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  • Droga do Chin - Papa Dance
    "Kiedy zbudzi cię złoty smok i podpali noc, Musisz wiedzieć, że to jego jest rok. Do Pekinu masz bliżej niż mogło ci się śnić, Magia pachnie jak kadzidło i dym. Ref: Droga do Chin! Za nasze sny wypijmy"
  • China - Cracker
    "Ah Miss G Mary won't you C please G come home from D(7) China. Bring a G bottle of whisky and a C tin cup G for your D(7) teeth. Em Don't you sneak D into the G back door C wearing some D(7) disguise."
  • Synowie Chin - Budka Suflera
    "Więc mamy ich pokonać bronią tajemną?Ich sztuczki dawno nam są znane z wideo.Sforsujemy przereklamowany mur,Jesteśmy przecież wielką białych nadzieją.Ten ping-pong nie ma dla nas żadnych sekretów,Możemy"
  • Mr. Chin - Yellowman
    "Eh Mr. Chin! Everyday you a gimme pepsi, pepsi. Wha' happen to the Red Stripe beer and Lion Stout? Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? Mr. Chin, boy you fi sell the right thing. Every morning you get up go a supermarket all"
  • Made In China - Kleszcz & DiNO
    "Tak to już jest: jeden kona, drugi z łona wychodzi Wychodzi, patrzy i się zastanawia, o co tu chodzi Ludzie złoci, to idioci! Ciśnienie rozpierdala dupę jak kadłub łodzi Big Brother, Top Madel, Dolar ADHD,"
  • Made in china - TEDE
    "To jest mój protest songprzeciwko protestującym(Hahaha, Oh, Ej, Ta, ta, ty)1. To przemyślenia, ocena ten temat,mentalny bat, świat ma dylemat.Prędzej czy później to musiało wypłynąć,Czy sami ludzie dali"
  • Suspect Chin Music - Method Man
    "(feat. Street Life) Suspect chin niggas, no win niggas send niggas back to go, try again niggas all hail me, the good the bag the ugily the money's around your way, lovely where for art thou Meth-tical"
  • Chin Up, Son - We Are The Ocean
    "Take out pen and paper, Write down another verse, Anything to take me away, Trapped in a spell, no words to say Do I wait for inspiration? You know I've tried to fight off desperation, The writing on"
  • China Wine - Ho Yeow Sun
    "China Wine (feat. Wyclef Jean, Tony Matterhorn & Elephant Man): Listen me, Geisha! - Sun - Mi waan see you lek huas all mi girls sep you inna huah Everybody everybody china wine china wine Mr. china"
  • China Blue - Julia Fordham
    "Written by: Julia Fordham China Blue, fragile and missing you Just heard the latest news, China Blue China Blue, tell me it isn't true One heart broken in two, China Blue Heaven's holding a pale pale"
  • China Lady - Accept
    "Sweet China lady - few dollars for a night I want you baby, so hold me tight Come on - let's do it now Come on - don't waste time Come on - need you right now - come on Set me on fire the whole way night"
  • China Heart - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    "Here I am, all alone Come see the girl with the china heart Keep me safe, safe from harm Hurt me and sound the alarm Lovers they surrender Cos nothing lasts forever Can you free my heart? My china heart,"
  • China Heart - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    "Here I am, all alone Come see the girl with the china heart Keep me safe, safe from harm Hurt me and sound the alarm Lovers they surrender Cos nothing lasts forever Can you free my heart? Chorus: My china"
  • China Bird - Patti Smith
    "(Smith/Ray) One fine day these words I pray Will breathe a truth Within yourself upon a shelf A life anew So many roads It's hard to know what to do All your dreams All it seems Is as you choose For destiny"
  • China Man - Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand
    "He's a china man in the wrong part of town And he's unaware of what's gonna go down Better run, better run Cause there's a man with an evil eye And when he nods his head he's gonna die Better run, better"
  • Like China - Phil Collins
    "My mom and daddy both say I must be crazy to be this infatuated But I know you know We got something special never felt before You get me going just looking at you And the feeling's not hard to recognise"
  • Communist China - Japan
    "Your skin a white stained sensation Clinical bodies won't do And as we're pumping, pumping and resisting Inserting love into you Communist China Take me to heaven Somebody wrong We'll throw glass in your"
  • China Doll - Bruce Hornsby
    "You lie over there in a bed with iron rails Like a frightened child in the cold light, so frail Things were going so well, just rolling along Now, just when you think you got it all made, You think it's"
  • China girl - The 411
    "How do you find a place to sleep When there's nowhere to go? Life must be a living hell to you Only time will show There with no clothes or food to eatSo filled with shame Each tear that sits upon you"
  • Fine China - Chris Brown
    "Auuu, how! Auuu! Baby does he do it for you? When he’s finished, does he step back, and adore you I just gotta know, cause your time is money And I wont let him waste it, ooh no no Baby, just go with"

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