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do kitu to to
  • Slick Rick Kit
    "Kit, where you goin'? Sorry, michael, it's rick the ruler, I have to go Lights, camera, action, you're on, Get old ricky d, what's wrong? The crowd's gone, So help me out kit cause this thief has to"
  • Bruce Cockburn Kit Carson
    "And the President said to Kit Carson: "Take my best four horsemen please And ride out to the four directions, Make my great lands barren for me" Kit Carson said to the President "You've made your offer"
  • Scapegoat Killing Kit
    "Weve got our fingers crossed Weve got his very best friends in on the job We the people are the people, and as people we will have our way Were doing away with this sharp, unorthodox, ir-rhythm, Damning"
  • Ian Dury Bit O' Kit
    "I want a three-piece suit in black worsted With a three-button jacket and a {indecipherable} lapel With a boxy back, French shoulder And a zig-zag raised seam that you do so well Eighteen inch bottom trousers"
  • Dave Matthews Band Kit kat jam
    "Hey, golden girl, with your hair swinging down All of this love you have going round What will you do when the gold turns to grey? Have you thought now Well, what the hay, give us some Cover yourself with"
  • Steel Banging Bez Kitu (ft. Paluch, Bilon, Lukasyno, Fidżi)
    "B.O.R. Daję prawdę bez kitu wciąż niewygodną nie puca m tu ta gładka gadka na prawdziwe życie na żywo podgląd albumy to wszystko na serio bragga nie żaden dworek z rodowym herbem choć wielu pewnie chciałoby"
  • 16 Volt Machine Kit
    "Machine kit In a graveyard Back to front back to front and all sides I can feel the moving of eyes I can hear the scratching deceased I can see the lepers beneath And in the mind grows the device The motivator"
  • Justyna & Boban Kto wciska mi kit
    "Przepadnij I zgiń Palcem robię pstryk Kto wciska mi kit Zapamięta słowo’ wstyd’! /2x Noc pochmurna Bez księżyca Psy więc wyją do neonów Skąd tu wracasz okolicą? Mrocznym hukiem gnasz do domu Nie mydlij"
  • Emirsian Drop Your Survival Kit
    "Dont be scared Im fading away Youre pushing hard Try as you may Let me walk on coals or on ice Get through the temper Pain is precise Drop your survival kit The first times hard but youll tolerate Subsequent"
  • Disco Ensemble First Aid Kit
    "Here I lay in a crashed car No-one knows when I've left Here I lay, staring at stars But I know they're just satellites The first aid kit 2x It's useless It's too late It offers no help I heard the"
  • You Do Something To Me You Do Something To Me
    "You do something to me, something deep inside I'm hanging on the wire for a love I'll never find You do something wonderful then chase it all away Mixing my emotions that throws me back again Hanging on"
  • Slick Rick Kit (What's The Scoop)
    "Kit, where you goin'? Sorry, Michael, it's Rick the Ruler, I have to go Lights, camera, action, you're on, Get old Ricky D, what's wrong? The crowd's gone, So help me out Kit cause this thief has to be"
  • Echo Image Skulk (Extended Kit Mix)
    "i lost a fragment of myself made me understand what i've become falling like i always did made me take control felt the weakness lose its touch leaving me to find what i had lost my heartbeat rhythm found"
  • Do Close To You
    "I've been looking for the words to say I've been looking baby night and day Just to show how I feel Thoughts of you and me inside my mind You've got my head spinning all the time I'm so into you And I"
  • Sparks Nothing To Do
    "(Ron Mael) I want you I want you bad I need you I need you I do, I really do Better drop the requirement that everything be great Nothing to do, nothing to do Nothing to do, nothing to do I come home I"
  • Alias What To Do
    "I spend my money then I try in vain Can't seem to understand you, girl All at once, here it comes again This time, I've got to pay the price There we are and the people come and go No matter where we stand Turn"
  • The Hollies What To Do
    "(Holly) What to do now that she doesn't want me? That's what haunts me What to do? What to do to keep from feeling lonely? Want her only. What to do? The record hops and all the happy times we had."
  • The Bates Something to do
    "I dont wanna hang around and get my feet back on the ground cause I could check out something new yeah I want something to do SOMETHING TO DO (I WANT) SOMETHING TO DO SOMETHING TO DO I just wanna get some"
  • Bryan Adams Do To You
    "If ya love somebody - if ya need someone If ya want somebody - ya - let me be the one (I wanna) do to you what you do to me Do to you what you do to me Let me treat ya right - ya - show I care Cuz"
  • Smokie Do to me
    "If you find a new directionAnd if you feel that I'm to shy to mentionThe way you always turn me on.If you need some close attentionAnd if you want someone to careCommunicate your intentionSay the word"

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