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  • Don't ask for More - Abbey Dobson
    "Abbey Dobson Miscellaneous Don't ask for More What do you say when words are not enough too few wont sum it up too many's just too much.I've read all the signs but i still don't know the way I could try"
  • Don't Let It Go To Your Head - Fefe Dobson
    "So what if I came clean And told you all you mean to me So what if I meant every word I said Baby don't let it go to your head So what if I write your name Cause you're always on my brain In a heart, I"
  • If I Was A Guy - Fefe Dobson
    "If I was a guy I'd get to wear the pants Making all the decisions Asking girls to dance yeah yeah If I was a guy I'd be my biggest fan I'd be the skinny lead singer In a grunge band yeah yeah I'd say"
  • Get You Off - Fefe Dobson
    "Touch me It's such a beautiful reaction Shining like the sun I want more And I'm craving satisfaction But it never comes You say it's love But it feels like a drug And I want you so much But it only makes"
  • This Is My Life - Fefe Dobson
    "I know it's me Who always leaves you stranded We are always apart I know you hate this But please don't end it There must be away I wish I could stay When I met you I was barely living I was lost in"
  • Scar - Fefe Dobson
    "Blowing Palm tress Perfect sunsets Tricked my mind to get my feet wet Tired of lies Pressure rising You're all I have and now your crying Oh I hit you way too low I've gone too far I'm just another scar "
  • Miss Vicious - Fefe Dobson
    "Leave me alone I don't like you Go home Where've you been I'm calling you Are you home Miss Vicious I can't live Without your kiss Are you home Miss Vicious Stop don't want it Stop can't have it Get"
  • Troubled Girl - Fefe Dobson
    "There's a part of me That wants to be like her Perfect skin Long legs and blonde hair She's so popular It magnifies your worst fear But she's just living in her fake world That's too hard to bare She's"
  • Get Over Me - Fefe Dobson
    "So here we stand Just the two of us Our hearts beating Cause we've been so nervous We know what's coming next The time we hid from Has come too fast There's too much I have learned from you The love you"
  • Hole - Fefe Dobson
    "I'll fake a smile If you do too I'd say that I would die for you When the rain falls down I watch our colors drown And it's not alright When you're the sparkle In my darkest night You can love me You"
  • The Initiator - Fefe Dobson
    "When I like what I see Something inside of me Tells me that I gotta be Hittin on it I'm hittin on it When it looks pretty hot I don't give it a second thought Because I know that I otta be Hittin on it I'm"
  • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah - Fefe Dobson
    "Blah, Blah, Blah You just wanna be my friend Blah, Blah, Blah Not that again You're oh so amusing It's all about using You're unoriginal I just don't have a prayer Yeah, yeah, yeah That's all I can say"
  • Be Strong - Fefe Dobson
    "It's ok baby For you to feel Take as much time You need to heal Such a pretty girl I was once where you are So in love I once had begged The great lord above Please bring him home Be strong So strong I"
  • Stupid Little Love Song - Fefe Dobson
    "It's just a stupid little love song It's just a stupid little It's just a stupid little love song Here we go Put em' up Put em' up, put em' up Your granddad fought in world war two Your cousin landed"
  • Bye Bye Boyfriend - Fefe Dobson
    "I've been lying, to keep you from this pain Now your crying, and to know that I'm to blame And I'll miss you But its over now I'm so sorry, that it had to be this way Please don't hate me, but"
  • Take Me Away - Fefe Dobson
    "I..was waiting all my life to know you (all about you) And now..I'm staring in your eyes ocean blue (I'm all about you) And in our minds, it comes so easily But theres a feeling comin over me I want to"
  • Everything - Fefe Dobson
    "Ayo ladadayo Ayo ladadayo ladeeda Sometimes I give in to sadness Sometimes I don't Doo doo doo doo At times I'm part of the madness Sometimes I won't Give in to you You see in a way I have been drifting"
  • Rock It Till You Drop It - Fefe Dobson
    "C'mon now Rock it till you drop it Mmmm Rock it till you drop it You know what I'm sayin When your walkin walkin, your body's talkin to me...but your mouth ain't makin a sound. When I'm stalkin stalkin,"
  • Revolution Song - Fefe Dobson
    "In my dream I break the chains that hold this place together but in my dream the consequences would be so much better Then they are.... cause beyond the walls that hold us here Skies that stretch across"
  • Kiss Me Fool - Fefe Dobson
    "Tell me who should I be to make you love me? Tell me what does it mean to be alone? Can't you see me standing staring out from the distance, Hear my cry if you'd only listen... Out of focus, into me and"

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