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dinozaur jr
  • Charlie Brown Jr. Charlie Brown Jr
    "Muita gente riu de mim Quando eu disse que podia fazer o que quisesse da minha vida Foram muitos anos de insistncia Muitos baldes de gua fria na cabea Muitos goles a mais, alguns passos pra trs S flagrando"
  • Marcelina Dinozaury
    "z tobą fioletowy zachód nad warszawa spijam teraz, tylko tu i teraz ja, ty, ty i ja obudzą się w tobie lwy a we mnie czarne koty nie chcę słuchać żadnych scen złych w radio i w TV kiedyś wszyscy zginiemy jak"
  • Mondo Generator Jr. High Love
    "Mmmhmm, it's hot There's a party in your mouth And yeah, I'm gonna come Lift your skirt up Spread your legs and unload my gun I unload my gun Cause we were young In jr. high love, we were young In jr."
  • Ratt Way Cool Jr.
    "Oh Oh New kid in town Got fancy clothes Old T-Bird car, baby And you can tell your nose He said, "Where is all the action in this town?" Stop working on the women It's on real slick Heard enough about"
  • Mando Diao Little boy jr
    "I've got a brand new hand if you wanna perform A 30 year old army turning fire into storm I've got a vicious little soldier, I know he's alright He's gonna catch some women tonight, that's alright He's"
  • Hogwash Thomas Ross Jr
    "This I saw with my own eyes a cliff-swallow made her nest in a hole of the bank but when finished a snake crawled up to the nest whistling to the nest whistling Then the mother swallow with swift flutterings"
  • Olsen Twins Fashion jr. high
    "We're psyched to get to school'Cause learning is looking funI've got a Cashmere classI'm in Handbags 101We want to know how to draw and sewWe're going to the perfect placeIf they quiz us on Faux PasWe're"
  • The Sixpounder Lenny Parker Jr.
    "I was born I’ve been chosen One of all … So that’s why We ride this ride … What I realy wanna know Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS “If there's something strange in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS If"
  • Flabba Nay'Inkinga (ft. JR)
    "Ba tomoletse matlho ko fade(matlho ko fade) ba batla monate, ska ba bona melomo ele mo phutswa ba batla monate, ma sister, ma sister abatla monate /2x Eh wena, eh wena, eh wena jaiva ey vandag hare skidla"
  • Damian Marley "Jr. Gong" My name Jr. Gong
    "Me name Jr. Gong, me tellin' youYoungest veteran, me tellin' youMe name Jr. Gong, me tellin' youYoungest veteranI man say excuse me for a moment for a introductionFus one fi mi Muma but mi Pupa last sonLike"
  • Propagandhi Degrassi Jr. High Dropouts
    "wake up in the morning feeling f**king burnt out, shit i got to go to school, don't think i can make, don't think i can take it. what the f**k am i going to do besides doing hot-knives in home-ec and dropping"
  • Neil Young Citizen Kane Jr. Blues
    "Good lookin' Milly's got a gun in her hand But she don't know how to use it. Sooner or later she'll have to take a stand And she ain't about to lose it. All the towns people gather around They've come"
  • Nickelodeon Lazytown Theme (Nick Jr)
    "Welcome to lazytown a place where you want to stay You'll meet Robbie and his rotten plan And Sportacus saving the day Stephanie is new in town, but soon she and Ziggy are friends With Pixel, Stingy, and"
  • Wolftron Provocations Of Starman Jr.
    "At the edge of where this love can grow, I watched you pray for a better life. And I, I can't understand everything you sing. But I'm trying hard to be something for you. I marked my skin with words I"
  • Sufjan Stevens John Wayne Gacy, Jr.
    "His father was a drinker And his mother cried in bed Folding John Wayne's T-shirts When the swingset hit his head The neighbors they adored him For his humor and his conversation Look underneath"
  • John Legend Wild (feat. Gary Clark Jr.)
    "I just bought a new car One where the top goes down So we can see the stars I wanna take you so far Out past the Saturn rings And into my heart I wanna drive you Wild /3x I wanna love you For miles and"
  • Charlie Brown Jr. Como Tudo Deve Ser-Charlie Brown Jr
    "Um belo sonho veio entao despertar minha vontade Tudo vale a pena pra te reencontrar Me livrei de tudo aquilo e consegui mudar Tudo que foi feito em troca de uma amizade, mas Felicidade poder estar com"
  • Daiquiri Spader Vs. Everyone Except Downey Jr.
    "Spader can sing about walking the night, But how sincere was he? When face to face with Kim Richards How sincere would you be? You'd say what you had to say, anything you had to say This is Kim Richards"
  • Alan Jackson Blues Man (tribute To Hank Jr.)
    "Alan Jackson Miscellaneous Blues Man (tribute To Hank Jr.) he's just a singer A natural-born guitar ringer Kind of clinger To sad ole songs. He's not a walk behinder He's a new note finder But his name's"
  • Gorillaz Slow Country (Curtis Lynch Jr Mix)
    "Can't Stand Your Loneliness City Life Calling Me Lotta Me And My Soul Get To Water Never Get Another Chance So What You Doing? Gotta Get Money Keep What You're Doing I Am A Very Nice Guy I Am Like"

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