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dj second name

  • DJ Is Your Second Name (ft. Giang Pham) - C-BooL
    "Friday afternoon It’s time to pack your bag Long way to the club It’s time to go Because you can’t be late Remember, boy you can’t be late Great music in your car 2 cups of coffee and cake Each weekend"
  • Second Sight - Stratovarius
    "No one really knows Where this man comes from Or if he has a name He moved from town to town And forging his own way Without shame he played his game No allies and no friends He leaves no traces bahind There"
  • Every Second - A Change Of Pace
    "Last drop of the bottle fell out Reluctant not to crash Enter fading lights From top of the stage Set in broken glass And all these tears and pain Silent but screaming Out every name that we've ever loved And"
  • Second Coming - Good Riddance
    "it streaks across the sky towards Bethlehem a shining star filled with hope and love. It the second coming the new Christ won't survive it's a second coming the Christ will die he thinks he'll rid the"
  • Second Sun - Pain Confessor
    "Frantically lost, through the wastelands Among the people with no name We scarred the earth With the sound of life decay Those weary daffodils Never looked so utterly lonely Withering away before my eyes Nothing"
  • Fragment Second - Unholy Matrimony
    "Fragment Second L'acadmie de la mort en pleine action Sme sous ses pas abandon et confusion Car il n'y a point d'idal pour un monde de chair S'enlisant dans l'immondice de ses fantasmes pervers L'enseignement"
  • Second Chance - Fatal Flowers
    "Here's another hippy in smoking Thanking all his pimps and more How he wished he was only joking But he knows he's just another whore He leans back in his limo His hands caressing gold Close your eyes"
  • Second Son - Overkill
    "Damned at birth, the child king born. The prophets warned beware the second son. Born to lead! And then raised in peace and harmony My fellow man and I live as one. Together forever! Forever in the kingdom"
  • Second Prayer - Deathspell Omega
    "Oh Satan, you're the God before whom I stand Live your life in me, See how I erase my name from the lamb's book of life And reject the benefit of the holy wounds I will walk before thee, lord, in the land"
  • Second Lover - Noah And The Whale
    "Oh, and when will our heartbeats fall into line, And the click-clack of our boot heels beat out the same time? Oh, and when will your hand find itself in mine? Oh, and when will your hand find itself in"
  • No Return (DJ Hazu Remix) - Canibus
    "Artist: Canibus Album: Rip the Jacker Song: No Return Producer: Stoupe Time: 4:53 (Intro: Canibus) No Return, No Return, No Return, No Return, There's No Return, No Return (Canibus) Yo, Scientists gather"
  • Rollover Dj - Jet
    "Got your Rhymes going round in my head Got your supersonic beats mixing up my Keds So dance little DJ come on What's your name? I wanna move but I don't feel right Cause you've been playing other peoples"
  • Second Hand Love - Connie Francis
    "They tell me that there's someone else you really, truly, love. And even when we kiss, that she's the one you're thinking of. I guess it's true, cause once or twice, you called me by her name. I need"
  • For A Second - Magic Dirt
    "Nothin' to say Nothin' to do Lost for words Just like you Finding you lying there quiet All in the name of science Your's was good Mine was bad Made me pure Made me mad The front of you is the back of"
  • The Second Day - Europe
    "On the first day the writers claimed There's nothing here that can't be explained On the second day the rumours fly People talk about an unprecedented lie On the third day, well, where do I start The"
  • Second to none - Vengeance
    "When They Kicked Me Out Of Highschool I Came To Know For Real The Tought I Had To Study Didn't Seam To Be Ideal I Had To Be A Rockstar But It Went against The Grain All My Friends Would Tell Me "Man, I"
  • 8 Second Ride - Jake Owen
    "Well hey girl whats ur name? Havent I seen u before? I recognized them dark green eyes when u dosey doed across the floor Are you alone or are you with someone? She said a matter of fact im not so"
  • Second To One - Hammerfall
    "You can never escape from your heart That inner guide, the voice in the dark Stop and listen, just once in a while To what it has to say I remember the day when we met Your love was true, my life was a"
  • Second Time Around - Danny
    "It's 10:00 on Friday I'm 'bout to hit the highway I got my pistol just in case somebody wanna try me I'm headed to the club So I can get messed up I'm gonna holla at the chickenheads and press my luck I've"
  • Second Round Knockout - Canibus
    "(Intro: Mike Tyson) Yo Canibus man, whassup man? I caught you on that cut with Wyclef man - you were booming But I caught these foul slouch-ass niggaz, youknowmean? Talking foul bout you the other night"

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