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discover ii
  • Sads Discover
    "sagashidashita PASSWORDtogatta BEAT deruuputai burasagekagi mawatta CLOSETnejifusero omoidooriiriguchi wa aru hazu saDiscover bouryokusei to rokkunrooru deDiscover kurikaesouze nando datte ii sakudaranai"
  • DI-RECT Discover
    "Take me To another place Take me where the lights are Where I can see my face Discover why it rains on me Discover why it has to be Here I am That little boy Who's dreaming and discovering A searching"
  • Tim Booth Discover
    "So you gave me a home And you gave me a name And you told me, behave like the others Then you sent me to school Which was all about rules And I learnt to pretend And so I faked my way through school And"
  • Chris De Burgh Discover
    "Lady love, go back to sleep, Dry the tears from your eyes, But I cannot stay with thee, Until the morning, For the dawn is breaking, And my ship is waiting for me, And I must go, But I'll be back, yes, Before"
  • Diana Ross Discover me
    "Oh babe, ooo babe Hidden here behind four walls, a new night passes by I'm just a soul deprived of love, I've yet to reason why I've got so much to give someone, so many dreams to share And a promise of"
  • Supremes Discover me
    "Oh babe, ooo babeHidden here behind four walls, a new night passes byI'm just a soul deprived of love, I've yet to reason whyI've got so much to give someone, so many dreams to shareAnd a promise of a"
  • Unheilig Discover The World
    "In the name of the crowd They called me guilty No turning back to the world that broke me down The pictures on the wall tell me The last days The last years Endless moments without hope Endless moments"
  • Uncle Outrage Discover The Worm
    "Taking my disease from underground Below your feet is where you kept me down. You have the same intentions, see You're no different than a person like me. Here we go... But now you have to discover the"
  • H-Blockx Discover My Soul
    "Look out for a better world - lost in time Look out for a better world - lost my mind Look out for a better world - look inside Look out for a better world - take what's mine Look out for a better"
  • Buffalo Tom When You Discover
    "Come back when you are done Looking down on everyone Ain't it hard when you discover that you're dumb Open up your sleepy eyes Cut off all your family ties Ain't it hard when you realize you're young All"
  • The Shins They'll Soon Discover
    "When you were young and wise scratching your letters in the sand. When your imagination led you all around by the hand. La la la la Did you ever wonder what crazy adventures there might be? Unfolding"
  • The Supremes Discover Me (And You'll Discover Love)
    "Discover Me (And You'll Discover Love) (John Bristol-Doris McNeill-Beatrice Verdi) Oh babe, ooo babe Hidden here behind four walls, a new night passes by I'm just a soul deprived of love, I've yet to"
  • Mae Last Transmission II
    "What is the one thing that will make it bleed? Why you feel no pain at all? Is this the dream that will let you sleep? And you won't want to wake up... Love's the only thing that keeps you safe and sane When"
  • In Flames Discover me like emptiness
    "I run this world alone, A song stuck in my mind..Are you feeling alright? Don't mind if you ask me once.. Discover me like emptiness.. A defense for a broken heart.. Still offers a smile to the world betrayed...Always"
  • Orphaned Land Find Your Self, Discover God
    "Find your self, discover God And the truth you can't deny, I shall never die Together we shall fly You will find your God the only one You are his begotten son Beyond the mystic sky I know that I can"
  • Akissforjersey II
    "I will scream your name out But I won't walk away Your heartbeat's getting fainter It's your choice to leave or stay God save me, Oh God save me 'Cause I'm a sinner The world is ending Don't delay I'll"
  • Boyz II Men Human Ii
    "I know this was my fault but How much should it cost To make things right Do I have to pay for life We all fall short sometimes And I'm guilty of that crime But I just wanna make you see That you can still"
  • Mo Thugs II Tru
    "feat. II TruII Tru's comin' to get ya fools Nothin' but the best females This remains, not nothin' But the females caught in the rapture Recognize II Tru's comin' to get ya fools Come let a sista break"
  • Bram Vermeulen Willem Ii
    "Het kost de man wel een uur Om de straat uit te lopen Voetje voor voetje schuifelt hij voort Met een hand aan de muur Omdat-ie steeds iets vergeet En dat zelf ook wel weet Stopt zijn vrouw een lijstje"
  • Kent Revolt ii
    "Svag s skakar mina ben Och flickan med TV-nerver ler Som om Jag bryr mig Snk mitt hjrta som en sten Ge mig en kftsmll Jag r feg Som om Jag bryr mig S kar vi igen Jag r fartblind, kriminell Du r aktuell"

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