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differences afromental

  • Differences - Afromental
    "Different needs, different looks, different feelings, Out of place, out of time, out of meaning, Holy rules, that they praise, feel like prison, All this pain makes you feel not worth living And I know"
  • Differences - A-ha
    "Raise your voice Give us hope Make us whole Save our souls We have failed so many times Our attempts in steep decline Promises we could not keep Differences that run too deep We're afraid of ourselves For"
  • Differences - Squad Five-O
    "Yeah, we don't really get along.In fact we fight most of the time.A somthin'.Yeah we got to work together.Put our differences behind.Sending out a cry for unity.We are the world, we are the children.They're"
  • Differences - Berman
    "waiting for a reason watching the seasons change when will it be alright? when will it seem less strange? i see the similar differences surfacing again i know i'm reliving instances i put behind"
  • Differences - Unwritten Law
    "a non-inclusive ruling class try and cover up the facts they orchestrate their twisted lies and buy their alibis I find it strange the same there's always someone else to blame we watch the clock go ticking"
  • Differences - Ginuwine
    "Oh, hey... Oh, yeah, oh, yeah To you Mmm...mmm...mmm... Oh, yeah, babe My whole life has changed Since you came in, I knew back then You were that special one I'm so in love, so deep in love You make"
  • Little differences - Save Ferris
    "Something strange is happenin' lately We no longer see eye to eye Time has changed us, rearranged us And it leaves me wondering why Now everything is different Nothing feels quite the same All the things"
  • Quelles differences - Laam
    "Tout a commenc le jour o il l'a vueDerrire une vitrine clean d'un bijoutier connuC'tait le genre de femme qui portait des parures en diamsMike a dcid de lui plaire coup de foudre BamComme une pousse d'ailes"
  • Reconcile our differences - Dave Matthews Band
    "Oh my dear, When I was dreaming, I wish you would take your lies elsewhere Don't give them to me. Oh my friend, Old as you are, How could I trust you as far As I could throw your brother? As to you my"
  • What's The Differences - Dr. Dre
    "Back when Cube - was rollin wit Lorenzo in a Benzo I was bangin wit a gang of instrumentals Got the pens and pencils, got down to business; but sometimes the business end of this shit can turn your friends"
  • Nos Differences (Caught In The Middle)-French - A1
    "Paul: You said that love was just a state of mind A puzzle made of pieces you can't find And for me you never really had the time I was blind, oooh- oh Christian: And everything that you meant to me Is"
  • Toast To Our Differences (feat. Shungudzo, Protoje & Hak Baker) - Rudimental
    "I wanna live in the ... as far i wonder where that is who makes the rules in the … I wander how it happens without cool kids presidents and thought case and elephants I wanna .. I wonder how that’s"
  • Rock&Rollin' Love (t - Afromental
    "My jesteśmy, jesteśmy, jesteśmy,jesteśmy jesteśmy Afromental 3x Cześć kotku, nie marnujmy czasu Wiesz, że wiem, że będziesz moja Chcę Ci dać wiele podniecających chwil. Oh, będziesz się czuła, tak, jak"
  • S - Afromental
    "Stopa, nuta, werbel, dzwoonek na przerwę Jeden wali w kiblu bucha, drugi wali w gębę Niby każdy, a co drugi, jeden z drugim planuje co zrobić w popędem Będziesz u pani!(Co?!) Pani na bani To co się dzieje"
  • Rock&Rollin' Love - Afromental
    "We are Afromental Hey baby let's don't waste time You know that I know that you'll be mine I want give you some my makes me low Oh, you gonna feel just the way you like The sex stangers coming through"
  • The Breakthru - Afromental
    "Ladies and gentelmen IT'S AFROMENTAL so U better get ready cuz it's time for The Breakthru.. Łozina: Hold up stop for the second. You feeling strange Your body shakin'and different drills goin'thru your"
  • It's my life (feat. VNM & Sound'n'Grace) - Afromental
    "Ladies and gentlemen! Don't laugh at us! You know what? F... Hey operator I need a favor Please, be my savior If only I could have one wish I would like to call my dad Ash him if I’m good or bad, Should"
  • Fight For Your Life - Afromental
    "Hmmmm, oh Too much of anything can make you sick Even the good can be a curse Makes it hard to know which road to go down Know when too much can get you hurt Is it better, is it worse Are we sitting in"
  • Gdzie - Afromental
    "Gdzie ty żyjesz czy w niebie czy w piekle? Potrzebuję Cię tu zaraz lecz w chmurach latam.Pomóż mi z nich wyjść odnajdz mnie bo gdzieś w chmurach latam. Czekałam,czekałam tak długo na Ciebie aż wkońcu"
  • Modl - Afromental
    "Młoda ona, młody on razem jak ptaki na niebie nie obchodził nas świat nie liczyliśmy lat chcieliśmy tylko by to mogło trwać ref: Modlę się o miłość x4 o miłość... x10 Już starsza ona starszy on a miłość"

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