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dj wonter wings

  • Dj Vu - Human Nature
    "I wanna find that perfect moment To believe in love wanna spread my wings and fly But every time you get up close to me I'm constantly reminded How much tears can cost How much hope is lost when love dies "
  • Gi'me Wings - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart, Steve Harley / Chen, Savigar, Cregan, Grainger) Driving in my car There's nothing on the air Play a song that'll ease my pain D.J.'s telling me That this is what'll be Help me I'm depressed"
  • Wings - Hurts
    "When you find me free falling out of the sky And I'm spiraling out of control When I drop like a cannonball from Cloud 9 Just promise you won't let me go Say you'll catch me when I fall Wrap your wings"
  • Wings - Live
    "The way I'm on your mind, like a ball and chain Like a destiny to run from Division in your soul (in your soul), keepin' you from whole I can bare to see you crying The wing that lays on your shoulders"
  • Wings - Ricky Nelson
    "Seen it written and I've heard it told That a man does things for gold Drives him crazy and it makes him old Before his time Sittin' 'round waitin' for the rainbow's end Wastin' time and loosin' friends Never"
  • Wings - Soulfly
    "Wings all over us Watching us from above Protecting us from this world Protecting us with your sword Wings all over us Calming us when we're sore Guiding us when we're lost Even against all odds Wings"
  • Wings - Norton
    "Damn these old wheels Rollin' too slow I stare down this white line With so far to go Headlights keep comin' Loneliness humming along Who poured this rain Who made these clouds I stare through this windshield"
  • Wings - Bonnie Tyler
    "(Paul D. Fitzgerald - Bonnie Tyler/Paul D. Fitzgerald - O. Renoir - John Stage) You came from nowhere And pushed back the sky I didn't want to go there I preferred to deny I thought - love was for dreamers Angels"
  • Wings - Little Mix
    "Mamma told me not to waste my life She said spread your wings my little butterfly Don’t let what they say keep you up at night And if they give you shhhh Then they can walk on by My feet, feet can’t"
  • Wings - The Fall
    "Day by day. The moon gains on me. Day by day. The moon gains on me. Purchased pair of flabby wings. I took to doing some HOVERING. Here is a list of incorrect things. HOVERED mid-air outside a study. An"
  • Wings - Vader
    "There have never been gods and devils, but there were people who were turned into them by others and trapped in divine incarnations. No act of spawning was my birth There is no darkness after my dawn I"
  • Wings - Galneryus
    "In the clinging rain, I'll wake up No one can fly But I'll take a flight with your wings tonight Never lose hope for the future No one hates you I just fell your warmth in your smile tonight My Angel,"
  • Wings - Birdy
    "Sunlight comes creeping in Illuminates our skin We watched the day go by Stories of what we did It made me think of you It made me think of you Under a trillion stars We danced on top of cars Took pictures"
  • Wings - Tyketto
    "Falling so hard for you woman, would you say that love's a crime Jury can call me in guilty, but I want what's mine And now I'm crying out in anger, the night has taken you away Filin' the sins of another"
  • Wings - Hans Theessink
    "If I had wings like a turtle dove I'd fly away to the girl I love Just to hold her, hold her in my arms again Fly to her doorstep, knock on her window-pane Open that window, let me in Hold her, hold her"
  • Wings - Sentenced
    "The scars in the wind Guiding my path to the dark The breath of the silent night Approaching from a distance Wings I cut a thousand cuts Streams run (down) along my arms The stars blasted into darkness Change"
  • Wings - Alex Band
    "I looked in your eyes I saw your pain I helped you through All the way You looked in my eyes You saw joy You helped me fly Through the sky But I've seen the sad I've seen the glad go Don't run away from"
  • Wings - Tim Buckley
    "Although you've spoken many times before, A sight of birth he leaves you by a door. And now you know he doesn't understand. And all you need is the warmth of his hand. And if he'd smile your loving blood"
  • Wings - 4HIM
    "Just two brothers with visions of flight They were certain to grace The heavens that awaited Orville and Wilbur had figured it right At their moment of fate Their destiny had come to this time and place Far"
  • Wings - Podunk
    "It's time to get high open up the sky I'll see you at the top of the mountain Try to keep dry From all this run You know I'm getting deeper everyday And I keep on thinking maybe That when I get back"

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