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do you szju di lovers

  • Lovers - Bee Gees
    "We'll be lovers, lovers , lovers - got to make you understand We'll be lovers, lovers , lovers - I wanna hold you in my hand We'll be lovers, lovers , lovers Wanna be a part of you And I wanna make you"
  • Lovers - Hanna Pakarinen
    "I wanna hide from the sun, wanna end this chase, I do I wanna take off and run without a single trace, I do I suppose this time it'd be worth to stick here for you I've been walking alone in this lonely"
  • Lovers - Nu Flavor
    "I love her so much From the taste of her kiss to her gentle touch The way she whispers in my ear Like there is no one else here I'm so crazy for you baby You know I wouldn't want anyone else cause you"
  • Like Lovers Do - Lloyd Cole
    "living on juice eating out of tuna cans mobile home with my dairy queen tied me a knot but she had to cut me loose i liked her a lot yeh like lovers do, like lovers do i liked her a lot, like lovers"
  • Like Lovers Do - Heather Nova
    "There is a paradise that can be found A better life to bring us round And all we really need to do Is see the world like lovers do I want to take it easy, take it slow To catch a fire and let it go I"
  • Like Lovers Do - Roxette
    "Take the line between us and hold it close to you, I want us to get together, like lovers do. Let me kiss away your troubles, the cold and lonely nights, just take this heart I'm giving and love is"
  • Why Do Lovers? - Richard Ashcroft
    "Come now baby Stay in bed, dont think that its lazy Get ourselves another God Dont let them tell us there isnt one (Isnt one) Stay, sweet honey Lifes so fast, ya know it aint funny Get ourselves another"
  • Do Like Lovers Do - Xscape
    "We've been to the movies once or twice, Had a candlelight dinner baby, That was oh so nice. I enjoy all the times at the fair, And walking hand in hand on the beach, With the wind in my hair. Oh I really"
  • The way lovers do - Starsailor
    "We strolled through fields all wet with rain, And back along the lane again, There in the sunshine, In the sweet summertime, The way that young lovers do, I kissed you on the lips once more, And we said"
  • Two Lovers - Dolly Parton
    "(W. Robinson) Well I've got two lovers and I ain't ashamed Two lovers and I love them both the same Let me tell you 'bout my first lover He's sweet and kind, he's mine all mine He treats me good like"
  • The Lovers - Kevin Martin And The Hiwatts
    "We wrote these words together love To free our own We speak of pasts, moved many lives, These dreams they come and go. Who we are is all we know Do you miss me still? Who we are is all I know How"
  • Sluggish Lovers - Montevideo
    "Ain't love symmetrical and something crazy! I mean as electrical as an engine, running ! All young fellows, spread over the world, demonstrate their anger, selling drugs, don't you know? Sluggish lovers!!! Sluggish"
  • The Lovers - Alexander O'Neal
    "You see that lovers win every time You must hold on to the love that you find In the world of mass confusion one thing I find It seems that lovers win every time You must abide by the golden rule Do unto"
  • Stupid Lovers - Sofie
    "he wants her she wants him too nasty nasty not coming true they call me pain in the ass but they should pass it out their gas they call me nasty girl but i never stepped into this world who are you what"
  • Unexpected Lovers - La Bouche
    "Chorus: We were unexpected lovers Not just ordinary lovers Sharing unexpected love Nights' true love, true love Verse1: How can there be no love No feelings of passion to The way we were dancing"
  • Good Lovers - Five O'Clock Heroes
    "Running in the race, sounds familiar Im taking back my place, when I had his paid for Im back into the arms, cross the ocean Now money with your charms Running in the race, pace to know ya Im taking back"
  • Amateur Lovers - Switchfoot
    "Everyone I know Needs love like drugs Like a common cold We could never shrug My baby and me We're missing the same stuff We've all got a disease Deficiency of love Every day we still try Every night"
  • Lovers & Friends - Usher
    "(Intro - Lil' Jon) Usher Lil' Jon Ludacris (Usher {with Lil' Jon}) Yeah, man Once again, it's on {It's on} You know we had to do it again, right? (Lil' Jon) We had to do it again, Want you to sing to"
  • Desperate lovers - Marta Sanchez
    "Hear the voices whispering Always watchin' every move we make. Love is only black or white And we know the chances that we take. Afraid of what they'd do, Afraid of what could happen if they knew. Bout"
  • Lovers' Eyes - Mumford & Sons
    "Well love was kind For a time Now just aches And it makes me blind This mirror holds My eyes too bright I can't see The others in my life Were we too young Our heads too strong To bear the weight Of these"

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