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dmx i can stop the rain

  • Dmx - DMX
    "(DMX) Let us pray Lord Jesus it is you, who wakes me up every day And I am forever grateful for your love... ...this is why I pray You let me touch so many people, and it's all for the good I influenced"
  • Can You Stop The Rain - Peabo Bryson
    "(verse 1) here's another morning without you, here's another day , will i get throught it without breaking down. havent seen the sun since you've been gone. like my heart i lost it when you left me,"
  • The rain - DMX
    "{*singing*} Now I know, only I, can stop the rain Uh.. uh.. uh, uh, uh {*singing*} Now I know, only I, can stop the rain It's not that we gotta do what we do It's what we know, so to me it ain't nuttin"
  • The Great - Featuring DMX - Ruff Ryders
    "Wooh Come on Wooh Uh, uh, wooh Come on Wooh Uh, uh uh Man, I hear you niggas talkin But'choo walkin the wrong way to really mean it I done heard it, I done seen it, don't get caught up in between it Its"
  • Stop the rain - Scatman John
    "Checking..... (Scatting) The fire of desire's causing too much pain There isn't much to lose or to gain standing in the Rain It's driving me insane As far as I can see the dream has been forsaken We need"
  • Stop The Rain - Atomic Opera
    "I stare into the sunrise Cold A face of fear A void of soul Inside This hole Where I feel safe Inside this storm This empty place This crown of clouds I wear alone This dust of rain Stays on and on Nothing"
  • Jay Z & Dmx - Money, Cash, Hoes - Jay-Z
    "(feat. DMX) Jay-Z: Turn the lights all the way Turn the lights all the way down What Uhhuh Yeah (Uhh) Come on Big flow (GGRRRRRR) Come on yeah come on Yo Yo J-A-Y, I flow sick Fuck all y'all haters"
  • I Will Stop The Rain - Across Five Aprils
    "You make me wanna scream.Save today...just break away.What's making you want to stay?Is it me?You swear talk days are over.I just can't be your lover.Bury me in the back of the yard with dirt.Raise a glass"
  • Stop that rain - Vanilla Ice
    "1,2,3,4. It was an average night backstage at a show I seen this girlie that I knew, she was a cutie and Yo! She had it goin? on from her head to her feet Her shape was so petite, and so unique Her eyes"
  • Can't Stop The Rain - Ne-Yo
    "(Whoa whoa oh, mm)(Mm, whoa whoa oh)Twenty-seventh of January, I think he died a year ago today.She's crying on my shoulder and begging me to make the hurting go away.Pretty brown eyes, tears full of gift.A"
  • I'll Stop The Rain - Screeching Weasel
    "are you waiting out ther for me? do you have a little hope still? well, i haven't given up yet. i still feel like i can change the world and start with me and you. i can make the sun come out at will."
  • Can't Stop The Rain - Air Supply
    "When we believe our reality In the words that we say We're all searching for sanity Till it drives us away To that place in the wilderness In the deep of your mind You remember the happiness Wasn't easy"
  • Please Don't Stop The Rain - James Morrison
    "I don't know where I crossed the line Was it something that I said Or didn't say this time And I don't know if it's me or you But I can see the skies are changing In all the shades of blue And I don't"
  • Who Will Stop The Rain? - Asia
    "This problem is insoluble The answers seem impossible The logic ceases to exist Emotion is the beat we miss I stand on a world Where dreams, realities, existence are the same We take from the mother's"
  • Who will stop the rain - Sailor
    "Far away on a cloud you came Floating high on a dream above The world and all its problems How can we find a way to begin to see Put an end to the misery And find a new day dawning Then I saw you standing"
  • Who will stop the rain - Asia
    "This problem is insolubleThe answers seem impossibleThe logic ceases to existEmotion is the beat we missI stand on a worldWhere dreams, realities, existence are the sameWe take from the mother's skinBut"
  • Stop The Rain - Demether
    "RainI can feel the rain, Just cold, boring autumn rain Falling on my face, and my hands, my words, my tears Damn rain is taking my confidence, and breaking my will. So now Im blind and deafand coldweak Standing"
  • Stop The Rain - Silent Circle
    "Stop the rain in the night in my heart deep inside. Cold as ice with a heart full of lies you're goin' your own way. I wait on the side in the heat of the night it is hard to stay. Every day every night we're"
  • I Can, I Can - DMX
    "Uh, Ruff Ryderz, DMX, Swizz Beatz I be, I be that dog that gots to flow That's why, that's why baby I gots to blow And you, and you know it's straight from the gutter Because, because it's gettin"
  • Rain - Barry Manilow
    "Gray clouds rollin'over my head I can see a storm in the sky All night long you're tossin' in bed All night long I'm outa my head it's Rain Fallin' down from the sky Kissin' my love goodbye Rain fallin'down I"

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