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  • Couldn't care less - Shawn Desman
    "I couldn?t care less if you don?t love me I couldn?t care less if you don?t want me But, I gotta confess that when you abandoned my heart, You know you tore it apart I guess I?m okay now In every way"
  • I Don't Care - Cheryl Cole
    "Waking up diagonal like an animal in a cold and empty bed, yeah Shaking off the trimmy you, I got sh*t to do and I'm ready to forget, oh yeah I heard you brought that girl around in half a gown and mystified"
  • I Don't Care - Chad Siwik
    "I don't care I don't care anymore (I care) I don't care (i'm so afraid) I don't care anymore (it's not gonna work out) and you, you can just fuck off (and then i'll be alone) I don't care (I care) I don't"
  • We don't care - Audio Bullys
    "There`s things I haven`t told you I go out late at night And if I was to tell you You see my different side There`s things I haven`t told you I go out late at night And if I was to tell you You`d see my"
  • We Don't Care - Big Punisher
    "(feat. Cuban Link) Yeah, the foundation, L.G.P. Latins Goin Platinum baby! Yeah yeah, yeah.. Uhh, year 2000 Terror Squadians (Terror Squad) We rock the party and (you won't like me when I'm angry) (I"
  • We Don't Care - Big Pun
    "Yeah, the foundation, l.g.p. Latins goin platinum baby! Yeah yeah, yeah.. Uhh, year 2000 Terror squadians (terror squad) We rock the party and (you won't like me when I'm angry) (I guarantee you, you won't"
  • I Don't Care - Young Rome
    "(feat. Youngbloodz) (Chorus) I aint thinking bout you haters ova head I aint thinking bout them hoes ova dere Say whatchu wanna say Im too drunk to care too drunk to care Do it look like I care......naw Im"
  • Care 4 U - Example
    "You can blame me, Try to shame me, And still I'll care for you, You can run around, Even put me down, Still I'll be there for you. So it's Saturday and I'd rather be chillin' But you wanna-take me with"
  • Death Doesn't Care - No Use For A Name
    "So many people try to do things for themselves So many heroes should be taken off the shelf Go see a movie, so far from our reality Cue up the line to see people hurt and bleed We don't fly the only flag"
  • Voices That Care - Voices That Care
    "(Ralph Tresvant) Lonely fear lights up the sky Can't help but wonder why (Ralph Tresvant & Randy Travis) You're so far away (Celine Dion) There, you had to take a stand In someone else's land Life can"
  • Take Care (feat. Rihanna) - Drake
    "Know you?ve been hurt by someone else I can tell by the way you carry yourself If you let me, here?s what I?ll do I?ll take care of you I?ve loved and I?ve lost I?ve asked about you and they told me things But"
  • Take Care Of Yourself - Level 42
    "Are you ready? (Yeah yeah) Are you ready to rock? (Yeah yeah) Do you wanna do it? (Yeah yeah) Get down on it? (Yeah yeah) Marching clock now he don't stop, Seen it quite a lot And he says take care of"
  • Don't Care No More - Fly To The Sky
    "Yo, this joint right here Goes out to a very f*ucked up individual You know d@mn well who I'm talking about I just wanna let you know How I'm feeling right now (Laugh) I like this sh*t right here Ayo,"
  • Care - Wynn Stewart
    "Care oh what a beautiful word for those who had somebody to Care where they go what they do what they say And if they are happy or blue Care wish I could recall how it was when somebody cared long ago Cause"
  • Care - Youth Brigade
    "I see them everyday, strangers in a way But I know them all the same You can't see them in the light, they're obscured from your sight It's not a matter of wrong or right They think there's nothing to"
  • Care - Pooh
    "Care for a woman that cares for you and she'll never go astray care for the woman who shares your life with kindness and warmth everyday care for your woman and open wide say all the things you're feeling"
  • Care - Hudson Taylor
    "You're not under cover You're just connected to the shame of your secret lover It never works out in the end if it keeps on going you might lose your only friend It's all connected, baby, It's all connected"
  • Care - BriBry
    "I'd be lying if I said I never thought of dying alone But I'm so vulnerable to just about everyone And only one friend knows me I sigh when another year is over Where I've so little to account for Oh what"
  • Care - Lunik
    "Excuses are falling through my fingers like sand Reasons vanished nakes and embarrassed replaced by guilt I used to curse the storm outside while letting it in And now oh I feel it pulsing inside of me I"
  • We Care A Lot (From We Care A Lot) - Faith No More
    "We care a lot! We care a lot! Uh huh! We care a lot! About disasters, fires, floods and killer bees We care a lot! About Los Angeles fallin' in the sea We care a lot! About starvation and the food that"

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