glory putiry of fighting essence immortal souls sing the power of missionary Imperial eruption"
  • Cartoons Yoko
    "Well she's my hot potato She's my home dictator Got her own sweet flavour When I go down low She's my girly Bono She's my Yoko Ono She goes oh no no no But I love her so You and me Trying hard to build"
  • Soft Ballet Virtual War
    "Dictator as public harm, public eyes Black address as public harm, public eyes takaki isu ni motarete raku ni korogasu sa tsukisasu hodo gankou furimaki nagara kayowai minshou kono te o kazaseba madoromu"
  • Arab On Radar Spitshine My Asshole
    "easily detect a flat-footed traitor your mom is a co-conspirator her nonsense cannot prevent the prize fighter from fist f**kin your citizens quickly remove the punk drunken faggot and maintain a flat-footed"
  • Galneryus Meditation for the saga
    "In the future, the human race is dropped in the cultural level by the strange power.and they are always in the agonizing.The ground is melted and all plants are approximately exterminated.The dictator"
  • Moonspell I am eternal spectator
    "The eternal stimulator Of things that never come I am the eternal spectator The eternal ruminator Of things better left alone Watching over you Sometimes inside of you The eternal dictator Of your perpetual"
  • The The GlobalEyes
    "Mobilise Globalise Hypnotise Homogenise Shut your eyes Don't criticise It's a big surprise Ain't telling ya lies Truth hides in plain sight Kentucky Fried Genocide Bruised Screwed Pickled & Tattooed Tried"
  • Xzibit State Of The Union
    "(applause) And now a message from the President of the United States (George W. Bush) Tonight I wanna take a few minutes to dicuss a great threat to peace. The dictator who is assembling the world's"
  • Mystic Prophecy Kill the Beast
    "Self-proclaimed messiah insane Father and son drown the world into flame Higher over the sky, the damnation roll over the world Here comes destruction Fight with fire, his desire Eye to eye, soldiers"
  • The Kinks The Contenders
    "Hush little mammy don't you cry I've got to see what it's like on the world outside Got to get out of this life somehow Got to be free, got to be free now I don't want to be a constructor of highways"
  • Vicious Rumors Savior From Anger
    "Hate is a killer in breeding frenzy Growing faster becoming deadly. Wake up, together. C'mon fight the beast: Tyrant control in the Middle East Poison, power. Driven by fury Digital dictator, blackened"

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