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  • It Doesn - Blow Monkeys
    "it doesn't have to be this way just counting the hours 'cos when your bed it's made then baby it's too late there's no hope for a hungry child whose joker is wild they take all hope away by the end of"
  • Odd one out - Tweenies
    "Listen to our little song It doesn?t matter if you don?t belong So don?t worry if you have to shout Looks like I?m the odd one out Everyday whatever you play Someone?s not going to fit So if it?s you then"
  • Any kind of love at all - David Hasselhoff
    "On your pilgrimage through the crowd youGenuflect in front of the crowdSinger on the stageThe band plays in a rageNo need to mentionYour ultimate intentionJust to kill you?re the one who?s dyin?Play hard"
  • Doodles the daring - Tweenies
    "He's Doodles the daring A dog who?s oh, so caring He doesn?t mind When we?re unkind And only thinks of sharing Doodles is the very best I love his ears and furry chest You can?t take Doodles for a fool"
  • James - Black Lab
    "say put yourself in the picture up on the wall don look too close maybe don look at all it family fortune taking the blame whole lot of savings gone up in flames yeah picture yourself on the street today"
  • A Love Story - Thomas Dybdahl
    "honey i told you that these things never last and one of these days now you`ll start dreaming of the past when life was once too short for all the things we`d do and the shots we`d call and endless summer"
  • Let The Band Play On - Lucky Dube
    "Even though his times are hard You can hardly see it on his face Because of the smile People coming in from miles away To hear him sing and see him play So he can' t disappoint them now The room is full"
  • Maybe the madman - The Troggs
    "Study your affection Trace the minds and thoughts and untied wisdomTrapped behind your eyesHow could you release the tensionCreated by your imaginationCamouflaged by knowing in the images you dwell uponThat"
  • Scars (Save The Planet...) - Sinn
    "See the flame of our modernity Burning all the plains around These are the last days. Extinction flows like a river of blood Earth faces a bleak future These are the last days. Self destruction Death"
  • My Stepson - Bracket
    "My stepson has a gun He shows me who number one He aware of my welfare He tells me he doesn care He never listened to me He turned his mom against me I think he needs therapy He was young, he was small I"
  • Mia nonna (eng) - Tiziano Ferro
    "You?ve asked a little too much I?ve already deposited in a bank My head, my jealousy and as much patience as you may wish Taking advantage of my weak spots pays off But in the long run even the most faithful"
  • Illusion - Uriah Heep
    "In a forest known as heartbreakIn a clearing in the wood`Cross a pathway called confusionToward the garden of delightYou`ll reach the river of desireAnd meekly try to cross itWhile the valley of love keeps"
  • Superstar - Montell Jordan
    "Tonight treat you like a super star Doesn?t matter where we are, baby doll As long as I?m with you Oh, I?ll treat you like a super star Drive you ?round in my fancy car, baby doll Long as I?m with you"
  • Feels So Good - Eleventeen
    "Well I just got a slap on the face as you turn your back and walk away And I want to see the difference that you claim you can make It's like finding diamonds down under the ocean floor they were never"
  • Get High - Chet Faker
    "I wanna get high I wanna take a break from myslef I wanna live life I wanna know all about it I wanna get ovetr you I wanna be somebody else I wanna survive I wann just think about myself And just brcause"
  • Swingline - Adrian Belew
    "Swingline throughout the backyards of the midwest Lean back, baby, in your seat on the train Look through the window pane Look at that kid over there with no underwear And a silly dog who doesn?t care"
  • Letter Day - Hanover Saints
    "This doesn have to be an ugly situation (no whoa) You can wipe the hatred from your face I not here to bring condemnation (no whoa) Cuz I not your enemy Wee come this far, we aint goin back Wee broken"
  • Heroes - Crushead
    "jenny`s sittin on the stairs waiting after school the father in the factory hard working so cruel the mother in the appartment washes the dishes every day days go in days go out always the same feels like"
  • Parts unknown - J Church
    "When counting houses on my street, The architecture ain?t so unique, The walls crawl and the windows creep, Don't lie, they tell no stories I?m dying underneath the light, I?m trying to get out despite"
  • I love you like a fool - Mireille Mathieu
    "I love you like a fool Who sends letters every day To someone who doesn?t even know I send them anyway I love you like a fool Who waits for romance to begin With someone who?ll never Let me in I love you"

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