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don"t werry child

  • Beautiful child - Ray Wilson
    "It was faith that brought me here Conversation of the year You talked so much but nothing said Empty words just fill my head I can?t lie But I could try You?re beautiful Beautiful A beautiful child Little"
  • With Child - Tammy Wynette
    "I'll try to write this letter dear the best I can Although I haven't heard from you in quite a while I'm doing just fine no complications at this time For you'd like to know that I'm with child I'll send"
  • Creative child - Snow
    "This is mega mega breakdown, So give me the crown So I can flip as a lyrics needs ad lib I shootin' with the gift Lift like a twelve gauge Leavin' in a daze Cause Snow is in a rage Praisin' like a preacher"
  • Middle Child - J. Cole
    "Niggas been counting me out I’m counting my bullets, I’m loading my clips I’m writing down names, I’m making a list I’m checking it twice, and I’m getting them hit The real ones been dying, the fake"
  • Problem Child - The Damned
    "stealing cars, lost in bars treating hired T.V's like superstars i wanna come home at 3AM i love my records alright and I'm gonna play em (chorus) problem child, problem child, we think you live"
  • Similak Child - Black Sheep
    "When I first saw ya, I thought that I knew ya Now I know I don't just wish that I did Honey made a right, stepped off, took flight Upstairs, up more, made a left, and hid Looked down at my shoes and the"
  • Child Says - DAATH
    "Do what you said You can't change it, listen to me I said, back to R.O.T. Born and then you decay Default, this wasn't meant to be We star, in all eternity Draw from this we say Child says oo oo Just"
  • Similak Child (Remix) - Black Sheep
    "Now when I first saw ya, I really thought I knew ya But now I see I don't And I wish that I did. Honey made a right Stepped off took flight Upstairs, up some more She made a left and head. Looked down"
  • Remember the child - Sequoia
    "A little boy who`d like to understand why adults eyes are always sad. He wonders how not to mess up his life. I won`t let myself be the victim of my fate You know boy, we don`t always choose the direction,"
  • Destiny's Child Tribute - Fifth Harmony
    "Say my name Say my name, say my name If no one is around you Say baby I love you If you ain't runnin' game Say my name, say my name You actin kinda shady Ain't callin' me baby Why you don´t say my name? "
  • Child Star - T. Rex
    "Mountain eyes, peeping out of his head Sipping tea composing in his bed A hundred hands working on a musical of old Debussy and Mendlessohn Handel and Dvorak of old Child star protege of Mister Gormez Who"
  • Elemental Child - T. Rex
    "Torch girl of the marshes Her kiss is a whip of the moon Dawn's damsels are dancing To the hum of her sunny young tune Gems hemmed in the heart's head The shield of the rivers is hers She one told me"
  • Valiant Child Of War - Doomshine
    "warrior, hold on and mind the call way too many of you simple-hearted angels will fall soldier boy, are you dreaming bout your love while the sirens are screaming ? swollen eyes, red with weeping"
  • Child - Nidji
    "I am one I am child Im the saint who marches in love I am the paint Electric pain bolt of thunder in the rain Im the blood Im the key You are evergreen who blessed in union Let them born in to this world Let"
  • What Child Is This - Rebecca St. James
    "Lyrics by William C. Dix Harmonized by John Stainer Arranged by Tedd T. and Rebecca St. James What child is this, who laid to rest On Marys lap was sleeping Whom angels greet with anthem sweet While shepherds"
  • Child - Detritus
    "(God, Broomhead) I've walked with you my child Since days were born You've turned the other way Fled from my arms I never left your side I never strayed for a day There's nowhere you can hide My love won't"
  • Child - Elis
    "A child is born Out of the womb of a mother Who didn't want it It happened in a night Of drunken passion and no thought About the consequence Two bodies cling together Drunken loneliness Two bodies"
  • Child - Miguel Bose
    "When you were born into this world Your mom and dad saw a dream fulfilled Dream come true, the answer to their prayers The world to them was a special child They even enjoy every time you smile It's time"
  • Child - Tait
    "You want to run, but you're too afraid to leave You said you have faith, but not enough to believe Back and forth, you go back and forth again It wears you down, and it ties your hands No more running"
  • Child - Tara MacLean
    "Dry your eyes, child, What are you frightened of? You miss the beauty here If you've forgotten love. Look for truth in your heart, child, Though the light may blind Seen with more than your eyes. Take"

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