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dmitry koldun karabli
  • Dmitry Koldun Work your magic
    "Welcome to the night and you will see Youve got the magic power I am on my way I keep the key To your tower You can serve me something really hot Call it love or madness But youll get the best of what"
  • Dima Koldun Work your magic
    "Welcome to the night and you will see You've got the magic power I am on my way I keep the key To your tower You can serve me something really hot Call it love or madness But you'll get the best of what"
  • Starkillers & Dmitry KO Let The Love (feat. Amba Shepherd)
    "You see into my soul with eyes control You see into my soul and take a hold And I will let you in Let the love within Let the love You are in my mind The windows from my eyes The contemplating fate Into"
  • Dima Koldun i Scorpions Still loving you
    "Time, it needs time To win back your love again. I will be there, I will be there. Love, only love Can bring back your love someday. I will be there, I will be there. Fight, babe, I'll fight To win back"
  • Dima Koldun i Valeria Ty grustish
    "- - - - , - , . : , , , . - . - - - - , , , . : , , "
  • Vicious Crusade The Unbroken
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik, Alex Vertel) Beat me - I will stand, Burn me - I'll survive, I fight for my land - One won't stop my strive! Standing hand in hand, Led by fathers' faith, We fight for our land That"
  • Vicious Crusade Patriot Games
    "(Lyrics by M. Schur, Dmitry Basik, Alex Vertel) Mi rival, quin eres t que me has hecho tu blanco? Quir llen tu espritu de este rencor a tu hermano? Eres un carnvoro perro feroz de tus amos Querra es,"
  • Vicious Crusade Who Are These Men?
    "(Lyrics Dmitry Basik) Who are these men marching on streets Under the flags of my land? Confronting the state, the state of the jails, Standing for freedom's defend? Clenched are the fists, resist in"
  • Vicious Crusade Land Of Lakes
    "(lyrics by Dmitry Basik) Here I am uncount and wild Here I am tolerant and mild Look at me, you neglected child, My hard-hearted Land of Lakes. You gave me birth but drained my soul, You cut my wings"
  • Vicious Crusade Polka
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik) Look at me decrepit old man, Bent by hundred years weight, Beaten many times by whims of fate. >From the dawn until the sunset Worked like dog for daily bread - Crust and water"
  • Vicious Crusade Stigmata
    "(Lyrics by Alena Gornyh, Dmitry Basik, Alex Vertel) ...No footprints on the snow - it's my own way, my track. It's time for me to go - no look, no turning back. Can't breathe in tidy room, your room you"
  • Vicious Crusade Theodore's Song
    "(Lyrics Dmitry Basik, Alex Vertel) In cold ground here I lay, Here for hundreds years I stayed, In black raven lived my soul, And in streams my blood did flow. I'm the warrior, I died For the proud land"
  • Vicious Crusade Exalted Liar
    "(lyrics by Dmitry Basik) Hypocrite, Public cheat, The one for seat, Votes' hunter. Nose to the wind I please them all, stay afloat. I'm your friend until you fall-your defeat's my gloat. Ignore the moral"
  • Vicious Crusade Final Chapter
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik) What is my life? The gift of god? Or is it curse, the endless rod? What is my faith? The light ahead Or is it ravings of the mad? Now cold night's embracing me, My bleeding"
  • Vicious Crusade Pariah
    "(lyrics by Dmitry Basik) With dismay you meet the rising dawn, Tired of the endless roam, You've lost your way and there is no return To the place you long ago called home. With a burnt out soul and broken"
  • Vicious Crusade Vicious Circle
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik & Alex Vertel) I can see nothing through my blurried sight... Just hear the pain growling from inside... I feel the needle tapping my vein... I try to drop it but hear it calls"
  • Vicious Crusade Breath Of Life
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik & Alex Vertel) Putting the stakes till the point when I lose. Risking it all till I have to pay dues. Fly real high till the day when I fall. If tomorrow I die - does it matter"
  • Vicious Crusade Maquerade Of Piety
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik, Alex Vertel) Saint with holly stings Halo and angel wings. Light! The masquerade begins. You are ideal hailed The code that has prevailed, The judge to blame me of my sins. Why"
  • Vicious Crusade Dogs Of Justice
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik) Unleashed the dogs of state, Time to decide the fates. Order's barked - come on the track, Teeth barred for attack... Arm of the law, he is order's seal. Be humble to his just"
  • Vicious Crusade Forbidden Tunes
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik & Alex Vertel) I feel you scream of me. I feel you dream of me. You want, you wish, you long - it bursts out from within. I am your secret place, your real sweetest face. I am"

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