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  • Dishonored Killings - Seven Witches
    "I believe that it's each to their own Except when honor killings are the norm Can't convince me That offing your sister ain't wrong Or your wife, or your mom That's the point of this song Inhumane tribal"
  • The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth - The Business
    "How dare you sit in judgment Of working girls on the game You're just as guilty your honour Hiding facts behind your fame DISHING OUT A PRISON TERM FOR WHAT SHOULD BE THEIR RIGHT WE WANT THE TRUTH THE"
  • Haunted - Disturbed
    "You're broken, so am I, I'm better off alone No one to turn to and nothing to call my own Outspoken, so am I, explosive words that Your world wouldn't understand Turn away again You're beaten, so am"
  • Erased - Nasum
    "To be governed is to be watched over, directed, regulated, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, cencored by men who have neiter the right nor the knowledge nor the virtue Erased from this world! To"
  • Headmaster - The Kinks
    "Headmaster, this is my confession. This time you won't be overjoyed, I have destroyed what little faith you had in me, I've been such a naughty boy. Headmaster I am at your mercy, I've been such a"
  • Halls Of Honour - PowerSword
    "Behold the mighty dragon-slayer, Lord of the Powersword The mighty Rentoncelot, struck by misfortune and the cruelty of evil gods His queen and kingdom taken from him I ride away from my ancestral halls"
  • No Trivia - From Autumn To Ashes
    "M, 4, V, T, C and H Might need to provide this number at the gate Steady pilot because I'm half afraid I can't believe youd ask me that Of Course I dont believe in fate Would you be depressed? If I attend"
  • She Sings Songs Without Words - Harry Chapin
    "I was thrown on the cobblestones, tossed at her feet My fool's mouth was filled with the dust from the street An out of work court jester with nowhere to go And no need to speak, for she seemed to know She"
  • Bleeding All Over The Place - Randy Newman
    "DEVIL: Why don't you love me like you used to do? Are you trying to break my heart? I know there's somethin' goin' on with you And whatever it is, it's tearin' me apart I walk along the river every night Tryin'"
  • Johnny Lobo - Kris Kristofferson
    "Once upon a dusty reservation Somewhere in the land of Sitting Bull Johnny Lobo played with fire and dreamed of open spaces Locked inside a heaven gone to hell All the dreams were gone but not forgotten"
  • Shrapnel Embedded Flesh - Vital Remains
    "prepare the coming of shrapnel embedded flesh the new communion tomorrow is the dawning of the age of ammunition through my eyes... he is the creator of fear he is the creator of lies he is the creator"
  • Tall Pine Trees - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "Before I leave let me tell you why I'm going And try to speak in such a way that you won't be afraid of listening Too many words been spoke without no understanding And I'd hate to add another wound to"
  • Jim Jones - Bob Dylan
    "Come and listen for a moment, lads And hear me tell my tale How across the sea from England I was condemned to sail Now the jury found me guilty Then says the judge, says he "Oh, for life, Jim Jones, I'm"
  • Homicidal Retribution - Dying Fetus
    "Lost my faith in justice Time does not heal this pain Defiled my existence Recurring nightmare There's no consolation The awful memories Constant mind coercion Instinctive vengeance I have nothing left"
  • I'm Alive - Disturbed
    "Never again will I be dishonored And never again will I be reminded Of living within the world of the jaded They kill inspiration It's my obligation To never again, allow this to happen Where do I begin? The"
  • The Hidden God - Virgin Steele
    "I AM HERE! OH YES!!! And the Dark Waters stirred with the sound of her calling Wrapped in Black Luminescence & Clouds I appear Feel me plunder in sleep where nobody knows I am calling you back! Blood"
  • Ragged Old Flag - Johnny Cash
    "I walked through a county courthouse square On a park bench, an old man was sittin' there. I said, "Your old court house is kinda run down, He said, "Naw, it'll do for our little town". I said, "Your old"
  • Get Your Handz Off - Jin
    "From the start to the finish I'ma bark on contenders Wanna tarnish my image I can't promise forgiveness See I was never like this My mom's would never like this And y'all was never like us That's why y'all"
  • Coolest - Lupe Fiasco
    "The coolest niggah... what? Lord please have sympathy, and forgive My Cool Young History, as The coolest niggah... what? I love the Lord, But sometimes it's like that I love me more I love the peace And"
  • The Coolest - Lupe Fiasco
    "(Intro) The coolest nigga what The coolest nigga what The coolest nigga what The coolest nigga what The coolest nigga what The coolest nigga what The coolest nigga what The coolest nigga what The coolest"

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