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dmx where the hood at

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dmx where the hood at

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dmx where the hood at
  • Gromee Love You Better
    "i am trying you all alone cuz when call you hit ignore I know I;ve beet too high and low yeah, I can’t lie I know I’ve put you through a lot when times we’re though you kept me strong and then I went"
  • Jeremy Renner Nomad
    "miles and miles and miles I’ve traveled the world and back so many times with nothing on my back but a guitar and a smile chasin’ a dream only fools like me would follow I was born a soldier wagin’ a"
  • Sasha Sloan at least i look cool
    "at least i look cool i drive a car that doesn’t work I shop at target for my shirts and when I pay my rent it hurts but I got invited to this thing so I thing tonight I am going out I am getting off"
  • Hammerfall One Against the World
    "The night's riding in as the lights go down It's time, heed the call Psyched up expectations erupting in us all Playing to win, now let the madness begin Templars of the world Victorious immortals Thunder"
  • Turilli/Lione Rhapsody I Am
    "While looking back I feel I chosethe widest peaks to climb But I believe my change was worth All that effort, tears and sorrow Once the wild river broke the bank I searched for help beyond the skyline When"
    "Co ja dam tobie co ty mi dasz dwa słowa które sama dobrze znasz dla siebie razem po blady świt i tylko my, tak tylko my piękne chwile są tak ulotne bezpowrotnie, jak na wietrze pył Niech miłości smak"
  • PlanBe x Smolasty Najlepsze Lata
    "to moje najlepsze lata kiedyś pewnie będę w głowie do nich wracał jak na razie chce zobaczyć trochę świata wielkość świata, przeprowadzą Mata to moje najlepsze lata kiedyś pewnie będę do nich w głowie"
  • Sabaton 82nd All The Way
    "In the draft of 1917, a man from Tennessee Overseas to the trenches he went, from the land of the free Into war he brought two things along, a rifle and his faith Joined the ranks as a private, assigned"
  • Alan x Walkers Unity
    ""For a month now I’ve had an ongoing production process together with Walkers. This is the final result! It’s called «Unity» and is produced, written and recorded by us. Really proud of what we’ve achieved"
  • Lil Pump Pose To Do (ft. French Montana & Quavo)
    "there he go ohh you already know who it is lil pump lil pump bless trap montana mally mall what i’m supposed to so? what i’m supposed to so? what i’m supposed to so? what i’m supposed to so? I am surrounded"
  • Sabrina Carpenter Looking at Me
    "DID I CATCH YOUR ATTENTION you look like you lost your breath when I circle the room you gon’ twist your head don’t you come at me green with an attitude when my lips and my soles are red if I leave you"
  • Turilli/Lione Rhapsody D.N.A. (Demon And Angel) ft. Elize Ryd
    "Stored in your essence Demon and angel In the chemical maze of divine life encoded Wide ocean of truth, sins and lies I will face the lost secret, the alchemical mirror To finally know who am I To transform"
  • Shawn Mendes If I Can't Have You (Gryffin Remix)
    "I can't write one song that’s not about you Can’t drink without thinking about you Is it too late to tell you that Everything means nothing if I can’t have you? I’m in Toronto and I got this view But"
  • Jeremy Renner Avengers Premiere
    "so this was an evening that was 10 years in the making and it could have been more exciting maybe a little nervous it was a celebration with family and friends and very good friends I worked with"
  • Twilight Force Dawn Of The Dragonstar
    "TWILIGHT FORCE - Dawn Of The Dragonstar (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Tekst w opracowaniu."
  • Rich Brian Kids
    "I am putting numbers on the board and blowin’ mire digits I haven’t started, man these are just the before pictures shout out my parents my mother give birth to 4 winners all of the players in the game it’s"
  • Fleshgod Apocalypse Sugar
    "Push... This sugar will kill your pain... Push! Sate your frustration Quench your sick desire Sweeten your pain with fairy dust As desperation melts down this toxic powder On that spoon you set your"
  • Madonna Batuka
    "it’s a long way it’s a long way it’s a long way it’s a long way it’s a long way it’s a long way it’s a long way it’s a long way lord have mercy lord have mercy things have got to change things have got"
  • Pixies On Graveyard Hill
    "and when the moon grows smaller donna picks our a flower gives her a itchy power there in the witching hour in the witching hour danna’s taking her potion eating all m y devotion fucking up my emotion"
  • Martin Garrix These Are The Times (feat. JRM)
    "when life gets you down we find a way to make It better when days turn into dark that’s when we light up together these are times that we’ve been praying for these are the moments that we will not forget this"

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