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does dronk

  • Doos Dronk - Die Antwoord
    "Jack Parow? Daar's die man nou! Party, party, party, party...! Hoesit! Here maar ek's in my poes in! Dude, ek's moerefokken wasted! Hallo, hoe lyk it, ek en jy naked? Kykie, kykie, fok jou! Kom ons skop"
  • She Does - Chad Brock
    "Don't remember what I was sayin' The first time I struck a conversation up But I think that she does I don't recall what song was playin' The first time that I finally felt her touch But I'm pretty sure"
  • Does Anybody - Amy Pearson
    "I couldn't come closer, I couldn't let go, didn't wanna get over you, don't wanna know what what I know, and god and known angels, stead of facing the truth, theres dust on my shadow, and I to afraid to"
  • Does Anybody? - Amy Pearson
    "I couldn't come closer, I couldn't let go, didn't wanna get over you, don't wanna know what what I know, and god and known angels, stead of facing the truth, there?s dust on my shadow, and I to afraid"
  • Everybody does - Judith Lefeber
    "Everybody laughs, everybody cries everybody searches for the truth that only some will find everybody aches inside wonderin what they lost to love every now and then, everybody does. Everybody hopes, everybody"
  • Blue Does - Blue October
    "Blue does Everything Ive never seen before Blue does everything Ive never seen before Shes the answer to the prayer I hadnt found Shes the answer to the silenceshes my sound Oh what a girl Oh what"
  • She Does - The Mavericks
    "(Raul Malo) She spends all my money And wears all my favorite clothes She looks kind of funny Wearing that ring in her nose Well she always has to drive Everywhere that we go She's got a four lane highway Running"
  • Why Does - 112
    "All the love you've given me So special seems to be no limit I'll do anything There's no boundries to how we can grow How can I let you know Girl, let me sit and think, oh Why does the wind blow Why"
  • Everybody Does - Martina McBride
    "This ain't the first time you've fallen in love With your heart wide open Feeling just like a fool knowing that You're the only one left holding on He broke your heart You can't cry hard enough But you're"
  • Yeah She Does - Rodney Atkins
    "Baby likes to stay up early, Baby likes to get up late She likes to spend my money, Never leaves a thing on her plate Yeah, yeah Baby likes to steal the covers And tells me she's still cold She"
  • Easy Does It - Hot Apple Pie
    "Sure thing, you're a sweet dream, And I'm flattered... believe that. I do appreciate the offer... All right, just one dance. Lord, I must to God, you sure feel good, Against my skin. I'd like to fade into"
  • Does It Float - Dinosaur Jr.
    "The rain has washed my dog with fear A question people think, I call a friend And the next wave is valentine See yourself call, No big deal Ever since that's not a fear Wishin, the lamp would shine"
  • Boys Does Nothing - Alesha Dixon
    "I got a man with two left feet And when he dances down to the beat I really think that he should know That his rhythms go, go, go I got a man with two left feet And when he dances down to the beat I really"
  • Why does time? - Biba
    "(Znany z drugiej edycji "X Factor" Biba nagrał swój pierwszy singel. Utwór nosi tytuł "Why does time?" i swoją premierę będzie miał w niedzielę 18 listopada.)"
  • Does Anyone Know - Scorpions
    "(Music: Klaus Meine, Lyrics: Klaus Meine) Is this world out of control Say what is right what is wrong Do I know this world at all I think I do but then I don't I'm confused by what I see I try to understand But"
  • Everybody Does It - Scatterbrain
    "(Nieder / Christ) Say hello, say good-bye It's time to go to live or die Left - right - left, now you're doing fine Step right up and join the line It's your lucky day, hip - hip hurray! Just leave your"
  • Does Everyone Stare - Sting
    "Written by stewart copeland I change my clothes ten times Before I take you on a date I'm in a cold sweat, my panic it makes me late I know you never asked for this I know My shots will always miss My"
  • What God Does - Skypark
    "Jump in the mess, of human lives undressed, and sin unconfessed, and see beauty. Look at the sea, of misfits and misery, and cry 'till you bleed, and see beauty. chorus: That's what God does That's what"
  • She Does It - Mott The Hoople
    "(Overend Watts) Anything you want, anything you need, she does it, She don't even care, if you make her bleed, she does it, She can do it better than Judy or Suzie, Wouldn't want to say that she's really"
  • Does He Know - Trish Thuy Trang
    "does he know, can he feel the something outside of the blue like the sun shining bright he surrounds me with warmth and rapture does he know, whats begun the moment he came into view in my heart i just"

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