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disclosure tou and me

  • Disclosure - Reactor
    "So you think that you know All those things unsaid So you try to make true All the fears in your head Never trusting your instincts Standing on the edge of dissolution Let it all out Screaming at the top"
  • Disclosure - The Beautiful Mistake
    "A premature disclosure And it filling up this meeting that wee had These broken phrases catch me with my guard down With my guard down I left myself wide open I left myself for you I left myself"
  • Disclosure - Sinphonia
    "(GODS:) She believes she is embrancing infinite truth. One feeble spirit touch and She will catch the first glimpse of disharmony. (SHE:) Resting from my godly gift Shades of formless visit my dreams A"
  • Disclosure - Nemesea
    "The hearse left five minutes ago leaving you with me The flowers spelled out my name while you passed me Against my will I'm crying Although the pain feels more like hate While holding a hand I'm looking"
  • Full Disclosure - Fugazi
    "oh, i don't want one i don't want one i don't want one (x7) i want a mutally assured destructive life seizing separate culture to take me over moving silent like radar take me over, and blow out my mind"
  • Digital Disclosure - Kalisia
    "Into Haven Royth has entered... The dark! : "Beauty, complexity Of this heaven Which seems frozen Walls are closing around me I cannot move, I cannot see A strange voice is talking to me Words that"
  • Disclosure - The studs
    "tsugeru kotoba sokosoko ni tobidasu jisoku 500km (gohyaku kiro) toorisugita hyoushiki wa "tomare" ka? ainiku Brake wa mochiawasetenai AITSU wa sugu soko made kiteru iyarashii waraikata shi nagara kore"
  • Who are tou - Eternal
    "Who, who (who), who, who are you baby Who's that in the corner? Is a-standing there? Is a mystery Who are you baby? Where do you come from? Where do you live? Where do I find you? To you my love I'll give"
  • Day Nineteen: Disclosure - Ayreon
    "My good friend, I hope you hear my voice I must alleviate this ache I thought about this and found I have no choice I have to tell you this for conscience sake I felt alone, forsaken and afraid Out"
  • Day Nineteen: Disclosure - AYREON ( The Human Equation )
    "My good friend, I hope you hear my voice I must alleviate this ache I thought about this and found I have no choice I have to tell you this for conscience sake I felt alone, forsaken and afraid Out of"
  • The Deamon Tou Hide - Vision Divine
    "My name was Marielle but you can call me Mary You see, like the others I can't fade away Half life (half now)I'm a spirit now I have no home, no place where I can rest in peace I feel an empathy with"
  • Full Disclosure - Walls Of Jericho
    "Why is it that we open our flesh based statue to Minds that easily forget? I remain torn from the hand that I would Have placed on my inviting face We sacrifice what brought us down To indulge in"
  • End Of Disclosure - Hypocrisy
    "I'm sitting on a moon looking down for you And watching what you've become The New World gone unensambled for you A great deception that will make you numb Fantasy invasion from the sky For whom you got"
  • Pentatonix (Sam Smith / Disclosure / Naughty Boy Mashup) - La La Latch
    "You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down You, you enchant me even when you're not around If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down I'm lating on, babe, now I know what I have found Hush,"
  • Tou Wa Kouyou Suru - Megamasso
    "saa, saa utage wa hajimatta usagi mo neko mo, kyou wa koko kai no me tou nite ohatsu awase yurete yurete, fushigi na kibun ni yoishirete sa sa sa, douzo, osaki he. kono norimono wa, kyuushiki nagara kono"
  • Tou are the dream - Ilse DeLange
    "I'd lived my life convinced i'd findYour love somehow, some wayI held on to the faith that youWould show yourself one daySomething in me believedThis night was meant to beChorusYou are the promise i made"
  • Well, did tou evah - Robbie Williams
    "Porter have you heard among this clan i am called the forgotten man ? well did you evah? what a swell party this is! have ou heard the story of dexter boy being gypped by love? well, did you evah? what"
  • You Stressin (prod. Disclosure) - Bishop Nehru
    "The master of the 16 bars and leaving rappers starving Sickening punch lines leave em salty like all we showing love people on him Hold applause in till after let the bars in To your noggin this rap"
  • I bet tou won't stay - The Kinks
    "You say you'll be home today But I bet you won't stay I bet you won't stay You say you'll be coming home But I bet you won't stay I bet you won't stay I bet you won't stay here with me, my darling I know"
  • You & Me (feat. Eliza Doolittle) - Disclosure
    "I’ll be giving up, oh Home is where the heart is, And I gave it to you in a paper bag Even though it’s tarnished You told me it’s the best you ever had You got my secret combination And I don’t be giving"

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