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dj antoine vs timati
  • Guru Josh Project Infinity 2012 (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark Remix)
    "And take your time To trust in me And you will find Infinity, infinity /3x Here's my key Philosophy A freak like me Just needs infinity Relax Take your time And take your time To trust in me And you"
  • DJ Clue Girlfriend (Antoine)
    "(DJ Clue) DJ CLUE! ANTOINE! GIRLFRIEND! WHAAAAAAAAAT! (Antoine) I see you walking through the high school halls In the classroom two seats across Away from me Baby can't you see (you are) The kind of"
  • DJ Clue Strung Out (Antoine)
    "(DJ Clue) DJ CLUE! ANTOINE! FROM THE HARD KNOCK LIFE SOUNDTRACK! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! (Antoine) I would lay my pride down Long as we can go roun' Baby call me If it's money you need Then I have plenty Baby"
  • DJ Antoine Broadway (vs Mad Mark)
    "Remember the nights on Broadway, the lights Remember the nights on Broadway, On Broadway, on Broadway, Delight! This is New York, New York Ah, welcome to the Big Apple Talking 'bout Time Square You can"
  • Nieznani Antoine
    "Słowa: Michał "Doktor" Gramatyka Muzyka: trad. Nasz Antoine kiedyś na mnie wpadł Popłyniesz ze mną bracie w świat Ref.: Uciekła mi turkaweczka Znów w tawernie siedzę sam Dalej dajcie mi piweczka Wnet opowiem"
  • The Incredible String Band Antoine
    "So still the green and golden plain in icy spring They young French convent girls in white singing He took the sacrament young Antoine not without a blush He left the priest the good book the bread and"
  • DJ Antoine vs Timati Welcome to St. Tropez (feat. Kalenna)
    "Welcome to St. Tropez Get fresh, gotta stay fly Get the jet I gotta stay high High up like a la la la Ain't nothin here that my money can't buy Dolce, Gucci and Louis V Yacht so big I could live out in"
  • Roger Waters Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine
    "Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine, It's getting dark outside, It's time to come in. "Oh, mother!" Madame Antoine, It's time to come in! "Yes, yes, mother, I'm coming! One day..." One day I'll"
  • Los Hermanos Cher Antoine
    "Composio: Rodrigo Amarante Cher Antoine, Je suis vraiment desol mais je ne peux pas partir avec toi. Du 20 au 24 je dois travailler, j'ai 4 jour de cong. Je vais la campagne. Je voyage en train pour"
  • The Blood Brothers Ambulance vs. ambulance
    "Ambulance X extracts several consultants from the slow gumming death at the office orifice. Ambulance Y imprisons the sigh of the recent amputee and dumps her in the xylophone trees. Ambulance X scours"
  • Timati W klubie
    "Kogda my v klube chiksy tancujut, Pust' gorod znaet s kem on tusuet, Vstrechajte prjamo iz Moskvy- Timati i Dj Dlee. Gde luchshie tusovki?-u nas v klube, Gde luchshie podrugi?-u nas v klube, Gde ljudi"
  • Timati Groove On (ft. Snoop Dogg)
    "Timati. Big Snoop Dogg. Oooweeh I want everybody to report to the dancefloor. It's time, to get your groove on. Yowhooow G Production Yo, it's my body I could do Whatever I wanna do. You! Know I get"
  • Misono Vs
    "Kick Out! Break Out! Iza tachiagare yo I wont Give up boku no gekai wa Jibun de kimeru mono dakara Madamada yukeru sa Going NOW!! Watashi no kimochi nante wakara nai to Kabe wo tsukuri nani mo mie nakushita Jibun"
  • Roger Waters Act 1: Scene 1: Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine
    "Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine, It's getting dark outside, It's time to come in. "Oh, mother!" Madame Antoine, It's time to come in! "Yes, yes, mother, I'm coming! One day..." One day I'll"
  • DJ Antoine Holiday (feat. Akon)
    "Akon, Antoine When you move I'm in another place Want to get into your outer space You're like the treble, I'm the bass, You never leave my mind without a trace When I take you to paradise When I'm"
  • Antoine Qu'est-ce Que Tu As Mis Dans Le Caf
    "Tu m'as dit ce soir viens chez moiL'hiver est chaud l-haut chez moiIl fait si froid dans les ruesTu as l'air un peu perduTu m'as dit tu seras bien mieuxSi tu viens au coin de mon feuJe peux t'offrir un"
  • Gucci Mane Round 1 (Gucci Mane Vs Jeezy)
    "Talking: Ay man check this shit out, This just for da Rucker man, The nigga young jeezy, the nigga fakin' man That nigga is not a thug man, That nigga's a wanksta, I mean gangsta Actor, I mean rapper NBC,"
  • Amanda Blank DJ
    "DJ, play that song a little louder I gotta, gotta get him outta my head Gotta dance the pain away Cant go to sleep just yet My baby, he left me high and dry Cant be the man for me Said he cant tell me"
  • Diam's Dj
    "Laisse-moi kiffer la vibe avec mon mecJ'ai pas de temps perdre dans des prises de ttePourquoi tu m'observes, pourquoi tu me regardes ?Tu veux mon mec ou quoi ? j'te mets en garde,On touche pas a, on"
  • Jamelia Dj
    "Youre gonna rock to this Youre gonna drop to this 10 oclock Weekend, bout to head out to the garden of eden Got my shelltoes and my kangol Before I hit the door I got to grab my cellphone Bout to call"

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