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diesd in your arms

  • In Your Arms - Elvis Presley
    "Oh, the way I feel tonight You better wrap me up good and tight In your arms In your arms Just like a bee in a honeycomb I'm gonna make myself right at home In your arms In your arms Well, it don't take"
  • In Your Arms - Chef'Special
    "Now you're gone, I know you're gone But I don't feel what I know I know you're gon,e I know you're gone But my mind it no control Cuz it's my heart that's been missing you It's the heart I need to listen"
  • In Your Arms - Von Hertzen Brothers
    "three worlds for you and me yesterday, today and the morrow the first one is gone it's gone for good and the third one will choose whether to follow that leaves us today today is the day when the hearts"
  • In Your Arms - Rez Band
    "(I remember a real young Timothy sitting on a hill. We weren't married yet; we were getting married, I think, in approximately two months. And it was back in April of '72, and we were sitting on this hill,"
  • In Your Arms - World4another
    "can you see me find me here i can feel you i know you're near i need you to lift me i want you to save me in your arms is where i need to be come to me, speak through me consume me, i'm falling in your"
  • In Your Arms - Emjay
    "Do you remember the first time The day you came into my life Do you remember the first time We danced together all night I wanna be with you everyday I wanna be with you night and day Wanna be with you"
  • In Your Arms - Diana Ross
    "(Michael Masser/Lomda Creed) Hold me, touch me, make me your woman I will love you with sweet surrender Tonight our hearts will beat as one So won't you hold me, make me your woman Tonight, something"
  • In Your Arms - Stanfour
    "I'll keep going on As just another one With another song Who wants to be the only one for you Just another guy Blinded by your smile Just a lonely heart Can't stand this aching feeling we're apart, ..."
  • In Your Arms - Urma
    "All I need is a little rest... to cool the brakes I'm still looking for a red light Can you take me in your world... and leave me there Overtake me with a smile I just feel I'm safe In your arms I just"
  • In Your Arms - Kim Mitchell
    "I never thought that I'd get rescued, by an angel on a mission of mercy. I'm the one crying out to be saved, sometimes for the pain...cuz everytime love came I turned the other way...silence is my slave... so"
  • In Your Arms - The Last Goodnight
    "You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire life You are the most beautiful thing these eyes have seen I met you at St. John's Cathedral down on Amsterdam Made a trade with the devil"
  • In Your Arms - Scenes And Sirens
    "I think about you much more than I should Its never ending now its so perfect how I watch you walk my way And I cant seem to move or say a single thing I ask myself this question How could I let it get"
  • Arms - Christina Perri
    "I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart But you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start You put your arms around me And I believe that it's easier for you to let"
  • In Your Arms - Nico & Vinz
    "I feel like Superman They gonna remember me I think I know I can Who says it's hard to reach Who's gonna stop me on the road to success I don't know They tried to break me down But I'm still on my feet This"
  • In Your Arms - Silent Force
    "I start to count the days When I walk away From the place we share, it is our home The strength you have in me appears from time to time I know you have to guard your heart and soul I am asking you Trust"
  • In your arms - David Fly
    "1. In this world, I feel like a little mouse Chasing cheese But it's all right! I walk along streets where people curse Seeing me But it's all right! Living like a freak still on the edge I'm losing my"
  • Arms - Seabear
    "You left your black gloves on my table You left your dying horse in the stable Figuring a way to get you to stay And I'll promise to fight the wind and waves for you I'm an owl with tired eyes I'm the"
  • In Your Arms - Aces Over Kings
    "Torn and tattered, my soul is losing sail Bruised and battered, my life's a living hell The darkness is blinding me, and grasping for my hand Will I make it to the light or will I end up dead? Walking"
  • Arms - Tunng
    "In your veins the bed slips away brick dissolve and the walls get thin In your arms I see trough my skin my organs float and the candles glow In your bones the sound of the rain soothes something my darkest"
  • Your Arms - By The Tree
    "when surrounded by my doubts here am i, turning inside out, I remember my confidence- it comes from You this I can depend on. my hope, it comes from You my strength is found in You when i'm lost I come"

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