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  • Dog Eat Dog - Dog Eat Dog
    "The rush I get when I'm makin' a break yeah It's that cracked out, whacked out look on your face man. Nothing like a ragamuffin making a handplant While I'm pushing all the buttons of a ruthless villian..."
  • Dog - Sly & The Family Stone
    "The purr of a tame house cat The smile of a Miss Congenial The worth of a poison rat This at last The nerve of you The nerve of you You treat me like a fool Tryin' to make me blow my cool You think you"
  • Dog - Flashlight Brown
    "She left today, she ran away, Please sir won't you find my dog She's white and black, we want her back, Please sir won't you find my dog My furry, my fuzzy My lady, my baby My conscience, my Jesus, My"
  • Dog - Jhene
    "whoa Platinum Status whoa Bringin you the heat You were playin games on me I'm your new enemy No,no Now cause we'll never be Jhene your a dog Why'd you go and do that Know it didn't work You were playin"
  • Dog - Army Of Lovers
    "Ukkah chakka ukkah ukkah Ukkah chakka ukkah ukkah Ukkah chakka ukkah ukkah Ukkah chakka ukkah ukkah Hey hey hey have you seen my dog today Have you seen my dog come walking He was walking down this way Hey"
  • Dog - Emily Haines
    "I do get lonely So many nights spent soaking beans And listening to my ears You are what you hear You are what you hear Dog Sit up and run White laced panties and calm it Your body is warm, so is my"
  • Dog - Badlands
    "Dogs are howlin' at my door Wild old eagle's got me scrapin' the floor Mercy, mercy, down on your knees I know somethin' you can't live without Dog Take your time girl I know somethin' Telling lies"
  • Dog - B2K
    "verse 1 You thought I was In the dark ( no no never me) Baby boy From the start (you was trippin) I was asking questions to see If you was creepin For no reason (at all) I am acusing you of cheatin"
  • Dog - Dada
    "Painted old lady Collecting splinters on the bench She's waiting to go to heaven One-eyed old man With his party hat on He swears there is no Hell, no Hell I know a girl who believes A girl who believes She"
  • Dog - Human Waste Project
    "I am ruined And I feel nothing I can't remember where I begin And you end Your breath became mine My heart it beats your blood Two headed beast with four green eyes We are one mind Could be like"
  • Dog - Public Image Limited
    "ever been alone? ever? Been alone? as we stand we are innocent. dog. you can look to the future when your confident what does a red herring mean? dont know dont know how stable is smoke screen? dont know"
  • Dog - Bare Jr.
    "I wish I was your dog cause you treat him better Youd be proud to share me with Your mother, brother or your sister Give you hugs when you were sad Clean up my shit when I was bad I wish I was your dog"
  • Dog - Daniel Cirera
    "Don't wanna be a guy Who gets a dog at 25 To cure my loneliness From the girl I thought I had And in a fucked up state In different world in a far out place I made a huge mistake And I fell in love And"
  • Dog - Ben Folds
    "My dog walks a path on the same line And lately I'm thinkin I might take his advice, yeah, yeah 'Cause he sees through the fence and he thinks I'm free My brain and his chain look the same to me All"
  • Dog - Ben Folds Five
    "Well My Dog Wears a Path On the Same Line And Lately I'm Thinking I Might Take His Advice Yeah Yeah Cause He Sees Through the Fence and He Thinks I'm Free Well, My Brain and His Chain Look the Same to"
  • Dog - Gene Simmons
    "(Bag, Gene Simmons) (Verse) That's right You know I kinda love ya (yeah) All the way to the bitter end Because you're breaking my balls You're making me crawl On all fours again (Aw) (Chorus) Yeah I"
  • Dog - Emo Side Project
    "As I wake up the morning Air breezes my face And I know just for once that I'm right in my place. I look to the sky to embrace the suns rays And brids sing on branches, while I'm going to make This"
  • Dog - EMF
    "Bring out your death thoughts Let's start again Building to break Natural to hate You're tired of your reason to be Part of something when I know it when I'm high Part of nothing when I know it when I"
  • Dog - Blanks 77
    "False prophet on the T.V screen 3 piece suit and eyes that gleam think that he will lead the way so listen to what I say I dont need your god I dont need your god I dont need your god I take what I"
  • Dog - Hunters & Collectors
    "Come around in the morning and I come around at night Sniff it in the air in the morning light Here's love and the world we're lost Learned how to bark and I learned how to bite And when you start bleeding"

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