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die for you antique

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die for you antique

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die for you antique
  • Texas Is The Reason Antique
    "So now it's your turn to tell me that I'm wrong I've never seen anything quite like this. I always miss. I'm asking you to smile because that's what I like best. I need to be this far away from you to"
  • Antique Die For You (Eng. Version)
    "Antique Miscellaneous Die For You (Eng. Version) Loving you the way I do and all this things that we've been through make me sad make me mad Finally the fear of heart There is only sorrow in my heart Hard"
  • Antique (I Would) Die For You
    "Antique Miscellaneous (I Would) Die For You Kathisa kai skeftika Kai eida oti m'agapas Mono esi, mono esi Ola t'alla pseftika Mono i diki sou akgalia Me krata sti zoi 'Cause I would die for you Look into"
  • Antique Die for you
    "Cause i would die for you,looking to my eyes and see truereally i could never lie to you,just to make you see thatno own else could never love youlike the way i do!,Die for you!Looking to my eyes and see"
  • Antique Die For You (Original Eurovision Version)
    "Antique Miscellaneous Die For You (Original Eurovision Version) kathisa ke skeftika ki eit oti m'agapas mono esi, mono esi ola t'ala pseftika, mono i thiki su agalia, me krata sti zoi refrain: 'cause"
  • Antique I would die for you
    "Kathisa kai skeftikaKai eida oti m'agapasMono esi, mono esiOla t'alla pseftikaMono i diki sou akgaliaMe krata sti zoi'Cause I would die for youLook into my eyes and see it's trueReally I could never lie"
  • Brazil Crime And The Antique Solution
    "Is it called a crime if I play with time? All the shame it brings, it changes everything! Time delay Synchrionicity Is all in disarray From another tear under my duvet It's antique and smells like Chantilly The"
  • Status Quo Antique Angelique
    "(Lancaster/Young) There's a grandfather clock in the corner With a smile on it's face Chairs and tables, expensive labels Velvet curtains and lace Every day when I go in there I will buy a thing or two But"
  • The Byrds Antique Sandy
    "Antique Sandy lived in the woods And she'd go to the stream when the weather was good She'd take down the washin' for her old man to wear And she tried not to get eaten by the bear She'd fly to the market"
  • The Weeknd Die for You
    "I'm findin' ways to articulate the feeling I'm goin' through I just can't say I don't love you 'Cause I love you, yeah It's hard for me to communicate the thoughts that I hold But tonight I'm gon' let"
  • Pennywise Die For You
    "I walk alone Through the shadowed night No place to roam, No end in sight I runaway runaway Nowhere to hide With darkness closing in on me Through the endless night Never gonna find the truth of it Searching"
  • Fancy Die for you
    "Walking down the avenue A beautiful strange Creature of the night Are you man or woman Who kills my destiny, my love I want you treat me right I mend you mercy have out lost the fight I mend you feat have"
  • Nelly Die For You
    "You, dontcha know i'd die for ya I'd lay down my life for ya (i would, die for) You, dontcha know i'd die for ya I'd lay down my life for ya (i would, die for, you) I remember feburary 27 1994 Tryin to"
  • Nelly feat. Tim McGraw Die For You
    "So yo, today your birthday? Yea You sure? yea D... I don't think today your birthday Then whatchu called me for? oh..I don't know I just called to see whatchu was doin what ya turn today? Whutchu turn"
  • Megan McCauley Die For You
    "Your fear it moves me. Your weakness I taste. I breathe you, I hate you. You course through my veins. And now. And now. You want me. You love me. And I hate myself. I need you, but I hate you."
  • Alice Cooper Die For You
    "(Alice Cooper/Nikki Six/Mick Mars/Jim Vallance) A hundred numbers on my wall Some with names I sometimes call I drop a coin and watch it fall Tryin' to get connected to you A thousand hours all alone My"
  • Gabriel Mann Die for you
    "A Hundred Numbers On My WallSome With Names I Sometimes CallI Drop a Coin and Watch It FallTryin' to Get Connected to YouA Thousand Hours All AloneMy Softest Pillow Turns Hard As StoneThis Is the Longest"
  • Baiser Die for...
    "Kowarehajimeta jikan ushinawarete iku genjitsu Kurutta yume kurikaesu ishiki karameta yubisaki Dare no me ni mo fureru koto mo naku futari ochite iku Owaranai yume no sekai no naka karameta kuchibiru Genkaku"
  • Madcap Die
    "Die! You Motherfuckers! Die Die! You Motherfuckers! Die You take advantage of the little kids Just 'cause they don't know what's best for them You weeze the juice right out the punk rock scene No respect,"
  • Dr. Dog Die, Die, Die
    "It turns out cigarettes can kill you Cause when you didn't come back Every time that I thought of you I smoked a whole pack I was up to about seventeen packs a day I was refueling too About every hour"

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