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dinka Elements

  • Elements - Neo Cortex
    "(bring on the elements) (elements) (bring on the elements) deel this fire deep inside burning strong where you cant hide join the elements tonight can see the light when the darkness comes too strong dont"
  • Elements - Stratovarius
    "Elements -- Wind, Fire, Water, Earth Elements -- Fear, Anger, Sorrow, Joy Pools of sounds fill my mind A universe of shapes Kaleidoscope of colours Stargardens blossom in their solitude Spiral architecture Here"
  • Elements - Atheist
    "I tip my hat to the creation And its rewarding disposition Formed by something Lacking nothing here Something so divine A spectacle of "Elements" Enjoying all the warmth of fire Longing for the breeze"
  • Elements - Danny Tenaglia
    "Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to the tunnel Im your DJ And Im gonna take you on a tour of a twelve-inch Yes, a twelve-inch Were gonna start here with the kick and the bass You like the bass? Its filtereduhmm This"
  • Elements - Blue
    "Alice in here wonderland, her world is big but it's jost pretend, is there a day when we will understand, this circus we call life I keep on hearing time and time again, If we won't listen then"
  • Elements - A Fine Frenzy
    "you show up like a hurricane, all hungry-eyed and weather-stained the clock forgets to tick and I the same I died the day you disappeared, so why would you be welcome here? Ride the wind that brought you"
  • Elements - Method Man
    "(feat. Star, Polite) (There...there?) One more game Yo, uh huh uh huh Staar Surround sounder, blunt smokin, remy downer Hip-hop sizzar slingin my raw in your flounder You get skidawed, undertakin' undergrounders This"
  • Elements - Lunatica
    "I can't define no more what time is An endless journey through the years Even my tears are frozen While I am sleeping I reach lands And worlds of fantasy I belong to the heart of the universe A conqueror"
  • Corrosive Elements - Napalm Death
    "Staying on an even keel. Keeping a gauge. Sanity hags in the balance. I could go either way. Celberal half life. The darkest summer days. My pressure defences melting away. 'Cause I can't level this"
  • Elements Combined - Fiction Family
    "To the girl I told to run away The ghost I saw a hundred times a day You weren't like me, no you weren't afraid You are elements combined Earth, air, fire, wine Someday you'll be mine (Elements combined) You"
  • The Elements - Greg Graffin
    "You have always lived like this You have always lived like this The ice blue chill The dark gray sky The frozen ground And the helpless feeling of insignificance You have always lived like this You have"
  • The Elements - American Lesion
    "You have always lived like this You have always lived like this The ice blue chill, the dark gray sky, the frozen ground And the helpless feeling of insignificance You have always lived like this You have"
  • Absent Elements - Finger Eleven
    "Everyone plays along Get them giving or steal the life they're breathing They'll grow sickened Take their secret codes and signals Discover all they know Keep up the pace now until it all dries up You'll"
  • 4 Elements - Rahzel
    "yo scrib yo check it out i got this cool wack pattern slink u hears something? what the hell is that oh!! great....... (beat box) damn you, you must be scribbles (beat box) and dj slinky. (beat box) my"
  • Channeling Elements - Candiria
    "CHAPTER ONE through suffering my existence is made whole upward pure the strength of character is raised thorns that lead to a rose eradicate the fences improving from failures that weaken my defenses wake"
  • The Elements - Landau James E.F
    "Now, if I may digress momentarily from the mainstream of this evening's symposium, I'd like to sing a song which is completely pointless, but is something which I picked up during my career as a scientist."
  • 9 Elements - KRS-One
    "Well my ladies and gentlemen This is a rapsession and my name is "KRS-One!" And when I talk about "Hip-Hop Music!", I know (Kris) One : Breaking or breakdancing Rally b-boying, freestyle or streetdancin' Two"
  • The Elements - Tom Lehrer
    "There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium And hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium And nickel, neodymium, neptunium, germanium And iron, americium, ruthenium, uranium Europium, zirconium, lutetium,"
  • The Elements - Deadsy
    "Through the mind we flee to space As the shadows choose the place Though afraid, my sleeper must awake So I've used up all and left this time Station Towards where we're falling Faces Glowing blue eyes"
  • 5 Elements - Shyheim
    "Motherf**kin gp in the motherf**kin house With shorty shy (rubbabandz) Yo.. yo.. I raise all hell when i, start to stain Crab niggaz, I recon, you recognize the grain I bring drama to your earpiece, when"

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