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do it all for you

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do it all for you

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do it all for you
  • Saxon Do It All For You
    "I'll climb the tallest mountain I'll swim the deepest sea I'll do anything, baby Anything to set you free If you're lost and I can't find you Somewhere in the night I'll be there beside you To make you"
  • Bad Boys Blue I do it all for you baby
    "Just imagine we're on a highway.The sunset right in our eyes.You're on the back seat of my motorbike, babe.And you're holding on tight.You can get it if you really want.You can get it, it's all up to you.I"
  • Stanfour Do it all
    "So you wanna take a ride with me Yeah, you wanna break up honestly I'm not gonna save you And make it all alright You're done with that It's goin' down tonight First of all you've gonna dance for me"
  • Saint Etienne Do It All
    "Right now I feel the need for some attention Been kicking my heels in need of some affection Been wasting so much time Now I'm looking out for number one I drank a little wine And I've only just begun But"
  • Sammie Do It For You
    "Yea oOoOoO Yea yea oOoOoO Yea oOoOoOo yea Girl what is this magic I feel inside Why can't I breathe when you're near by My heart is pounding so hard I think of you so much that I can't sleep You're like"
  • Ballas Hough Band Do It For You
    "I will climb the highest mountain And spend my winter in the storm Turn it back, get ready and action I told you I would keep you warm And I, I'll do it, I'll do it for you I'll do it, I'll do it for you Believe"
  • Kid Rock Do It For You
    "Been sittin alone Thinking bout the past Another lonely night Another empty glass This path i'm walkin Always seems to lead nowhere I wonder how much you think of me How we used to laugh How we used"
  • Lil' Sammie Do It For You
    "Girl what is this magic I feel inside Why can't I breathe when your nearbye My heart is pounding so hard I think of you so much that I can't sleep Your like the rose that blooms in Spring And like the"
  • Nick Lachey I do it for you
    "Your pretty face is not enough behind your eyes I know your lying you think that love is all a bluff you flash your smile and keep denying me i want you to see i need something more than you gave before"
  • Brandy I do it for you
    "Look into my eyesYou will see, what you mean to meSearch your heart, search your soulWhen you find me, then you'll search no moreDon't tell me it's not worth trying forYou can't tell me it's not worth"
  • Status Quo Doing It All For You
    "Dawn is breaking, it's time to rise Aching body, tired eyes From eight 'til eight I won't be with you Can't you see I'm doing it all for you I get home and I need a rest You need loving, I do my best To"
  • UFO Doin it all for you
    "Lights turn red to green I haven't been spotted I seen Four more blocks and I'm safe Make it clean without a chase There's something special, certain feeling I can't blow this one for sure I've been nervous,"
  • Face Tomorrow All You Do
    "I'm dragging out the years, that we had left, for no good reason. It's feeding my insanity insane. I'm seeking out the drive behind this sickening obsession, Now I'm stuck and walls are closing in. All"
  • Chant Do For You
    "it's not enough to do the simple things you mean so much more to me that's ever happened to me you ain't gotta want for nothing cuz i tailor make all my lovin for ya just tell me what to do for you that's"
  • Darius & Finlay Do it all night
    "You make me burning, let the morning away I like the vibe that you showing my way I know that you not afraid of the truth girl I know you wan them for show what to do baby we can do it, we can do it"
  • Jodeci Let's Do It All
    "Baby won't you come along And taste my love tonight I wanna take you to another level When my face climb off your thigh You been a victim of a selfish game But honey i show no shame When you walk right"
  • Sandy Do it all over
  • Jackie Lomax Do It All Yourself
    "Youve got to do it all yourself In the end there aint no-one else To give you strength enough to start Be sure in mind, be pure in heart Cause youve got to do it all yourself Youve got to make that call Stand"
  • Memphis Bleek Do It All Again
    "(feat. Geda K, Lil Cease & Rell) I would change a thing, if I have to live my life all over Ohh... baby, oh girl, I do it all again, if I have to live my life Live my life..... I would (M.Bleek) Ohh..."
  • Steppenwolf Let's Do It All
    "Words and music by John Kay, Rocket Ritchotte and Michael Wilk You know what I want and I know what you like We know when it feels good We know when it feels right Just like it did last night I got you"

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