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dire straits your latest stick

  • Your Latest Trick - Dire Straits
    "All the late night bargains have been struck Between the satin beaus and their belles And prehistoric garbage trucks Have the city to themselves Echoes roars dinosaurs They're all doing the monster mash And"
  • Money For Hunting (Dire Straits - Money For Nothing) - Song Parodies
    "(copyright Steven Cavanagh 1993-2002) (I work for Palpatine) Well look at them wierdos, that's the way you do it you hunt for bounties 'cross the galaxy that ain't workin! that's the way you do"
  • Narrow Straits - Lagwagon
    "i want to mute the scene stop the clocks, turn them off and feel your silence shut their mouths, block my ears and i wanna hear of some way or down and out and all else is separation my watches when you"
  • Stick - Unjust
    "(Verse 1) Lost burning beds, nights we shared Forced favors, my creations Life's candy... Thoughts turned to stains, Reeled into your side More than ever, Lost the Pleasures You will leave lost (Pre-Chorus) Stick,"
  • Stick - Rhymefest
    "(Rhymfest) Woo! Yeah... Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to hear Is another, Rhymfest, Animal House classic So get on the flo' and just (Back it up, back it up) Now put it on my stick (Back it"
  • Latest Lover - Pantera
    "She's the talk of the town gets around Love her, leave her For all the wrong reasons Love her, leave her You might even Who's been your latest lover? Who's been in your bed? Who's been your latest lover? Who's"
  • Your Latest Victim - Park
    "Throw me hard so I hit the concrete Scream words that you never did mean Even I can't stand this evidence, it's clear so clear The Ringing in my ears won't stop and you've been smiling all along (Burnt"
  • Latest Thing - Nixons
    "You're such a pretty one before you come undone I got something for you You seem so far away you beg against the fade You're so special And I won't be something you're not Come up here and tell me everything Don't"
  • Latest Mistake - Mandy Moore
    "There is part of me that wants an answer And part of me that doesn't want to know Part of you that I am in love with And the part that I am willing to let go This is a delicate unraveling Now and then"
  • Latest Disaster - Stroke 9
    "We met one Monday night where my friend bartends and always gives me drinks for free. I caught you staring, or were you comparing the guy you were talking with to me. Then you said: "This place is dead,"
  • Latest Disgrace - Fugazi
    "I am a message prescient forecasting There is a limit so take my temperature You say "your turn" but I think the invite's open to all So come on take your medicine Hey doctor heal yourself or do you got"
  • Setting Me Up - Dire Straits
    "You say I'm the greatest bound for glory Well the word is out and I learned I got the latest side of the story You're pulling out before you get burned Well your hands are squeezing me down to the bone I"
  • Solid Rock - Dire Straits
    "well take a look at that i made a castle in the sand saying this is where it's you know couldn't understand now if i realised that the chances were slim how come i'm so surprised when the tide rolled in i"
  • Baby Stick Around - Joe Jackson
    "Come on you people get your dancing shoes on Reds and yellow and pinks and blues on Too late, too late To stay home and sit around Purple leopard skin and see-through plastic Whatever you want, but"
  • You And Your Friend - Dire Straits
    "will you and your friend come around are you and your friend gonna get on down will you and your friend come around or are you and your friend gonna let me down if you talk to one another I'm a hungry"
  • Dire Dare - Alexia
    "Oh Baby , andava cosi bene! mi davi tutto quello che cercavo nell' amore Poi come niente in un instante Tu dove sei? Oh darling almeno dimmi con chi stai! What you gonna do with it? Power glower living"
  • The Latest Toughs - Okkervil River
    "ll the latest toughs, youve got to shrug them off or shut them off. With ten-thousand-time-told truths, youve still got to ask for proof. Ask for proof, because if youre dying to be led theyll lead you"
  • The Latest Fad - Few Left Standing
    "dod eat dog world is this where your heart lies i'm supposed to take it with a grain of salt forget the cause image is where it's at be all you can be if it suits your purpose buying your acceptance from"
  • Peron's Latest Flame - Antonio Banderas And Madonna
    "Antonio Banderas And Madonna Miscellaneous Peron's Latest Flame Antonio Banderas and Madonna---Peron's Latest Flame lyrics by Tim Rice, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Che:) At the watering holes of the"
  • Peron's Latest Flame - Antonio Banderas & Madonna
    "Antonio Banderas & Madonna Miscellaneous Peron's Latest Flame (Che:) At the watering holes of the well-to-do I detect a resistance to (Aristocrats:) Precisely (Che:) Our heroine's style (Aristocrats:)"

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