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do not what to do

  • Do Not Do - Bodyjar
    "If you could help me find a way Then I would find a way, yeah If there's an answer then I'm Sure I'll know it too Not just you The days are long and now I need Someone to see Then tell me Don't get me"
  • To Do What I Do - Alan Jackson
    "I've been a waiter, a roofer, a clerk I've shoveled manure till my pride hurt When you're starting out, it's all part of the work To do what I do I've been evicted for not making rent Made my Daddy"
  • What To Do - The Hollies
    "(Holly) What to do now that she doesn't want me? That's what haunts me What to do? What to do to keep from feeling lonely? Want her only. What to do? The record hops and all the happy times we had."
  • What To Do - Buddy Holly
    "(Holly) What to do Now that she doesn't want me That's what haunts me What to do What to do To keep from being lonely Want her only What to do The record hops And all the happy times we had The soda"
  • What To Do - Stephen Stills
    "Makin' it hard on each other Makin' it hard on yourself Makin' it hard on me Makin' it hard on you ...Its all the same I'm not the one to tell you what to do > I have no desire to run your life > chorus Do"
  • Not What I Wanna Do - The Draft
    "Now it's coming back again and I should've known cause I'm home and on my own (but armed to the teeth) and it's all a mystery and it sneaks up on me and scares the shit out of me And I'm pissed that I'm awake"
  • What Do I Do - Nyoy Volante
    "WHAT DO I DO Nyoy Volante Acoustics: Nyoy With Mannos (2003) INTRO What would you do if I told you that All that I do's think of what we had What would you do if I'm not the friend I used to be Well,"
  • What Do You Do? - Dog's Eye View
    "Sad lonely boy caught between perfection and directions to the next big thing It gets so hard sometimes-- Stuck between what you have and what you think you need What do you do? When the world swallows"
  • Do What You Do - Air Supply
    "Do what you do 'cos you do it so well So stand in my way If only I knew what these eyes could not tell What this mouth could not say People are wrong but I'm right this time I'm losing bad friends fast Do"
  • What Do You Do? - JESS GLYNNE
    "I know it's bad for me, but it's what I crave And I'm not proud of it, wish I could change See, I keep falling in and out of the same mistake (Yeah-ee-yeah-ee-ayy) When you keep throwing me out and taking"
  • What Do You Do - 311
    "You had a slick operation Til she was taken to the station They grilled her on where she scored She broke down out your name poured Down the highway you soared na na na, na na na What do you do, I ask"
  • Do What Playas Do - Mase
    "Uhh (uhh) Wanna blow? (wanna blow? ) pretty tone (pretty tone) Suave house (suave house) eightball (eightball) tony draper (draper) All out (all out), murder (murder) Harlem world (harlem world), problem"
  • What Do I Do (Right) - Jimmies Chicken Shack
    "Won't Make The Bed Up Straight I Always Stay Out Late I Never Take You Out That's What You're All About I Always Smell Like Smoke Everything's Just A Joke I Never Look At You When You Come Hear Me Sing... These"
  • Do What U Gotta Do - Angie Stone
    "Go ahead! Do what you gotta do, woo. Singing about tomorrow, I'm wishing this day would past. My problems weighing me down, but I know they will not last. Searching for the answers, all along they've"
  • Do What I Can Do - Alice Peacock
    "I got up, I got dressed Said I'll do my best Said I'm up to the task Guess that's all you can ask But the question in my mind Am I living my life right? I do what I can do, what I can Not everything in"
  • Do What You Gotta Do - 112
    "Sorry I lied to u But I'm not sorry That I fell deep In love with her So baby Do what u gotta do I said I'm sorry I Lied to u But I'm not sorry That I fell deep In love with her So baby Do what u gotta"
  • Do What You Gotta Do - No Question
    "Ooh, oh It's been twenty-four hours Since I heard you on the phone Pleading with your mom Saying can you come back home You say you're not happy here All we do is fuss and fight Said you need to"
  • Do What I Gotta Do - Donell Jones
    "Gotta do what I gotta do Do what I gotta do Cause cash rules everything around me If you take a look around Take a look at was goin' down If you can see what I see, baby And why act the way I do Cause"
  • Do What You Wanna Do - Tina Charles
    "Do What You Wanna Do You got me crin' inside in Not knowing what it's all about If I am coming or going Am I in your good books or out This Lovin', lovin', lovin' Got me going round and around Got to get"
  • What Do I Do Now - Sleeper
    "Quickly she came dressed up for fame Riding her perfume downstairs Make up like glue she danced round the room To the sound of her corduroy flares Let's go to town - taxis all round We could stop for a"

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