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dieta ach dieta
  • OT.TO Dieta
    "Czasem trzeba sprawdzić przecież, kto jest najpiękniejszy w świecie Więc przed lustrem stajesz i... ze zdumienia unosisz brwi Bo policzki puci, puci, brzuszek też nie tyci, tyci Kanibala to zachwyci, wtedy"
  • Lujuria La Dieta Del Vicio
    "Eres t libre de ser como quieras Nadie ms te puede controlar Que obsesión con estar guapo por fuera Tu interior es lo que debes cuidar Pero hoy parece que nos preocupa Reducir tallas de pantalón No comer,"
  • Soda Stereo Diet
    "Diettico, dietetico Somos un conjunto dietetico Giramos una onda dietetica Canciones de amor con sacarina Con menos de una caloria Dietetico, dietetico Somos un conjunto dietetico Mejoramos un mensaje"
  • Girls Aloud Deadlines & Diets
    "It's 3am and you still look gorgeous My morning-after feeling's kicking in I hate to say but I'm feeling nauseous I put that down to too much gin I'm cool until reality Hits me in the face and drops a"
  • Helmet Diet Aftertaste
    "You're everything you want to be Accomplished, gracious and great company It makes perfect sense, you're never hated But then, appearances are overrated You speak the language everyone knows Take over"
  • Bracket Crash Diet
    "I need a fix of carbohydrates to get me high Can't even be a little bit too late or I will die To lazy to run up those hills And to cheap to buy those pills I just crashed my diet I fill myself full"
  • J Church Diet coke
    "With perfect prose and a broken nose, He beats the early morning streets, He's not a king or anything and he's felt like this for weeks, The rain has come again and it doesn't mean a thing, Everyone's"
  • Guns N' Roses Crash Diet
    "Crash diet of reds'n'ludes A shot of vitamin C and a bottle of booze Too stupid to live with nothin' to lose In your one track mind now Where's that leave you? Drink'n'drive white lightning faster baby Takin'"
  • Shel Silverstein Diet Song
    "Well breakfast black coffee one slice of dry toast no butter no jelly no jam Lunch just some lettuce two celery stalks no booze no potatoes no ham Dinner one chicken wing broiled not fried no gravy no"
  • Bobby Bare Diet Song
    "Breakfast black coffee one slice of dry toast no butter no jelly no jam Lunch just some lettuce two celery stalks no booze no potatoes no ham Dinner one chicken wing broiled not fried no gravy no biscuits"
  • Papa Roach Liquid Diet
    "This time I came to get mine I saw this cat running with his hand on his 9mm He's got a small peter Got 2 kids and a wife plus he beats her Nod ya head as if my shit was the dog catcher P-Roach comin through"
  • Alice Donut Diet Cola Syringe
    "Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive Diet Cola Syringe Doctor please - Rolling up my sleeves. I got to got to Make it fit. Push it through my frontal lobe. A frozen smile - It's what i need. Diet cola syringe. Diet"
  • Rufus Wainwright Old Whore's Diet
    "An old whore's diet Gets me going in the morning Ain't nothing like it Gets me going in the morning To say I love you Gets me going where I want to Oh, gets me going Oh, gets me going in the morning "
  • Faction Fast Food Diet
    "Have no money but I have a plan Not so funny I gotta scam Home cooked meals are not for me I gotta eat out tonight, can't you see Jack in the Box, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Taco Bell, 7-11,"
  • Lana Del Rey Diet Mtn Dew
    "You’re no good for me Baby you’re no good for me You’re no good for me But baby I want you, I want you Diet mountain dew, baby, New York City Never was there ever a girl so pretty Do you think we’ll be"
  • Lana Del Rey Diet Mountain Dew
    "you're no good for me baby you're no good for me you're no good for me but baby i want you, i want you diet mountain dew, baby, new york city never was there ever a girl so pretty do you think we'll be"
  • Hour Glass Vermin World Diet
    "It's all the same to me all around the world. Everyone s a fiend just to a different drug. Give me peace, to swing on to the vermin that would belong. Bridge to nowhere can you give me all of our souls?"
  • Z. Wars Ach
    "Ach śpij, kochanie. Jeśli gwiazdkę z nieba chcesz - dostaniesz. Czego pragniesz, daj mi znać. Ja Ci wszystko mogę dać. Więc dlaczego nie chcesz spać? Ach śpij, bo właśnie Księżyć ziewa i za chwilę zaśnie. A"
  • Jerzy Po Ach,
    "W górze tyle gwiazd, W dole tyle gwiazd, Gwiazdy miastu dają znać, Że dzieci muszą spać. Ach, śpij kochanie, jeśli gwiazdki z nieba chcesz - dostaniesz, Czego pragniesz, daj mi znać, Ja ci wszystko mogę"
  • Anna Maria Jopek Ach
    "W górze tyle gwiazd W dole tyle miast Gwiazdy miastom dają znać Że dzieci muszą spać... Ach śpij, Kochanie Jeśli gwiazdki z nieba chcesz, dostaniesz Czego pragniesz, daj mi znać Ja Ci wszystko mogę dać Więc"

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