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django django django

  • Django - Luis Bacalov
    "Chorus: django! Django, have you always been alone? Chorus: django! Django, have you never loved again? Love will live on, oh oh oh... Life must go on, oh oh oh... For you cannot spend your life regreatting Chorus:"
  • Django - Rancid
    "Get one thing clear, first you live in fear, then you disappear, and that unity Shift gear, and i, try to stear, i see a tear, you're so fuckin insincere Django, You drag your coffin around You drag your"
  • Django - Piotr Zioła
    "In the morning you stumble You’re very … Than you have to watch the mirror Than you open my door Be brave enough to tell me What exactly do you want Lay down your head upon my chest There’s something"
  • Django Jane - Janelle Monae
    "this is my palace champagne in my chalice I got it all covered like a wedding band wonderland, so my alias is Alice We don’ start a motherfucker pussy riot or we gon’ have to put em on a pussy diet"
  • Django (prod. Matheo) - SB MAFFIJA
    "Nie licz na nikogo Sam ogarniaj swoje sprawy Podpal sobie młody i idź w moje ślady Nie ufaj labelom bo ci zamydlają oczy A budżet to pożyczka która po premierze oddasz Jak se ja odbiorą to ci rzucą jakiś"
  • Return of the django - Maroon Town
    "Well, walking down the street just the other day When suddenly you know it came to me When I saw some people crowding round I heard what they were saying It seems to me the music they were praising It"
  • Ready Or Not (Clark Kent / Django Remix) - The Fugees
    "(Lauryn "L-Boogie" Hill) Ready Or Not (9x)... (Lauryn Singing) You can't run away From these styles I got oh baby, hey baby, 'cause I got alot, oh yeah Anywhere you go, my whole crew gonna know,"
  • Default - Django Django
    "You thought you'd set the bar, I'd never tried to work it out We just lit the fire and now you want to put it out You gave it all you got, and all you got is not enough Why don't you hand it over, time"
  • First Light - Django Django
    "Sending out a signal from the city we went Towards a future that is greener than the money we spend Discover beaches buried deeper underneath the cement Look down through the cracks for the gold that they're"
  • Reflections - Django Django
    "Starring at a glimmer stone Tryina seek new life It glistens once, now it's unrefined Let go! Try to live a perfect life, Paint the world in gold Before we realized we were only in soul Reflections hurt"
  • Beginning to Fade - Django Django
    "Mantra is feeling for seeing good morning Words that I snatch, …on it The multitude meaning… … Beginning to Fade And is gone now!"
  • Shake and Tremble - Django Django
    "Warning signs foretold, ignore the leaf Then winds begin to blow, changing directions Watching time unfolding Melting and eroding Burning through our fortunes taking all that we own Witness omens rising As"
  • Rendez-vous Sous La Pluie - Django Reinhardt
    "Pourquoi mavoir donn rendez-vous sous la pluie, petite aux yeux si doux, tresor que jaime, tout seul comme un idiot, jattends et je mennui et je me pose quelques problmes pourtant on sest connu par une"
  • Another Day - Django Walker
    "I stayed up thinking late one night about the crazy things in life and how we go about them each and every day and when the day seem way too long find a way to keep movin on forget about the bad things"
  • College Life - Django Walker
    "well my daddy always said son you'll have fun when your're drinkin' with your friends, and everyone takes for granted these are the best years of you life and you know high school sure seemed like a joke when"
  • French is strange (int.) - Maanam
    "Mal d'esprint, Gay Paree! Oh oh eau de vie Paris rides his Crazy Horse At Longchamp, mais of course Marseillaise, grenadine Marquis de Sade, guillotine Escargots et grenouilles Jean-Paul Sartre on Montmartre"
  • Wpłatomat (Tomb diss) - Bedoes
    "gustaw szarpie smycz pędzą psy zrywam się z łańcuchów jakbym był Django wszyscy chcą mi pysk zamknąć a ja robie tylko skrr potem klick z cabrio jak poszła za szybka to się przerzuciłeś a alko na fete która"
  • Death By Whips - Tankard
    "Every day and all night long The fucking breakdancers wanna be strong We can't hear their fucking sound We want metal - play it loud! Die - Hard! Death! Whips! Metal Militia in a heaurs Our cruelest"
  • Death by whips - Tank
    "Every day and all night long The fucking breakdancers wanna be strong We can't hear their fucking sound We want metal - play it loud! Die - Hard! Death! Whips! Metal Militia in a heaurs Our cruelest gang"
  • Prisonnier Des Nuages - Claude Nougaro
    "Je suis prisonnier des nuagesVous me direz : "Comment a s'fait ?"Je suis prisonnier des nuagesDe fumeRenatre enfant, c'est de mon geDj tout minot, tout moufletJ'tais toujours dans les nuagesEnfermIl est"

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